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Nighttime Outdoor Adventures  

Torilicks 45F  
6 posts
8/29/2019 1:50 pm
Nighttime Outdoor Adventures

We met up at a ride share parking lot. He asked me urs or mine? I told him just to get of the truck. We went between my van and his truck. I had him lean back while I took him into my mouth and licked and sucked him teasingly until he was very hard. I started teasing the tip of it with my tongue before I took his length into my mouth and sucked on him so that he was Very excited. I stood up and turned around so that I could back up sliding him into my Very Wet pussy. After a few minutes of pumping on him fast, hard and deep I got up and walked to the drivers side of my van. The top of my teddy slip untied and folded down the whole time, as cars drove past slowly. I removed a collapsible chair from the back and placed it between the vehicle's. He sat and I straddled him with my back to him first. Sliding up and down on his length. Slowly to start then gradually getting faster and harder making me moan in complete pleasure. He told me to turn around so I lifted my leg over his head and swung around facing him. As I rode him he pulled my tits to his mouth and started sucking and lightly biting my nipples until they were rock hard. He grabbed me under my ass picking me up slightly and started pumping into me very hard and fast making me almost scream from his depth in me. He continued to lift me up and down faster and deeper each<b> stroke </font></b>making me moan the entire time due to both his length and how great it felt having a Very Hard and Big Cock in my throbbing wet pussy. His hardness and the heat from his body inside me got me Intensely excited. So as he pumped into me, I was thrusting into him as hard and quickly as I could, grabbing him with my pussy. I kept pumping him for several minutes until he started to moan loudly as he exploded his juices inside me. I continued riding him pumping ever drop of cum from his tip. Standing up, l bent over with my legs slightly spread and holding his cock in my hand, I licked all the way up one side and down the other before swallowing his entire length in my mouth, sliding my tongue all over and around it. He reached for my dripping pussy started fingering me. Sliding his fingers in and out while playing with my swollen clit with his thumb. I started rubbing myself against his fingers and hand, making me feel almost uncontrollably wild and nasty. I was moaning very loudly with pleasure which got him excited. He was basically Fucking my pussy with his hand. Knowing how excited I was he started pumping my throbbing pussy and clit more vigorously talking dirty to me. Asking me if I liked it Rough like that and how he wanted to feel me cum on his fingers. He slid them into me palm up, wiggling them upward purposely hitting a trigger spot for me while massaging and rubbing my clit at the time. He kept watching my face judging by my expression exactly when to finger me more vigorously making me explode. My pussy tightening around his fingers as I screamed in complete Ecstasy, I started spasming tightly around his fingers. He pushed them in deeper still rapidly fingering my clit. I took my hand and pressed it up against his fingers putting pressure on my throbbing clit. I pushed myself against his hand pushing down on my clit as I let one last Very Intense spasm moaning in his ear with sheer Delight. We just held one another for a few minutes while we each regained our composure. We looked at one another and both chuckled. I asked him if he was glad my best friend talked me into being with him? All he did was smile and grunt at me asking if I liked his Big young cock inside me? I shook my head Yes. He said he was glad because he hadn't ever done anything like that before and I made him excited with my adventurousness. I asked him if he had noticed that we were being watched by a vehicle that turned it's lights off and pulled over on the side of the road? He had thought they had gone through. When he realized they had parked to watch he asked if It bothered me. I told him Absolutely not, it actually got me more which made me less inhibited. He just grinned and said that I was really naughty and he liked it. He said wants to get me naughty like that again but next time getting it on video.

Leegs2012 47M
55299 posts
8/29/2019 3:11 pm

Very Nice!! Welcome to Blog Land!!

Spiked_Log_Trap 45M
281 posts
8/30/2019 7:52 pm

Very hot!

bosssman4 54M
44 posts
9/4/2019 7:40 am

awesome sex!

Torilicks 45F  
2 posts
9/9/2019 7:25 am

Thanks everyone, it was a lot if fun and I'm Hoping to do more things like this to write about in the future. Just going to come up with exciting things and places for it.

Curvelove3hole2 40M

9/10/2019 12:26 am

Damn, makes a guy think about taking a second look when passing places at night

mr_ric_hard 60M
15 posts
9/26/2019 12:33 pm

Gotta enjoy the weather while we can!

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