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Parking Lot Party  

TrucknLuvn 56M/38F  
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10/11/2018 5:57 am

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Parking Lot Party

A fantasy inspired by the couple we just met the other day...

Our first rest stop rendezvous happened just the other night. Joey and I pulled into a rest area that was only thirty miles miles away from our delivery location.  We had several hours to kill since we were unable to deliver until our scheduled appointment time the following morning. Neither one of us was feeling particularly tired after we shut down for the night. In fact, we were feeling a little restless.

We sat quietly together for a few moments, as both of us got lost in our thoughts. My thoughts made a beeline to this couple we had been chatting with for quite some time now. According to my map, they lived about 10 miles away from where we were sitting. I thought about the fun all four of us could have in our spacious truck, especially if we were naked.

"Baby, do you think we should give them a call?" Joey asked, breaking the silence.

I smiled and sighed with relief. He had literally read my mind.

Was I really that obvious?

Apparently so.

One exciting phone call and ten minutes later, we were expecting company to be joining us in our truck very soon. We watched the cars entering and exiting the rest area to pass the time while we waited and before we knew it, Joey received a text from our friends that simply stated, "We're here."

We looked up at the same time and saw the couple holding hands as they walked over from the regular parking area. They were both more attractive in person than in the pictures they had shared with us. He was tall, muscular, and tan with dark hair and eyes. I wanted to reach out and grab his muscular arms, but instead I took a quick peek at the bulge in the front of his jeans. Yep, I could totally work with what he was packing.

I glanced at Joey and saw him checking her out from head to toe. I was admiring the curvy, yet slender shape of her body. My gaze lingered on her supple, perky breasts. I wanted to feel her soft, milky white skin as I gently caressed her hips. I wanted to kiss her full, pouty lips while running my fingers through her silky blonde hair. Her crystal blue eyes were mesmerizing. She was absolutely gorgeous.

They seemed to be just as excited to meet us as we were to meet them. She greeted me with a hug while he greeted Joey with a handshake. Excited "hellos" and "nice to meet yous" were exchanged before we invited our guests into our truck.

We were all pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the four of us felt together when we climbed up into the 100 inch custom built sleeper. The guys sat in the seats in the cab of the Cascadia while I invited her to sit with me on the queen sized bed. The guys started to chat about guy stuff while she and I struck up a conversation of our own.

They were easy to talk to and I could sense that the first meet jitters were all but gone for all of us. The guys continued talking about a mile a minute when I noticed a familiar devilish twinkle suddenly light up her eyes. I could tell that she had an idea and her mischievous grin told me that we might be on the same page.

She leaned in close and gently whispered into my ear, "Let's see how long it takes them to notice us."

She pulled back and lingered for a moment before her sweet lips finally met mine. Our kiss quickly turned passionate and soon we were exploring one another's curves through our clothing. She nibbled on my lower lip as she broke our kiss. We took a peek at the guys who seemed to be oblivious to what had just transpired on the bed. My new lady friend and I had to stifle our giggles before we continued to quietly explore each other.

Shirts were removed, followed by bras. We caressed each others breasts and thoroughly enjoyed the unique shape of the other's soft curves. Her gentle, yet knowing touch was turning me on and soon my black silky panties were completely soaked. She took control and guided me onto my back. Her lips brushed almost every single inch of my skin as she made her way down to my wetness. My body came alive when I felt her lips brush against my clit, through my panties. She slid two of her fingers slowly in and out of my pussy as she continued to tease my swollen clit.

I closed my eyes and angled my hips so she could hit the spots that felt so good. I felt her fingers speed up inside me as she slid my panties to the side, exposing my puffy womanhood to the world inside the truck. She looked up at me from between my legs and winked.

Oh my God, she was so incredibly sexy!

I wanted to cum the moment I felt her tongue pressed against pleasure zone and I moaned loudly as her fingers penetrated me harder and faster. Her tongue felt so good as she traced it in a circular pattern around my nub. I grabbed a handful of her smooth, blonde hair and pushed her face down into my womanhood, guiding her tongue to that perfect spot.

I moaned wildly as I reached the apex of my pleasure. She pressed her tongue firmly against my clit as she finger fucked my cunt until I felt my blissful release of ecstasy.

"I'm cumming!" I exclaimed shakily and breathlessly as I allowed my pleasure to wash over me.

"Hey! What is going on back here?" I heard Joey exclaim.

"And they didn't even invite us to the party!" Her man added teasingly.

"You should have been paying attention!" She scolded teasingly. "But, I suppose you can join us now."

The guys joined us in the sleeper I met Joey's eyes seeking his approval. He smiled, granting me the permission to enjoy myself even more. I looked down at my lady friend and caressed her cheek, thanking her for the pleasure she gave me.

I noticed that my Joey's big cock was rock hard and rigid as he slid in bed behind my lady friend. I watched him grasp her hips as he lifted her to him. He slid his entire length inside of her in one swift stroke and she moaned loudly.

I knew exactly how good his cock felt inside of her and I saw her bliss reflect in the expressions on her face. Watching her enjoy my man was one of the most erotic moments of my life. It turned me on to watch them enjoy each other.

I invited her man over to the party. He was a chiseled sight to behold when he was naked and his cock looked absolutely delicious. I wanted him in my mouth. He got on the bed next to where my head was resting and slid his cock down my throat. I arched slightly as I took him in. At the moment I arched, Joey pushed her head down until her tongue was on me one more.

I could feel the rhythm of my husband's deep, long strokes as her body moved as he penetrated her. She was taking his huge rod like a champ! Soon, I could feel her body quivering against my own. I wanted her to cum on Joey's cock.

"Cum on his dick, now!" I demanded.

And at that very moment, I started to feel her muffled screams on my engorged mound. I grabbed a handful of her hair and held her still as I rode her face through my own bliss.

A moment later, I heard the Wolf Man roar as he pulled out and sprayed his load all over her ass.

Mmm... My Joey got off hard!

And before I even realized what was happening, I was swallowing a massive load of another man's spunk in front of my lover. I couldn't help but lick my lips afterward. Yum!

We had already experienced quite the chain reaction and we had only just begun.

♡Jess: The Trucker Babe


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TrucknLuvn 56M/38F  
1613 posts
12/28/2019 8:04 am

    Quoting Julie888x:
    Gosh, that was pretty arousing stuff!
I aim to please, my dear! Thanks for commenting!


♡Jess: The Trucker Babe


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Julie888x 55F
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12/15/2019 4:22 pm

Gosh, that was pretty arousing stuff!

citizen4722 63M  
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10/13/2018 7:45 am

What a party that must have been. Who needs cake!

TrucknLuvn replies on 10/13/2018 2:34 pm:
Cake?! Where? Is it red velvet???

Next time, I'll bring the ice cream!

Thanks for reading and commenting!

pu55y4ater 37M
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10/11/2018 6:57 am

sounds good

TrucknLuvn replies on 10/11/2018 7:33 am:
I thought so too! Thanks for reading!

TrucknLuvn 56M/38F  
1613 posts
10/11/2018 5:59 am

This sounds fun!


♡Jess: The Trucker Babe


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