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Who doesn't love a girl who is packing...  

TransJulie23 28T
21 posts
3/5/2017 12:50 pm
Who doesn't love a girl who is packing...

Concealed carry…? You bet your ass!!

We live in a crazy world and everyone should be able to protect & defend themselves. But, not everyone thinks they have what it takes to be comfortable with firearms. I was 8yo when I pulled a trigger for the first time. I don’t even recall what it was that I was firing, and although the kickback nearly jettisoned it from my hands, the feeling was exhilarating. I was more than excited and couldn’t wait to do it again. Each time, a little less fearful and more confident. Working on, and finding a stance that felt comfortable…elbows locked to negate the powerful recoil. I was becoming increasingly more comfortable with a gun in my hand than being in my own skin (but, that is an entirely different subject, lol). All the women in my family are ‘gun friendly’…my mom, aunts, cousins, etc. My grandfather & uncle are the ‘gun nuts’ and thought learning how to shoot was the next practical step after walking.

No doubt it is a scary proposition to draw and possibly shoot another person. But, anymore, it is something that everyone should consider. Especially with the increasing amount of independent, free-thinking women and transgender women in our world that must deal with continued ‘third class citizen’ thinking (also, a subject for future consideration) and are susceptible to men who prey on what they believe are the weak. I have never had to draw on someone before, although a few times I have ‘shown’ just where I stand during situations that had escalated to a physical nature. Only one of those instances were directly related to me, the others were with other, at the time non-carry friends. All of which now carry.

I am a staunch advocate for all women & transgender to carry. As we move forward in an ever increasingly progressive world, somehow the need to protect one’s self is also ever increasing.

To this day, having my hands wrapped around a strong, heavy piece…knowing that I am in control of it, that my hands will determine if, and when, it will fire off is still totally exhilarating. And…yes, I’m still speaking about guns, although it does make me think of something else (but again, that is material for another day!!)

Hoping you have a firm but relaxed grip, and when you're ready, take a deep breath & keep squeezing until you are totally and completely empty.


AkronMOral 45M

3/13/2017 1:49 am

And the world keeps getting scarier day by day. Keeping safe doesn't only include your sex partners. You go girl!

TransJulie23 replies on 3/13/2017 8:59 am:
IKR!! Thx hun...awesome head on that thing btw!!

northakron 45M
8 posts
3/21/2017 2:42 am

Thanks, Keeps my hand from slipping off... wait....

TransJulie23 replies on 3/22/2017 6:40 am:

catfish210 56M
10 posts
2/19/2018 9:32 am

I agree with your stance Jules. I would love to see the faces on those who would prey on the perceived weak when their "power" is taken away. Not so much fun hunting when the bunnies are well armed!

Your last two paragraphs remind me of Larry the Cable Guy's line about never having played with himself...... but it did go off once when cleaning it!

TransJulie23 replies on 4/17/2018 11:10 am:
Thanks hun glad you like

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