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Making love  

TomLong_65 56M
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2/23/2021 3:58 pm
Making love

I lay behind you, running my fingers softly along your cheek, pushing the hair from your neck. Leaning in, you feel the softness of my lips along the top of your shoulder, then along the flesh where your hair once laid. You feel the tender touch of my tongue on your skin, as the fingers that moved your hair from your neck begin to trace along the top of your chest.

My hand continues lower, fingers slowly spiralling down and inward over your fabric covered breasts. As I gently run my teeth along your warming neck, you feel my fingertips trace your stiffening nipple, my thumb and forefinger gently teasing. I harden against you, and my fingers continue their exploration.

Continuing to journey down your body, my hand finds the base of your shirt and disappears beneath. Moving upwards, I<b> tease </font></b>your body with aching slowness. You feel them reach your breasts, and I gently roll one nipple, then the other between my fingers. Unconsciously you begin to grind backwards against , feeling my hardness against you.

My hand again returns to the bottom of your shirt and slowly pulls it up your body. You back and sit up for a brief moment, lifting your arms, allowing me to pull the fabric over and off. With your breasts now exposed, you lay back down, grinding your ass firmly into my swollen cock through our pants. As we grind harder against each other my hand explores you, running over your breasts and neck.

I roll you to your back, reaching across your body and turning your lips to mine. They connect, then part, our tongues meeting with growing passion. As I kiss you, my hand moves over your warming skin. Although not rough, I am no longer teasing, wanting you to clearly feel my growing desire through my touch. I run my hands to your breasts now, caressing them with purpose.

As I pull from our kiss, I bite your lower lip. My mouth moves to your cheek, your neck, then along the top of your chest. I firmly roll one nipple between my fingers and you feel a warmth overcome the other, my tongue rhythmically moving over it while my lips gently suck. I kiss your chest and my fingers lower, nervous energy rushing over your body as my fingers trace down your stomach. My mouth moves from your breast, up your neck and chest to your lips once again, and as they meet my own, you feel the tips of my fingers slip beneath the top of your pants. I kiss you long and deep now as my hand delves deeper. As I continue to grind against you, my fingers part your warmth, bringing your wetness to your swelling clit. I massage slowly but firmly, then run lower again, two fingers disappearing inside you.

A sigh parts your lips as your legs open wider, inviting me to explore your depths. You turn your toward and kiss hard. the same time your hand moves to my hardness and strokes me through my pants. Your wetness engulfs my fingers completely, and you proceed to undo the button and zipper keeping your hand from my cock. Your hand moves into my pants, finding its way into my boxers, wrapping itself around me; you can feel me throb in your hand, aching to be released.

I remove my hands from inside your pants and push you to your back. In a quick movement I am between your legs, my body knelt over you. I lean in and kiss you deeply, your hand continuing to stroke me. I kiss your neck and shoulders to the top of your chest. You release your grip as I kiss lower, making my way to your breasts. Caressing them firmly now with my hands and sucking one nipple then the other, I grind my body between your legs. I run my teeth over your flesh and move my body downward, kissing down your stomach. You feel your pants now loosen, my hands pulling them slowly down your legs.

Looking down as the last of your clothing is pulled from your body and tossed aside, I deeply into your eyes as my hands reach to your inner thighs. Slowly massaging, they make their way higher. Soon I feel the warmth emanating from you on my hands and I lean in, slowly kissing just above the inside of one knee, then the other. My lips and tongue now journey upwards and I become entranced by the fragrance of your womanhood. As my mouth moves higher, you feel your wetness being parted, and two fingers enter you once as you down with anticipation. I gently bite along the top of your inner thigh, then as your back arches and your head rolls backward, you feel my tongue then my lips make contact.

While my fingers move in and of your body, you feel softly sucking on your clit, my tongue caressing your swollen and sensitive nub. Reflexively, your hand moves to my head, running though my hair and holding my mouth against you. The taste of your honey is intoxicating, and the craving to feel that warmth wrapped around grows stronger every moment. Caressing faster with my mouth now, I revel in the perfection of your beautiful body. I run my tongue to where my fingers penetrate you now, and run it through your warmth, adding your juices to the moisture of my mouth. I use this wetness to continue pleasing your clit.

Unable to wait any longer, I lift myself. You watch as I reach down, pull my pants and boxers down my legs, and throw them aside. My cock springs forth, and you can clearly see my excitement. I begin to kiss up your body once more, my mouth running over your stomach, your breasts, and your neck to your lips. I kiss you beautiful smile deeply, letting you share in your taste.

As I kiss you, you feel my hand move between your legs, stroking slowly. A moment later you feel my hand leave your body and you realize I have myself in my hand. I pull from our kiss and kneel between you open legs. You down to see my cock in my hand, then watch and feel as I begin to stroke my swollen tip along the length of your wetness.

Placing myself at your waiting entrance, we both smile at the anticipation of what comes next. I lean in, kissing your soft lips once more, and you feel my cock spread your warmth, filling you slowly. Immediately I feel your heat consume me, taking me until I am deep inside of you. As we kiss deeper than before, my hands run over your body and my hips begin rolling, my throbbing cock moving in and of you.

Your hand reaches to my hair, pulling deeper into our kiss, your hips moving with now, inviting to fill you more and mor . Our bodies rock together, our rhythm teaming to let your warmth envelop fully. Eventually our lips part, and I focus on moving faster and faster, my cock unable to get enough of your perfect body.

Intent on lasting, I begin slow my pace. I then pull my cock from your warmth and pull you to meet me. Kneeling on our knees, to , we kiss. Upon the parting of our lips, I kiss and suckle firmly upon your breasts while you stroke my hardness firmly with your hand. You then take charge, pushing to my back. You then smile and lean forward. Without hesitation you take between your lips, your tongue circling my head, sucking deep into your mouth. Expertly sucking my cock, you into my and I watch as I disappear over and over between your lips. Finally, pulling from your mouth, you smile. Still stroking , you move up and over my body, positioning your hungry entrance.

Slowly you lower yourself to my cock and once again our bodies join. With eyes locked, you grind deep into you, leaning in to let kiss your breasts, your neck, and your soft and lips. You continue to ride for some time, my hips thrusting my hardness deeper into you in concert with each of your downward movements. Using your beautiful body to pleasure me, your breathing steadily grows heavier and faster until I feel you body tighten and you begin to moan softly and release yourself around me. As you come down from your , you slow your pace, clearly exhausted.

Taking my cue, I slowly roll you off of . As we reposition ourselves I lead you to bend over. On your knees now, I position myself behind you and enter your divine warmth once more. You feel as amazing from behind as in every other way, and I know it won't be long before I too get release. No longer focusing on being gentle, my cock moves in and of you hard and fast.

As I now absolutely fuck your perfect pussy from behind, I feel your hand move between your legs, stroking your clit as I penetrate you over and over. I grip your ass and hips firmly, giving extra leverage to my thrusts. I slowly massage your ass, and based on the moans escaping your lips, you don't seem to mind at all. Taking it one step further, you begin to feel fingers very light running over your back entrance, adding extra stimulation. Over the next few minutes this added stimulation increases in intensity and you feel a finger firmly massaging.

Finally, as your breath begins to quicken once more, my thrusts gain intensity, and you can tell I am getting close. The hand between your legs now joins your perfect pussy in milking my hardness, urging to finish my task. As you back , thrusting backwards to meet my every move forward, I tell you I am going to .

You continue to over your shoulder and I begin to let a low moan. Deep inside, you feel the quake of my release and the warmth of my seed filling you, your wetness now mixing with my fluids. I continue with my final thrusts, feeling your hand on your clit once more and a final moan leave your lips.

Collapsing together on the bed, you turn to kiss deeply one last time, then press your ass against my softening member. We lay there, once against just gently grinding, my lips once again kissing your neck slowly as you smile, comforted by the feeling of our combined arousal spilling onto your inner thigh; a reminder of the moment just shared.

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