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Sometimes a day in life is like golf  

Travellall 58M  
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8/27/2019 9:58 pm
Sometimes a day in life is like golf

In golf, the object is the ball into the hole in a set of strokes, i.e. Par. In a par 4, you should be able sink the putt on your fourth<b> stroke. </font></b>You can have a great tee shot, crappy shots and sink an almost impossible putt for par and feel so great. Life sometimes plays that way. The day starts great, everything seems fall into place, then a speed bump bounces the day all around. You struggle to correct the error, over correct causing another speed bump. Dealing with the day has your mood in the toilet. When, of an impossible chance, the day is back on track. Those tidbits of crazy just seem disappear. You are back sitting on the edge of your bed thinking how you shot a par for the day. As you lay down enjoying the mind slowing down rest, you think maybe tomorrow, I could get a birdie (<b> stroke </font></b>par)

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