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Matters of SIZE, and other Fun Facets of Phallus Fact, Fantasy & Fallacy  

TransJulie23 28T
21 posts
8/9/2017 9:55 am
Matters of SIZE, and other Fun Facets of Phallus Fact, Fantasy & Fallacy

Barely a day goes by that my inbox (no, that is not innuendo, I really mean my ACTUAL messaging inbox) isn’t filled with all types of request, declarations of love, invitations to decadent adventure, myriads of dick pics, etc. However, the overwhelming theme of received messages revolves around SIZE… ‘do you like big ones?’, ‘mine is huge!’, ‘have you ever had one too big?’, ‘how do you treat guys with small ones?’, etc…

Ahhh, yes…the age-old question, does size matter? WELL, DUH…OF COURSE IT DOES…!!! (and, well…no it doesn’t)

It matters because guys have made it an ever-present topic on a daily basis. I can honestly say that after having been out with someone the previous night, the first thing I am asked by friends of mine is never ‘does he have a huge cock?’ No, they’re more interested in things like… ‘What do you think is he really single like he says he is?’ (Always a top subject). Or, other things about him like his personality, manners, job, car, wealth…stunning, I KNOW RIGHT…!!! It’s true though, we speak of things unrelate to what might be flopping around in your pants. That’s not to say that we NEVER talk about it, but it will come up in different ways… ‘Did you guys do it?’, ‘How was it?’, ‘Is he good?’ And, yes, all those things will likely be addressed in great detail at times, but there are two very distinct scenarios that size will usually be discussed out-rightly and quite frankly.

Number one, the guy in question has been gifted, that literally on the day he was born the gods reached down and turned his penis into a masterpiece, a phallic thunderbolt capable of causing intense pleasure the likes before not yet experienced. Number two, he’s a douche that has lied about how big it is to this point and now the jig is up. Please know, that there is always room for ‘creative license’ when talking up one’s game. Everybody does it, it’s expected. But, c’mon…do you really think that we don’t know the difference between five and seven or eight inches…even in the dark, lol. We will absolutely go straight to the jugular when guys over exaggerate their ‘embarrassment of riches’.

So, now…does size truly matter? There are some out there who want / need the biggest, thickest a guy has to offer. However, many to most will say that avg to slightly above avg is plenty for them. Me personally, my inbox (yes, this time it is innuendo…) seems to have been made for ‘deep space exploration’. That is not to say that gargantuan members are a must for my satisfaction, but I am prepared for when they are presented before me. I have seen lots of guys of every shape, size, color, cut, etc. and would like to think that I have enjoyed each equally. However, there that’s just not always true. At times, with certain sizes, one might have to ‘work’ a bit harder to experience the same enjoyment received from other more endowed participants. And, that’s ok, because often times getting there is the best part, no matter how you got there or how long it took.

OK… a lot of you want to know my personal experiences, stories, etc. Without turning this into Penthouse Forum I will share some of my experiences based on FAQ by you guys.

1. How big was the biggest? Lengthwise, a solid 9.25in. I know this because the gentleman attached to it was incredibly proud and basically insisted upon my measuring it. However, he was not the largest girth I have experienced…thank god!
2. How small was the smallest? There is a photo of a guy just over 4in in my gallery, believe it or not, there has been one smaller in my presence. And, unfortunately, he also had the distinction of having the smallest girth as well. Although I will say my experience with smaller guys is similar to the theory attributed to heavier girls…they are ok with their shortcomings, and they simply try harder. Some well hung guys can be lazy fucks and that can be annoying and is def very unsexy.
3. Is it painful with a hung guy? It can be, yes… but time, lube, patience, a considerate partner all go a long way to making it work. Also, BREATHE….breathing is so important. A lot of times, people will want to take and hold a deep breath just before…NO BUENO, muscles contract when you breath in, you want that deep breath just before and then slowly exhale during insertion, because while you are exhaling and you are experiencing being stretched…you get the idea, no Penthouse Forum here today, lol.
4. Do you do black, and is it true about their size? My experiences do involve both white and black guys. Let me start by saying that there are plenty of hung white & black guys, just as there are smaller white and black guys. Taking out the high and low end…it does so happen that the largest was a black guy and the smallest was a white guy, based on solely my experiences, I would say that black guys are typically slightly bigger than white guys. That doesn’t mean that every black guy is lugging around a magnificient mahogany monolith and white guys have these cute little pink dicklets. It just seems that more black guys are slightly above avg, and most white guys are about avg.

There you have it, some of your size and penis-based inquiries answered. There is plenty more, and I could go on, but I’m sure you have all had enough. These are strictly my observations, experiences and opinions. Others may have differing data and would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

Thanks for reading, talk soon
Love Jules

catfish210 56M
10 posts
2/19/2018 9:25 am

You write and emote so well dear. You should have a column online.

TransJulie23 28T
23 posts
4/17/2018 11:12 am

Lol...you never know...unfortunately, not sure that someone like me or my ideas would ever be considered mainstream to the masses...all good tho

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