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My Birthday Party  

ToyForSale 39F  
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5/15/2020 8:29 am
My Birthday Party

I remember getting ready. Mommy was downstairs getting the decorations and was giving my bath. Now Mommy always uses a wash cloth wash my body but never has. When i asked why he always told Mommy was wrong and things always get cleaner when they are washed by hands...

Now looking back I feel the lingering he had when he was washing my chest. My tiny lil mounds starting barly grow in. small lil<b> nipples </font></b>on my tiny mounds. The way he would run his hands along my belly and the way he would ask so sweetly spread my legs so he could clean . And let tell you always took extra time to make sure I was clean... That was the first time I had seen 's pants tight around his waist with his coc He took out of the tub and put onto his lap. he started to dry off and asked if I was excited for today? he began to dry my hair and i could feel him pushing into . Grinding against and pushing his peepee into my butt as I sat on his lap... I had watched Mommy and before. I knew what Mommy did next but it didnt cross my mind at the time.

took into my room and helped put on my hello kitty panties and my lil sports bra keep my<b> nipples </font></b>warm as explained. he dropped my towel that he had still be holding and asked if I wanted see a surprise. He said that it had be a little secret especially from Mommy and my brother. I was VERY excited at the idea that and I would have our own little secret. He could see the excitement in my eyes. He again asked me if I wanted keep a lil secret and I said that I wanted keep a secret and I think it would nbe fun for us have one.

told sit on the side of my bed in my lil kitty panties and sports bra. he asked lean back and pull my panties sideways.... I was confused a bit but did what told do... I layed back gently and pulled my panties the side. told spread my lips. he had tell what my lips were and where find them. I opened them and just stood and rubbed himself below his belly button and I saw the bulge in his pants as he was looking at my tiny hole...

he asked if I wanted to keep our secret going and I was so very confused but knew that I was growing up and needed to learn new things and if I wanted to help keep happy with especially on my birthday I wanted keep him happy. I replied Yes.

he then took his bulge out of his pants. had the most swollen red head I had ever seen. he was much harder then he got with Mommy. Except for after our baths he always went into the room with Mommy after his and our baths. Mommy would scream out and you knenw to stay away when mommy was screaming. He called once when she was screaming but told he didn't call my name.... I was so confused. I swear he had called me...

anyways, as pulled out his cock he later told he told I needed give just the head some kisses. Just light little kisses like I give him on the mouth... he was holding it straight up for me and just inches from my face. so I slowly moved forward and began give his head kisses. He told I was such a sweet little princess and what a good girl I was being. he told stick out my tongue. started rub his head all over my tongue and started to gently try to slide his head in and out of my mouth. he could only fit his head into my mouth back then when it first started. as he rubbed his cock across my tongue and gently guided his head into my mouth for the first time he grabbed my head ever so lightly and started to push a little faster into my mouth...

BRB - to be continued. Party isn't over yet.

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5/15/2020 10:50 am

Hey, tfs.

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htoad 67M  
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6/5/2020 8:30 am

MMMMM yes yes more please

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