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A $150,000 Banana?
Posted:Dec 9, 2019 12:11 pm
Last Updated:Dec 12, 2019 3:40 am

I just saw this a news post on thw inter... Some "artist" stuck a banana on the wall then used duct tape hold it there. an "art museum???" It also reported the artist" sold two over ripe bananas someone France.....they $0,000 for each banana. The third one, the one someone ate, was be sold for $0,000 It makes this question come mind.....what kind of pays $0,000 for a banana......and what kind of idiotic museum calls a banana duct taped a wall, art? Insanity seems be increasing...… Some people don't work hard enough for their ..... I love bananas, but I don't think I've ever more than $0,40 a pound for a bunch of bananas.....
A $150,000 Banana?
Posted:Dec 9, 2019 12:06 pm
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2020 4:20 am

I just saw this a news post on thw inter... Some "artist" stuck a banana on the wall then used duct tape hold it there. an "art museum???" It also reported the artist" sold two over ripe bananas someone France.....they $0,000 for each banana. The third one, the one someone ate, was be sold for $0,000 It makes this question come mind.....what kind of pays $0,000 for a banana......and what kind of idiotic museum calls a banana duct taped a wall, art? Insanity seems be increasing...… Some people don't work hard enough for their ..... I love bananas, but I don't think I've ever more than $0,40 a pound for a bunch of bananas.....
42 years ago.......
Posted:Oct 20, 2019 5:28 am
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2019 8:04 pm

It's hard to believe it's been 42 years since that plane crashed into that swamp pretty much putting an end to my favorite band, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Yes, I know those survived the crash went on the road years later on a Tribute Tour, and have been doing more tours since then. However, the heart and soul of the band, Ronnie Van Zant, didn't survive..... I enjoyed watching them on their tours over the years, but it just wasn't the ...… Fly high Freebird, I still remember you!
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An Early November Snow Storm
Posted:Oct 19, 2019 9:08 am
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2020 9:19 pm

About 15 years ago, we had a snow storm move through our area dumping about 15" of sow. It started snowing about 2pm on Friday, and by dark, we had 10" on the ground. Those lake affect snow storms can really pile up the snow in a short period of time, and the snowdrifts can be very deep.

Saturday morning, the sky was clear, so I decided to see if I could call in a few coyotes. I headed to this one valley where I knew the coyotes were very active.. I knew the road into the valley was unplowed in the winter, so I took my big truck, and put the plow on in case I ran into and snowdrifts on the road. About 3 miles up the valley, I'd already had to clear at least 5 snowdrifts on the road when I came to a big drift with a rather large hump in the middle....I knew there was a car stuck in the drift. As I go closer, I could see it was a SUV, and there was movement at the rear. I drove as close as I could then called out that I was there. A woman poked her head around the one side with a big smile on her face. I grabbed a shovel from the back of my truck, and started shoveling the snow on the one side, so I could check on her and whoever else was with her.

As I shoveled, we talked, and she said she was alone. She told me that she lived near a city 100 miles west of me, and had been on her way to her 's game, but took the wrong road at the fork because it was snowing and blowing so hard. Once I got to her, she gave me a big hug then burst into tears......she was very emotional, as she told me about how she did her best to keep her exhaust pipe clear of snow, and how the coyotes were howling very close to her most of the night. I told her she should've stayed on the 4 lane rather than take the 2 lane highway as it was rarely travelled in the winter, so it was always last to be plowed. She said she was running late, so she decided to take the short cut. I took her back to my house, so she could call her family, and let them know she was OK then fixed her some much needed food. I loaded my big snow blower in the truck to clear her SUV from the drift. We talked, and she told how scared she was, and wasn't sure she would live through it. The coyotes terrified her, and the wind scared her too.. Her gas tank was also just about empty as well. Within an hour, we were headed back to her vehicle. It took about another hour to get her SUV unstuc I put 5gallons of gas in her tank, so she'd have plenty get a station. She again, hugged me, thanked me, and tried me. I declined, telling her that she just needed pass it on someday when she saw someone else in need. She did write down my name and my phone number.

Later that day, her husband called and thanked me. That the last I heard from them until shortly before Christmas when I received a Christmas card in the mail with a Cabelas gift card for $100. Fast forward 11 years......I responded an ad here on AdultFriendFinder...… Of course, I didn't know that it was their ad at the time..... I just knew that the woman had a very sexy body.
The Avon Lady
Posted:Jul 31, 2019 1:35 pm
Last Updated:Nov 23, 2019 8:54 pm

Back in the '60s and '70s, there was an Avon lady lived about 1/2 mile down the road from my house. She was a beautiful, sexy woman, divorced, early s, 5' 1' 0lbs, 34-22-34, and had more sex appeal than any woman I've known. She had a really great business, and set aside 2 nights every week for men to come to her house to for their wives. I'd been for my mom from her for about 4 or 5 years, so I stopped one afternoon on my way in to work the night shift. Usually, she was open for business from 6pm to pm, but I'd seen her the week before at the grocery store, and asked if I could stop about 3pm on my way to work. As I walked up onto her back porch, I saw her laying nude on the patio her pool. I was instantly aroused, but thought it'd be best if I quietly left. As I turned to walk away, she asked me where I was going. She then said she'd been waiting for me...… I asked her if she was serious, she just smiled, and shook her head to say "Yes!" She then told me she'd heard something about me from one of her friends, and wanted to know if she was telling her the truth. I asked her who her friend was. When she said the woman's name , Lori, I knew what she wanted. I walked over to her, and said I'd have to work, and take a sick day. I asked her if I could use her phone.....

Once I called work, I stripped off my clothes then went outside to join her on the patio. She was on her belly facing away from me, so I quietly walked over to her, leaned down, and kissed her very sexy ass. She jumped a bit then moaned loudly before turning to look at me. Her eyes went right to my very hard cock. She said, "Damn! Lori said you were big, but I didn't think you were big!" To be honest, I'm not big....just shy of 8 1/2" long and mostly 6" around, but it's about 6 3/4" around on the last couple of inches before the head. She spun around, kissed me for about a minute as she stroked my cock then kissed her way down to my cock. I'd only had a few women who could take all of my cock in their mouth. I didn't think Darcy could, but she started going deeper and deeper right away, and within 5 minutes, her tongue was tickling my balls with my cock deep in her mouth. She took me to the edge twice

I HAVE NO CLUE WHY THE ENTIRE STORY DIDN'T POST???????? I'll write it up again.....hopefully the rest of the story will post this time!?!?

Darcy took me to the edge twice then pulled away, gave me a sexy smile, and said, "I'm sure you'll have a big load for me now!" She then started my cock with her mouth and throat. It didn't take her very long before her amazing oral skills had me ready to explode. She pulled back so only the head was in her mouth then her tongue was dancing all over the head of my cock as she stroked the length of my exposed cock with both hands. I filled her mouth as I moaned loudly then dropped into a nearby chair. Darcy move over, and kissed me, sharing my with me. We enjoyed a long, hot, snowball kiss. After 10 minute kiss, she pulled back, and said, "when Lori told me you kissed her right after she sucked your cock, I got so excited, I just had to suck and fuck you." I asked her what else Lori told her. She laughed, and said, "She told me about everything you did with her." I asked, "Everything?" She smiled, winked then shook her head to say "Yes!" I responded, "Did she tell you about the threesome with my friend Barb?" She said "Yes, and the threesome with your friend, Paul." Paul and I had shared many threesomes with quite a few girls our own age, and also with three older women, Barb, Lori and another woman Paul worked with, Stacy.

Darcy asked if I needed a drink, I did, so we moved into her house. As we sat naked at her table enjoying some cold, refreshing lime water, Darcy asked me if Paul would be interested in sharing some MFM fun with her being the female. I assured her he would be. Barb, Lori and Stacy were all beautiful, sexy women with amazing bodies, but Darcy was even more beautiful and sexy. I told her I'd talk with him ASAP. I then wanted to taste her wonderful nectar, so I moved over to her, lifted her up onto the table, laid her back, spread her legs, and proceeded to feast on her very wet pussy and hard, swollen clit as my hands reached up, and caressed her beautiful breasts and nipples.. She enjoyed a wonderful orgasm in no time, but I stayed right there licking and sucking as she enjoyed 2 more orgasms before moving up to kiss her, letting her taste herself on my tongue and lips. After several minutes of hot kissing, she pulled back, and said, "You're only , where did you learn to eat pussy and kiss like . I told her Barb had taught me, and she'd been my sexual mentor for a few years, teaching me how to give a woman pleasure. She said, "I have a customer named Barbra, and she lives near you. Is the Barb you're talking about. I laughed, and said, "Maybe, maybe not" Darcy laughed, and said, "If we're talking about the same woman, you're a very lucky young man, she is gorgeous!" I asked her if she'd ever been with a woman. She said she'd explored a bit with her roommate in college, then one night her and Lori had been drinking a bit too much wine, and explored a bit. I told her I'd invite her to a party in 2 weeks, and maybe she could explore some more..... She said she couldn't do something like with a lot of people finding out. It might ruin her business. I assured her no one would talk about her to the wrong people. She said she'd think about it and let me know.

We moved to her bedroom for more fun. We got in a 69 with her on top, and enjoyed about 10 minutes of oral fun then Darcy said she wanted to feel my cock in her pussy. Her pussy was very small, but she took me with ease. I took my time going in slowly just a bit at a time because she was so tight, but when I was only half way in, she pushed up hard, and took almost all of my cock then told me to fuck her hard. I did as she requested. She reached down, and pushed her clit so it'd rub on my cock as I fucked her. She was moaning loudly then she started screaming out with pleasure as she reached her first orgasm. I continued pounding her pussy hard, and she went from one orgasm right into another as the sweat poured out of my body dripping all over her.. We fucked each other savagely for about minutes. I did my best not to , but after minutes of her tight pussy and those sexy moans, groans gasps and screams, I couldn't hold back, and filled her with my . She enjoyed too many thunderous orgasms to count.....maybe a dozen, maybe , maybe 20???? I know she loved it, as did I! I rolled off of her, and we both lay there gasping for breath.

When I caught my breath, I moved between her legs, and started eating her filled pussy. She was still a bit sensitive, and tried to push me away, but I persisted, and she was soon enjoying more orgasms. It didn't take very long before I was hard again, so I moved up, and kissed her as I slid inside her again. We fucked for about 20 minutes this time.....sometimes slow and gentle, sometimes hard, fast and deep. Once again, she was enjoying back to back orgasms. I filled her again, and went down on her again then we lay there kissing and caressing each other. She said, "Barb taught you well!" I said, "You're not the first woman who has said ! She laughed then said, "We need to shower.....and, we need to get these wet sheets off the bed." We threw the sheets into the washer then hit the shower. As we washed each other, I slipped a finger into her ass. She said she'd never tried anal sex, and didn't think my cock would fit in her ass. I assured her it would despite her being so petite. Once we rinsed off the soap, I dropped to me knees, and started licking her pussy. I got her to the edge a couple times then spun her around, and started rimming her sexy ass. At first she resisted, but I held her tightly and kept licking her sexy pink rosebud. Soon, she was loving it, and pushing her ass into my face. She said, "Is this another trick Barb taught you?" I pulled back a bit and said, "Yes! I knew you'd love it." Soon, I had a finger in her ass then a 2nd then a 3rd. I asked her if she had any baby oil. She did, and told me where it was. I used it to lube her ass then my cock. I was very gentle, and went slowly......once I got the head in her ass, I stopped for a bit to allow her tight ass to adjust then slowly pushed in a bit....maybe 1/2 an inch at a time until she had it all in her virgin ass. As I was her ass, I had her rub her clit. It was only a few minutes before she started to orgasm then I started her hard, fast and deep with long, hard strokes. She was soon enjoying back to back orgasms, and her fingers were flying over her clit as I fucked her. I lasted a very long time....about 45 minutes, and we were both sweating like pigs, but we both loved it. I was holding her up, or she would've melted to the shower floor. When I finally filled her ass, we both fell to the floor of the shower, and sat there holding each other for a long time. We both started to feel a bit cold, so we took another quick shower, dried each other then quickly made the bed before laying together and drifting off to sleep in each others' arms.... Part 2 to follow.....
A great morning
Posted:Dec 1, 2016 9:26 am
Last Updated:May 30, 2019 7:33 pm

I enjoyed a really great morning. I was in my deer stand at 5"45am, and saw the woods come alive. It was just barely light enough to see when a really nice 9 point whitetail deer ambled by. Next, came 3 squirrels, then a bobcat, a red fox, more squirrels, a couple grouse came scratching by then a small flock of turkey. About 9am, a big 8 point came by....it was tempting, but I'm waiting for a monster 10 point that I've been watching for 2 years. Next year, will be that big 8 points turn! About 10am, a 2nd and much larger flock of turkey came scratching through....one was 3 feet from me. next, a coyote came sneaking past following that flock of turkey in hopes of getting a tasty lunch. Oh, I forgot, at 7:45am, a nice 400lb black bear went by, scooping up acorns to fatten up for winter then a smaller, 300lb bear came through from the north. Just before I left my stand, another red fox came through.....yes, it was a great morning even if that 10 pt. stood me up......perhaps, he'll come through later this afternoon when I return to my stand?????
Posted:Oct 20, 2016 9:35 pm
Last Updated:Oct 3, 2019 5:48 am

39 years ago my favorite band were flying to Baton Rouge to perform. Sadly, their plane went down in a swamp in Mississippi.......Although they started touring again in 1987, the heart and soul of the band was no longer there. Without Ronnie, it just isn't the same band. Now, Gary is the only one left..... Luckily, the awesome songs they created, live on........ RIP Ronnie, Steve, Cassie, Allen, Leon and Billy............
A Wild Labor Day Weekend, continued
Posted:Sep 8, 2016 7:48 am
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2019 9:04 am

I was a bit rushed yesterday when I attempted to post about the wonderful weekend I shared with friends from the past. It's going to be quite long. I'll add more today.....

I'd known both Steve and Kelly since they built their house just a ways down the road from my property about 25 years ago. Kelly was a beautiful lady with a very sexy body, but she didn't flaunt it....she dressed in a very modest style. As I got to know them, Kelly would flirt with me even in front of Steve, but nothing ever came of it....it was more like she was jokingly teasing me. We often got together at each others' houses for BBQ, swim parties, or just to sit around the fire and enjoy a few drinks. About 10 years ago, Steve received a promotion, and was transferred to New Jersey. They return home for visits a couple times a year, and they'd always visit me at least once while they were here. After both her parents passed, and Steve's dad had died and his mom had to go to a nursing home, they visited less often. I hadn't heard from them in three years, so it was a pleasant surprise when they called and said they were in town.

Steve and Kelly are about 10 years younger than me. Steve is 5' 9", about 180, and is in pretty good shape from running and working out daily. Kelly is a beautiful lady with long brown hair, green eyes, and a very sexy body. She's 5' 7", about 130, with very nice 34C breasts....her ass is the best I've had the pleasure of admiring. She never dressed in sexy outfits....she always dressed very modestly. So you can understand how I was shocked when she took off her clothes and I saw that tiny wicked weasel bikini which barely covered her breasts, pussy and that beautiful ass! I couldn't help being very aroused, and that damn speedo Kelly had dared me to wear did a poor job of covering my growing erection! Kelly stared at the bulge a bit longer then she just acted like her usual self. Steve had quite a bulge in his speedo also, but not nearly as big as the one in mine even after my erection subsided. We enjoyed a relaxing day with nothing sexual happening, nor any comments about the huge bulge earlier.

There was very little boat traffic on the lake, but I knew it'd be busy the next 3 days. Whenever we did see other boats, Kelly would sit lower so others wouldn't see what she was wearing....of course, I'd tease her about that, but she never teased me back....other than wearing the skimpy bikini, she was her usual modest self.....quiet and thinking. When we decided to head back to the dock, Kelly was at the bow, so I asked her if she'd pull in the bow anchor. She leaned over much more than she needed to, and put on a very hot show....her very sexy ass and pussy looked so hot....Steve and I were both able to see how much her outer lips were swollen, and the camel toe stood out like a neon sign....to me, it said "Fuck Me" We could even see the bump of her clit! Needless to say, that huge bulge was back, as was Steve's bulge! Once she had the anchor stowed away, she turned and acted like she'd done nothing, and said, "What's up with you two....Oh, I see!" then smiled before saying, "I suppose you want me to get the stern anchor too." I'd been so caught up in the show she put on, I'd forgotten to pull it in. I was just about to tell her I'd get it, when Steve said, "You did such a great job with the bow, go ahead and get the other one." As she pulled it in, once again, she had her knees far apart and leaned over extra far knowing what we'd see. This time, Steve pulled his speedo off and motioned for me to do the same.

There we were, in a quiet little cove with no one else within a mile or two, a very beautiful and sexy lady putting on a very hot show, with two guys with speedos pushed down to their knees and their very hard cocks standing at attention! When Kelly lifted the anchor into the boat, she turned and saw us.....another loud gasp escaped her luscious lips when she saw our cocks pointing at her. She had a scared look on her face, looked at Steve and asked if he was sure. Steve said he was then turned to me and told me that they had a bucket list, and one of the things on their list was a MFM threesome. He went on to say if I wasn't interested, it wouldn't be a problem.....the three of us would still be friends.

He went on to say that they'd always talked about fantasies in bed before, during and after sex, and they had always wanted to explore MFM fun....Kelly always enjoyed thunderous orgasms when they talked about her being the center of attention. They even had a collection of toys they used to be the other man. He then told Kelly to tell me their names....She blushed, but she told me the first one they bought more than 20 years ago was named Tom, then there was Tom 2, Tom 3........all the way up to Tom 14. Steve didn't know Kelly had named the first toy Tom until a year after she named it. She let my name slip one time during sex.

Kelly told me that she first noticed my size one time when I was helping Steve with a landscaping project a few months after they moved into their new house. After we finished, we'd enjoyed a few beers and I had to take a leek. While I went to their bathroom, Steve went to their barn to close it up, and Kelly returned from her run to the store. Not knowing I was in their bathroom, Kelly was going to use it, but saw me and also saw my cock. She quietly retreated to the kitchen. I never had a clue that she'd seen me....

Kelly went on to say that she often thought about my cock, but knew she could never cheat on Steve. When she slipped that night and said my name while Steve was fucking her with the new dildo, she felt so guilty, but Steve told her he wasn't upset. They often included "me" in their sexual fun, but never had plans to do anything with me in real life....it was just fantasy fun to spice up their sex lives. Steve then told me that he finally confessed to Kelly 3 years ago that he'd been thinking about them exploring MFM threesome fun....he'd been thinking about it ever since she first said my name. At first, it bothered him that he got aroused by the thought, but over time, he wanted to do it, but was afraid Kelly would think he was a pervert.

They then both asked me what I thought of the idea....I smiled and told them that I'd been aroused about the idea since the first time I met them...... They asked if I'd ever done anything with others, a nd I told them that I had, and that I'd always been very careful and selective because I didn't want to catch anything. As we talked, Kelly had moved closer and closer to us..... I asked if they wanted to start exploring now, or wait until we got to my house. Both said, "NOW!" so I dropped both anchors and turned on the stern light because I knew it'd be dark before we finished.

Steve and Kelly were holding each other and kissing when I returned to them. I asked if they were sure they wanted to do this, they both said, "YES!" I reached to caress Kelly's shoulder as they looked into each others eyes. Kelly kissed Steve one more time then turned and kissed me. Our kiss lasted a long time, and Steve was busy taking that sexy WW off of Kelly. Soon, my hands were busy exploring Kelly's hot body....as was Steve. Kelly was moaning softly as we explored her body with our hands, and was pushing into my long, thick cock. I moved back a bit ans moved it so it was pointed down so Kelly could rub her pussy and clit on it, and found Steve had his cock in her crotch from behind. Kelly really enjoyed feeling our cocks between her legs....as did Steve and I.

After several minutes, I was dying to lick and suck on her beautiful breasts and nipples, so I started to explore lower with my mouth as my hands moved lower to her pussy. Steve moved around and was kissing her as I moved lower..... Kelly enjoyed her first orgasm from my fingers as I fucked her with two fingers and stroked her swollen clit with my thumb. I wanted to taste her wonderful nectar, so I dropped to me knees as Steve held her in his arms and kissed her.. I avoided her clit since she'd just cum and pushed my tongue deep inside her pussy to get as much of her creamy juices as I could. I'm sure her mind was filled with lusty thoughts living out a fantasy she'd had for almost 25 years, because she enjoyed a very powerful orgasm within minutes of me licking her pussy then another a few minutes after. When I finally gave her clit some attention, she enjoyed 3 more orgasm back to back.

She then said she needed a break because her legs were like jelly. We sat and talked for several minutes, and they asked me a lot of questions.....

To be continued......
A Wild Labor Day Weekend
Posted:Sep 7, 2016 9:08 am
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2019 12:50 am

WOW! I can't believe what happened this past weekend....I still am very excited and aroused just thinking about it. Some friends, who used to be neighbors, called on Thursday saying they were in town for the weekend, and they wanted to get together. When I found out they were going to get a hotel room for the weekend, I invited them to stay with me. We enjoyed a nice dinner Thursday night then sat around a fire enjoying a couple bottles of wine as we got caught up with each other's lives. We had never done anything sexual before they moved, but she was a natural flirt, and had often flirted with me.

On Friday, they went to visit his mother in a local nursing home then they wanted to go boating in the afternoon. We put on our swim trunks/suits under our clothes before leaving the house. Once we left the dock, we took off our clothes, and I was shocked when I saw she was wearing a Wicked Weasel bikini which barely covered her breasts, ass and pussy.....I always knew she had a very sexy body, but I'd only ever seen her in a modest, one piece swimsuit or shorts and T shirts.....never even a bikini. I was also shocked to see what he was wearing....a skin tight speedo which barely covered his cock. I was thinking very lusty thoughts about her...and teasing him about showing off. As I continued to tease him, she dared me to wear something like his speedo.....I'd only ever worn bluejean cutoffs or modest trunks for swimming. She kept up the teasing until I said I'd wear one, but didn't have any. She laughed then pulled one out of her bag. The thing looked even smaller than the one he was wearing.

She kept teasing me until I finally took it from her, turned my back, took off my trunks and put it on....my cock was semi hard just from looking at her, so when I turned around, she gasped when she saw the huge bulge in the speedo. She flashed me a sexy smile then said, "I always thought you were hung like a !"

To be continued.........
Posted:Aug 2, 2016 8:10 am
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2019 9:09 am

I first met Cindy when I was in 12th grade. Her family had moved to our town earlier in the summer. She was beautiful, with a very sexy body and long blonde hair. We had a few classes together, and became friends then we started dating. Within a few months, we were enjoying a very hot sexual relationship....it was her first time, and she loved it.....and she reached orgasm easier than any female I'd been with. She'd cum at least 5 times even if it was a quickie. We fucked as often as possible. She was into anything I wanted to do, and wanted to try everything. She loved to hear about my past sexual experiences, and wanted to have others join us. We enjoyed a lot of threesomes with my friend Jeff, and that lead to bi MFM fun....Cindy loved that very much!

As with all young couples, the parents want to meet the one their is getting serious with.....our parents were no different. We found out that my mom and Cindy's dad were distant cousins....my great grandfather and Cindy's great grandfather were cousins. Our parents wanted us to end it, but we were having too much fun to stop! We continued exploring sexual fantasies together and with others joining us for 2 more years before she moved away.

When I told her about the things I'd done with my older neighbor Barb, she wanted to watch Barb and I together then join in. I talked to Barb, and she was happy to oblige Cindy's wishes, so we made plans for Friday night. Friday night finally came, and Cindy was a bit nervous, but also very excited, and very eager to explore new areas.... Barb was dressed very sexy, yet classy all in black. Cindy watched as Barb and I danced a bit before starting to undress each other. Once I was naked and Barb only had her heels, stockings and garter on, the party moved to her bedroom. Cindy sat on the bed right beside us as I spread Barb's long, sexy legs so I could taste her wonderful nectar. When Cindy saw how huge Barb's clit was, she let out a gasp followed by a very sexy moan.

I'd only been licking Barb for about 5 minutes when Cindy moved in to help me lick and suck Barb's pussy and big clit.....her first time exploring bi....and she loved it We licked and sucked Barb for another 10 minutes and she came twice. Cindy moved back to watch as I fucked Barb, but she was still close enough to guide my cock into Barb's very wet pussy. I fucked her on her back until she came again then had her get on her knees so I could fuck her from behind. As I fucked her, I had Cindy crawl under Barb in a 69 so they could lick each other. Soon, they were both enjoying thunderous orgasms. Barb was surprised how often Cindy exploded, and said she'd never seen any female who could cum so easily.The three of us kept the fun going until 2am before we called it a night.

We attended several of Barb's parties, and met with Barb alone often. We enjoyed a lot of sex together for 2 more years until Cindy moved away. She married a great guy....the three of us shared a lot of fun together until they "found religion" and were "re-born"
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Betty and I Visit Helen
Posted:Mar 30, 2016 2:36 pm
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2019 9:28 am

This past weekend, my neighbor and FWB, Betty, and I were invited to Helen's home for a weekend of steamy, hot, erotic fun. I made arrangements with a friend to take care of the animals, and we left for Helen's on Thursday afternoon. It's about a 2 hour drive, so we got there just before dinner. Helen had a really nice dinner fixed for us, and we ate by candlelight....naked of course! For those who haven't read the first blog post about Helen, you should read "A Basket of Apples" before reading this post.

I met Helen last fall, and we enjoyed a wonderful evening of very hot sex. Helen is a beautiful, sexy 75 year old widow, who could easily pass for 20 years younger. Betty is a very attractive and sexy neighbor who I've shared a long term, FWB relationship with. Over the winter, Helen and I got together several times alone, and 4 times with Betty involved.

Helen had gone through some minor surgery about 2 months ago, and had to refrain from sex as she healed. This was to be her first sex in 2 months.....Betty and I wanted it to be wonderful for her. Betty is very bi, and had introduced Helen to her bi side back in October. When we finished dinner, we retired to Helen's living room to enjoy an after dinner drink. We enjoyed some steamy kissing and caressing then Helen excused herself for several minutes. When she returned, she told us she had a surprise for us. She reached under a cushion and pulled out 2 blindfolds, put them on Betty and me then led us down the hall toward her bedroom.

Rather than take us into her bedroom, she steered us to the left into a spare bedroom. As soon as she opened the door, I caught the scent of pool chemicals....Helen had a hot tub installed in one of the spare bedrooms....which was now part of her bedroom. She'd spent a lot of money and had both bedrooms redone and converted into one huge room with a sun room with a lot of windows. She also had many exotic plants throughout the room. She also had about 100 candles scattered around the room. She turned out the lights before we got into her new hot tub.

Helen told us she'd never been in one before her first time at Betty's house last fall, but she really like her experience, so she decided to get one of her own. She also said she'd been enjoying it every night before bed as soon as her doctor gave her the OK. We resumed kissing and caressing as we enjoyed the bubbling water. Soon, Helen lifted up and sat on the edge, and Betty and I started kissing, licking and sucking on her perfect breasts and nipples. As Helen grew more and more aroused, I moved down her sexy body while Betty continued with her breasts. Once I reached Helen's sweet pussy, it didn't take long for her to reach her first orgasm in more than 2 months. Betty moved up and was kissing her as I licked and sucked Helen's wt pussy and swollen clit. The next thing I new, Betty was sitting on Helen's tongue, and her moans of pleasure were joining Helen's. I must say, it was very erotic....a really great way to break in her new room!

Helen asked me to fuck her.....begging me to fuck her good. This woman had never talked this way before she met me, but she was now very comfortable talking in this manner. I slowly slid into her pussy....wanting to be sure it wasn't painful for her, but she told me to fuck her like the slut she was. I slowly increased my speed until I was pounding her pussy. Both Betty and Helen started cumming, moaning loudly. I was just about to cum when I saw movement through one of the windows....I was sure it was a person....a peeping Tom! I stopped fucking Helen, and leaned down to tell them what I saw. Helen told us that she thought she saw someone a couple times before, but when she'd go outside to look, there was no one around. Both times, the ground was bare of snow, so there were no tracks.

I told them to continue with their fun then loudly said I was going to get the bottle of wine and our glasses from the living room. I quickly dried myself, then slipped out of the room, put on my hiker boots, a shirt, grabbed Helen's shotgun then quietly snuck outside and around her house until I saw a man standing by a bush outside the windows with his pants around his ankles. He was so focused on watching Helen and Betty....and stroking his hard cock, he never noticed me until I was about 10 feet from him. He about jumped out of his boots when I told him to freeze. He stood there like a deer in headlights until I made him march around the house to the door....with his pants still around his ankles.

Helen was surprised to see her neighbor, a young man in his 20s. She told him how hurt she was by his invasion of her privacy then asked him how many times he'd spied on her. He confessed to watching her 5 times. She told him she was going to call the police. He begged her not to, and promised he'd never do it again. She then told him she was going to call his wife. Again, he begged her not to, and said he'd do anything if she would not tell anyone. Betty then piped in, and said, "You pervert, you spied on Tom and I too!" "You need to be punished!" Although Betty and I don't play those games very often, we have enjoyed a bit of light bondage over the years, and have introduced Helen to that kind of fun. Helen agreed, and soon, they had Sam, the Peeping Tom, restrained to a chair I brought from the kitchen.

We had him facing away from the bed then the two sexy vixens started pinching his nipples and slapping his once again hard cock. Helen started taking pictures of him as Betty was putting a bra and panties on him as best she could with him being tied to the chair. Betty then whispered to Helen then turned to me and asked if I wanted my cock sucked. I knew right away what she had in mind, so I said, "YES!" With that, she told Sam to open his mouth. He protested, but his cock was throbbing. Helen picked up the phone and Simply said, "The police or Susie." Sam hung his head and quietly said, "OK, I'll suck him." Betty said, "You need to say something more!" Sam had a blank look the said, "Yes, Mistress, I'll suck his cock."

I moved close and Betty guided my cock into his mouth. Sam may have tried to pass as a novice, but it was clear that he know what he was doing. We grilled him some more, and he confessed that he and his wife enjoyed a Domme/sub HotWife/cuckold relationship, and his wife made him fluff her lovers and also clean her and her lovers when they were done. I told Betty to keep our slave busy while Helen and I talked. We headed to the living room as Betty was pinching his nipples while stepping on his cock on the chair.

I told Helen that we should call Susie and tell her what we caught her cuck doing. She got a sly smile on her face, and shook her head yes.... Helen looked up the number then dialed. When Susie answered, Helen got cold feet and handed the phone to me. I said, "Hello Susie, I'm a friend of Helen's, and we were enjoying a night of steamy hot fun when we caught your cuck spying on us." Susie said she was very sorry, and she'd punish him as soon as we sent him home. I told her that my friend, Betty, is busy punishing right now." Just then, we could hear a loud cry of pain....Susie heard it too! She then asked if she could come over and join us in punishing her worthless cuckold. I asked Helen, and she said it was OK.

It took Susie about 1/2 an hour to come over.....she had "dressed for the occasion....in a very sexy leather outfit and a very large dildo attached to a leather strap on harness. She was carrying two luggage bags, one full of toys, the other had whips and paddles as well as a pair of thigh high leather boots. Helen quietly introduced us. We then quietly walked back down the hall to Helen's new room.

Betty had sam restrained on his back on the floor, and was sitting on his face making him rim her ass as she slapped his cock and balls. She had put the panties and bra on him as well as makeup......and also had a blindfold on his face, so he couldn't see anything. Susie put her finger up so no one would let her cuck know that his Mistress was there too. Betty said, "Well, I thought you two were not interested in punishing this sissy." I told her that I was explaining to Helen how to punish our unwelcome guest. Betty then got up, and said, "OK Helen, it's your turn to punish the sissy!" but she pointed at Susie. Helen and I smiled at each other as Susie took Betty's place on the cucks face. It only took him a couple minutes to realize it was his wife on his face.......and he started crying, and begging for forgiveness. We all just laughed at him!

Susie released him then said, "Assume the position cuck!" He rolled up onto his hands and knees then lowered his face to the floor. She then moved behind him and force the huge dildo deep into his ass without and warm up or lube! We all knew it must hurt like hell, but he never said a word. Once she had him opened up, she asked Helen if she wanted her worthless cuck to eat her pussy. Helen moved right in, and was soon moaning with pleasure. Susie was pounding her cuck's ass as she used a Cat o' nine tails on his ass and back. Helen soon came, and needed a break....Betty took her place. Cuckboi's cock was very hard, so Susie asked me if I'd get a bowl of ice....she then had me hold it up so cuckboi's hard cock was put into the ice. It didn't take very long before his swollen cock shrank down to a 2" nub. Susie then showed Helen how to put it on his cock. Susie then asked Helen if she wanted to fuck her sissy. Helen said she wasn't quite ready, so Betty said she's love to fuck his ass.

Soon, Betty was fucking the cuck, and Helen, Susie and I moved over to Helen's new king size bed. The plan was for Betty and I to help Helen break in her new bed, but no one had a problem with the way things worked out.....well, maybe sam did,....LOL
The three of us enjoyed a small daisychain, and both women enjoyed a couple orgasms before I fucked Helen. Once Helen came, I fucked Susie. Susie is a beautiful woman, and very tall, 6', about 150lbs, 38D with a very tight and toned body with long black hair. She enjoyed my long, thick cock, and made sure she let her cuckboi know how much she loved it.

After Susie came twice, I figured it was Betty's turn to be fucked. The 4 of us talked about what we wanted to do with sam.....Helen then came up with a great idea.....making the cuck stay outside while we enjoyed ourselves. I took him out to the back porch and locked him to one of the posts. It was about 40 degrees, so I knew there wasn't any danger for him, but he would get cold! I then returned to find the ladies enjoying a daisychain. I watched for a bit then started looking through the bags of toys Susie brought with her. I found a fat butt plug and took it out to sam. He didn't even question me....he took it and put it in his ass. I then returned to the party and found Helen putting on the strapon harness as Susie was getting a new dildo out of the bag.

Helen and I took turns fucking Betty and Susie swapping back and forth 3 times., I was very ready to cum, so the three ladies got on their knees taking turns licking and sucking my cock. I'd had 2 women share my cock, as well as a man and wife, but never enjoyed 3 mouths giving me pleasure....it was wonderful. I didn't last long, and they were soon sharing my cum. It was so hot watching them share my cum in a three way kiss!

I left to let the cuck back in. When we returned to the party, Susie was just putting the now clean monster dildo back in the harness so Helen could fuck the sissy. As Helen fucked his ass, Betty was under him biting his nipples and Susie was tormenting his cock.....she told me to fuck his mouth. The cuck soon had my cock hard again, so I decided to fuck Helen as she fucked the cuck. Helen enjoyed one of the strongest orgasms I've ever seen a woman experience, and she was in need of a break. She lay on her bed watching as I fucked Susie from behind. Betty soon joined us and got under Susie in a 69. We ignored the cuck as we fucked. Susie came in a powerful orgasm then joined Helen. I was getting worn out, but I gave Betty a good fucking before I joined Helen and Susie on the bed. We watched Betty feed the cuck the creampie before she joined us. We slept like that for a few hours before I awoke to Susie sucking my cock.....but that's another story........
It started in the sauna
Posted:Mar 16, 2016 11:18 am
Last Updated:Sep 16, 2017 6:31 am

I was working for a company that had all over the world, and the area I covered was stretched from Indiana to Maine, up into Canada, and as far south as North Carolina. I had been working near a small city in Ohio for a few months, living out of a hotel. Part of the hotel package, was a membership at a local health club owned by a husband and wife, Jon and Kathy. They bought an old school, and renovated it into a really nice health club that was as good, if not better, than any YMCA.

I would try to at least 3-4 nights a week to workout in their weight room. I'd often visit the steam room after my workout. One night, I finished my workout just before closing time, everyone had left except for me and Jon, but I still wanted to enjoy the steam room, so I asked if it was OK.. Jon told me it was OK. He was a good looking man, and was built like a linebacker....very solid and muscular. He often worked out with the guys, and had a great personality. Jon and I got along great, and shared many similar experiences growing up....both of us were farm boys, and we shared a love of the outdoors, hiking, canoeing, fishing, hunting, etc. I had only seen his wife once....she was all bundled up in a winter parka, and I couldn't see her face, but all the guys said she was really beautiful with a very sexy body. I found out later that Kathy really was HOT! She was 5'11", 150, 38D, 24, 36 with long, red hair.

I'd only been in the steam room about 5 minutes when Jon joined me. I was sitting on an upper bench with my legs spread and my shaved cock and balls hanging between my legs. It was clear that Jon was also fully shave as he sat across from me with his legs spread. We didn't say anything for about a minute then Jon said, "Nice cock." "Not many men shave like us." I told him that I'd been shaving for several years after a woman convinced me to try it, and I liked it. He told me that his wife talked him into shaving.....and he also liked it. He then asked if I liked cock. I told him that I did, but only if a woman was involved. He got up and left without saying a word.

I thought that he was upset because I was bi, and I figured it was the end of my days at their health club. After a few more minutes, I figured I'd better leave. When I walked out of the steam room, I saw all his clothes hanging in an open locker then he came around the corner followed by his very beautiful and sexy wife....who was also naked!

I couldn't help but stare......her body was awesome, and her long, red hair was like icing on the cake. Kathy smiled at me, and asked if I really enjoyed bi MFM threesomes. I assured her I did just as she leaned in to kiss me. As we kissed, Jon moved in behind her and was kissing her neck and ears then told me that they'd been enjoying MFM fun for about 10 year, but had never had any thoughts about mixing bi into their fun. About a year before, Kathy was talking to an old friend at her high school reunion, and her friend told her about a threesome she'd shared with two bi men. She told Kathy that it was the most exciting thing she'd ever experienced, and had enjoyed being with those two guys as often as she could.

It took Kathy several months before she told Jon about her conversation with her friend. Kathy also confessed to thinking about it often, and getting very aroused by the thought of watching Jon suck another man's cock, and having another man suck Jon's cock....as well as sharing a cock with Jon or another man. She confessed that she often thought about it as they were making love, and it always led to a very powerful orgasm. Jon then added that he was shocked when Kathy told her, and a bit upset because he had always been straight, and never thought about any other men.

They went on to tell me how Jon evolved....with help from Kathy. She loved toys, and really loved having Jon lick her pussy and clit as Jon fucked her with a toy. She started having Jon help her lick her juices off the toys which opened the door to her talking about Jon and her licking her juices off a real cock. After several months of talking about it, Jon finally agreed to try it. He told Kathy about me, and they agreed I'd be perfect because Jon and I were so much alike, and I wasn't a "local" who might spill the beans.

They then asked how I got started. I told them about my experiences with Barb, and how she loved to kiss me after she sucked my cock and share my cum with me, and how she loved for me to eat her cum filled pussy after I filled her I also told them about hot Mary and Jon had introduced me to bi MFM fun....and how I reacted with shock.....and how mad I'd been...... and how Mary calmed me down and convinced me to try it again.

I could see Kathy was very excited about trying their first bi MFM threesome, so I suggested we head to the showers.... Soon, we were buy washing Kathy, kissing and caressing her then it was Jon's turn. I told them I wasn't into kissing another man, and Jon said he wasn't into that either. Once Jon was clean and very erect, it was my turn.They had me ready in no time. We shut off the showers then dried each other before heading to the mat room.

We started with Jon eating Kathy as she sucked my cock. I had Jon move around so I could suck his cock. Kathy was staring at me as I sucked Jon, and it was only a few minutes before she enjoyed her first orgasm. I stopped just before Jon came because I didn't want him to lose his arousal. I stood up between them and Kathy started sucking my cock again. Jon was kneeling beside me so Kathy pulled him close then offered him my cock. It took a few seconds before Jon leaned in and took it into her mouth. Kathy moaned very loudly and started rubbing her pussy before leaning in to lick my cock as Jon sucked it. Jon was a natural, and was soon taking every inch of my cock. They'd take turns.....while one was sucking, the other was licking my cock. Soon, I was ready, so I told them to get ready. They were both licking the head when I came....she pushed my cock into his mouth then took it into her mouth. then they were both licking the head again as my cum shot all over their faces. I sank to the mat as they kissed, sharing my cum. Kathy enjoyed another orgasm as they kissed.

Once I caught my breath, I moved in to taste Kathy's sweet pussy. Soon, we were in a 69 with me under her. I told Jon to fuck her from behind. As soon as Jon started to enter her pussy, Kathy exploded in a thunderous orgasm that left her shaking for a few minutes. Jon kept fucking her and I kept licking both of them as she enjoyed one thunderous orgasm after another. She was trying to suck my cock, but her moans and screams of pleasure wouldn't allow it. Every so often, Jon's cock would slip out and I'd suck it a bit before giving in to Kathy as she begged to be fucked. I don't know how Jon lasted as long as he did, but our fun lasted about 15 minutes before Jon let out a huge bellow, slammed his cock deep into Kathy's pussy and unloaded a massive load of cum. He dropped back onto the mats, gasping for air as I enjoyed the fresh creampie. Kathy enjoyed 2 more orgasms as I cleaned up the creampie then we all rested for a bit.

We lay there talking about what we'd just done. Kathy said it was even better than her dreams, and Jon confessed that he really enjoyed it too....especially seeing how much Kathy loved it. He told me she'd usually enjoy 2 or 3 orgasms.....never 20, or more, and never were they so powerful. They both said that they were looking forward to repeating this kind of fun more often! I told them that the night wasn't over unless they wanted to stop so they could discuss what they'd just experienced in a private setting. They both wanted to continue our fun, but wanted to refresh and get drinks.

We hit the fruit bar and enjoyed some fresh orange juice and talked more before heading to the showers. After a quick shower with a lot of fondling, we dried off again before moving to the mat room again. Jon and I again started on Kathy, and soon she was begging to be fucked. Jon got under her this time as I slid my cock deep inside her beautiful pussy. Our fun lasted a long time, and I pounded her pussy as Jon licked us. Every time I'd get close, I'd push in deep and hold still until the feeling passed then fuck her more. Jon kept licking and sucking us, and Kathy kept cumming, her moans and screams of pleasure filling the big room.

It was about an hour of some very hot sex, and we all loved it. When I was ready to cum, I knew my load would be huge because of being so close to cumming so many times and stopping.. I let out a roar as I exploded deep in Kathy's pussy then pulled out so Jon could lick and suck me clean. I then moved up to kiss and caress Kathy as Jon ate his first creampie. We took turns fucking Kathy 2 more times each and enjoying the creampies and snowballing with Kathy before we stopped. We all fell asleep on the mats. I woke up about 4am, and realized people would be coming to the club soon, so I woke Jon. We started cleaning up then woke Kathy, so we could clean the mats. We then hit the showers. We had just gotten dressed when Debbie, one of their employees arrived. She was surprised to see me there so early, and looked at me with a questioning look. I just smiled at her, thanked Jon and Kathy for allowing me to get in an early workout then left.

Later that night, I returned to the club for my workout. This time, I invited them to visit me at my hotel room, and they agreed. We got together at least twice a week every time I was in their area. Our fun lasted almost 10 years before a developer bought their property and several other properties to put in a gated community. Jon and Kathy moved to the Denver area, but we still got together 6-8 times a year over the next several years, and enjoyed lots of steamy hot fun. Sadly, I've lost touch with them, but I treasure the memories......

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