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Getting What I Deserve  

TransFtM4Fun 36F  
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5/9/2020 12:28 am
Getting What I Deserve

Mom away seeing family and thinking my step Dad would be out working late, I go out with some friends who give me alcohol. Spilling on myself and not realizing how late I'm out, I borrow some sweats and a jacket and head home hoping I beat daddy home. Not realizing the door was unlocked waiting for me, I quietly enter and close the door behind me.

Sitting in the dark he waits for me and quietly watches as I walk towards my room. I am stopped and pinned to the wall as he asks where I've been. Knowing I have been told before to obey the strict rules, I try to say I was out studying with friends. He smells the alcohol on my breath and drags me to the bathroom. Warning me not lie anymore, I am asked again where I've been. I stutter not knowing how to answer and am reminded that I have been warned about my behavior.

My pants are pulled down and I am pushed towards the toilet and told to bend over. Looking back at daddy, I am pushed over and receive a hard swat to my ass. He tells me how he works hard to provide for us and how I disrespect him with my behavior as I receive several more swats to my ass. Begging him not to spank me anymore, I am stood up and he realizes that I am wearing someone else's clothes. My jacket is pulled off and I stand naked trying to cover myself as daddy questions my attire.

Accused of being out letting anyone and everyone fuck me, I try to deny it but he doesn't believe me. He tells me I'm drunk and not wearing any underwear or my own clothes. I am pushed to my knees and he tells me he's tired of my lying to him. I try to say I'm not lying when I feel his hand land a swat across my face. Grabbing my face, I start whimper and notice his shorts hit the floor. He grabs my head telling me he has a drink for me, since I cant manage to listen to his rules of no drinking.

He tries to shove his cock down my throat, but I fight him until I receive another swat to my face, mouth fish hooked and cock jammed into my mouth. He holds me tight on his cock as he fills my throat with piss. I struggle to free myself but am forced to swallow his piss before he begins fucking my throat. Fast deep<b> strokes </font></b>have me gagging on every inch of his cock.

Rock hard, I am pulled to my feet and bent over the sink. He forces his legs between mine spreading them apart and tells me to spread my ass cheeks. I try to stand as I look back at him and am shoved back down and told again to spread my cheeks. Doing as I am told, he squeezes his cock into my ass as tears begin to form in my eyes. Slow at first, he fucks my ass asking if I've learned my lesson yet. I try to tell him I will behave, but he only fucks me harder and deeper.

Cock ready to explode, he holds me tight to his body and I feel his cock throb as he fills my ass with his cum. He pulls his cock from my ass as he finishes blowing his load across my back. I am released and fall to my knees as he steps back and releases a stream of piss across my body. Bladder empty, he tells me as he's walking out that he doesn't allow disobedience in his house. I am told to get dressed and get the fuck out, that I am not to come back intoxicated or there will be further hell to pay. Gathering my things, I dress and leave not knowing where I would be able stay for the night.

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