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Truly Madly Deeply  

TrucknLuvn 57M/39F  
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6/7/2017 11:40 pm

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Truly Madly Deeply

We played a fun little guessing game in my most recent poll. If you haven't already checked it out, you can find the poll here: Read Between The Lies A Guessing Game.

I've told you five of my dirty little secrets, but only one was true, with the other four being lies. So, do you think you were able to discern the truth from the lies? Let's find out!

After I reveal one more secret...

My dirty little lies were all based on true stories. I simply stretched the truth by changing some of the minor details of the stories.

Does that technically mean all five of my dirty little secrets were actually true?

I guess I'll just have share all five true versions of my dirty little secrets.


"What Happens In Vegas"

•Did I really give a male stripper a blowjob when I celebrated my 30th birthday in Las Vegas?


No, I did not. My best friend, Tammi, traveled to Vegas with me and she was the stripper dick sucker on my 30th birthday.

I didn't suck a Vegas stripper dick in until my 32nd birthday. Giving 'Sparticus' a blowjob in a dark corner of club while receiving a lap dance absolutely drenched this dirty little girl's thong! I was so horny that I offered to trade my soaked thong for an orgasm courtesy of his vibrating knee pad.

Sexy Sparticus gladly accepted my thong and I left a puddle of my juices on the cushion of the plush chair that I was sitting in.


"Your Cheating Heart"

•Did I actually get off on fucking married men better than their wives ever could?


No! I refused to fuck married men. I was not going to be seen as the home wrecker and enabled a man to break his vows to his wife. That being said, I had no problem being a unicorn for a few couples for some fmf fun. 

I did, however, enjoy fucking boyfriends. Especially if another chick pissed me off. It was a major turn on for me to fuck a stolen boyfriend. I even owned a pretty pink shirt with filigree and elegant cursive writing that said, "I fucked your boyfriend." It was raunchy, yet delicate and feminine! Just like I was during that chapter of my life.

On a side note, my Joey used to love fucking married women. Now he loves fucking the woman he's married to. 


"The Broken Boner"

•Did I actually ride a guy so hard that I broke his dick?


Yep, I was totally found guilty of being a Dick Destroyer and the judge told me that I had to do some community service... On my knees.


Okay, so that part really didn't really happen. But it sounded good, right?


Without any further delay, here is my dirty little cock crunching secret...

So there I was, riding this guy like Seabiscuit in the reverse cowgirl position. It was really getting good and I sped up the pace of the long, deep strokes I was riding him with. We were so close to bliss when disaster struck...

It happened so fast that everything was a blur. I am still not entirely sure what or how it happened, but I do have a guess. One of us must have shifted a fraction of an inch at the absolutely wrong time.

I was sliding back down on him when I literally felt his cock pop against my thigh. Yes, it popped. The next thing I remember was hearing a loud, high pitched, blood curdling scream echoing around my bedroom. I was shocked when I realized that the source of the scream wad my bedroom  three octaves too high to be coming from any guy other than the late, great Freddy Mercury.

In a moment of panic, I sat down on him, which apparently was the wrong thing to do. He squealed again as he shoved me away and I fell off the bed, knees first onto the floor. Pissed off at my newly acquired rug burns, I told him to get the fuck out.

And then I noticed his wilted weiner...

The look on my face must have been priceless because the dude instantly panicked. He begged me to take him to the emergency room, so I did. I owed him that much anyway.

After waiting for what seemed like a freaking eternity, the doctor finally came in to examine his ruptured rod. He took one look at the dude's mutilated member and diagnosed him with a penile fracture.
I had literally given the dude a broken boner. The moment that thought crossed my mind, I started to giggle uncontrollably. I couldn't help it and I couldn't stop. The dude was highly pissed off. Apparently, he felt that his mutilated member was no laughing matter. He angrily grumbled something about me ruining his dick and showed his complete lack of maturity as he flipped me the bird.

Maybe I deserved that. A little.

Honestly, it's not like his dick was that big...

Of a loss... *snort*

See what I did there? *cheesy grin*

But anyway...

I still have no clue why I decided to wait in the room with the Broken Banana Boy after being on the receiving end of his obscene hand gesture. Perhaps it was the miniscule twinge of guilt I was feeling in my stomach. Or maybe it was just gas.

Nether one of us had anything to say to each other, so we just sat in his room, surrounded by an incredibly awkward silence. This time, it felt as though a millenia had passed when the door finally creeked open for Doctor Punctual's grand entrance into my torture chamber. He sat at the foot of the bed as he explained everything Mister Maturity would need to know about traumatic tallywhacker torture and treatments.

They were talking about the dude's pecker prognosis when I decided I had been there long enough and silently excused myself from the room. I never wanted to see him or his tired tool again.


I have always wondered if he was even able to use his penis as more than water spout ever again. It didn't look like the type of injury that one could just bounce back from unscathed.

After all, I had turned his exclamation point into a question mark in one fell stroke of my killer cunt.



"Mile High Mishap"

•Did I get busted when I attempted to join the traditional mile high club?


Nope! It wasn't me. In fact, I have no desire to even try having sex in the confines of an airplane toilet closet. No sex on an airplane means no<b> mile high club </font></b>membership, right?

Or is there an honorable mention program for those of us who have traveled alone on a long flight?


I was on a flight from Detroit to Frankfurt, Germany. We were a good portion into the flight and pretty much everyone around me was fast asleep. I have trouble sleeping on airplanes, so I just sat there bored and wide awake. I decided to lean my chair back and curled up under my fleece blankie, in a futile attempt to go to sleep. My mind was jumbled with thoughts on how I could relax when I had a moment of brilliance.

Or so I thought.

I did have one sure fire way to relax my body and at that point, I was willing to try anything. I knew that I had to be incredibly discreet as not to draw attention to myself. I took a good look around me to double check that nearly everyone was asleep and then I repositioned so my arms were also under my blankie. I slowly unzipped my pants as carefully as possible so it wouldn't make a sound and I lowered my jeans just enough to give me enough room for my hand to slide down beneath my panties.

I was being incredibly naughty and my pussy was drenched as a result. I switched between teasing my clit and fingering my greedy fuck hole. It felt wrong, yet it was completely exhilarating to finger my cunt in the center seat of my row on the airplane. The two peopke n on either side of me were fast asleep and completely oblivious to the finger fucking going on next to them.

I could feel my orgasm building. My heart was racing. I was breathing faster. I felt the beads of sweat forming on my forehead. And finally my legs began to shake. Normally I would pound my pussy with my right hand while teasing my clit with my left to knock one out, but that would be too much. I opted for firm, steady gspot pressure combined with a bit of clit flicking.

And it felt incredible. But it was a bit too much. My pleasure filled moans escaped my throat as my pussy tightened around my fingers. I continued my clit flick move until I I finally started to cum. My orgasm was a lot more intense than usual and there was no way I could have held in the passionate sounds of my pleasure.

I had my eyes closed while I rubbed one out and when I opened them back up, there was a handful of passengers staring at me. The expressions on their faces varied from person to person; lust, jealousy, amusement, want, and disdain. I looked up to find one incredibly mean looking German flight attendant staring daggers at me with her ice blue eyes as she scowled at me, clearly disgusted by my actions.

She leaned down and spoke into my ear, her voice was harsh and her thick German accent was menacing as she chastised me  "Next time, use the bathroom for such activities or I will throw you off the plane."

All in all, I really didn't care. My mission was accomplished and I was sleepy. I leaned back in my chair fell asleep. I dreamt about a blonde German Domme restraining me to lash me with her leather whip for being such a naughty and dirty little girl on her flight. I woke up hours later, in the midst of an orgasm triggered by my erotic dream.


"Sandy Bottoms Up"

•Could it really be when the anal sex I had on the beach went terribly wrong as the guy I was with accidentally pushed a seemingly endless amount of sand up my butt with his dick?


Fuck no! The thought of trying anal on a sandy beach sounds like a recipe for disaster. Honestly, I have only had sex on a beach once in my life because it was a disaster of epic proportions, for me anyway.

The entire situation was quite awful at the time, but I have to admit that it does make for a pretty good story to tell. But I will not be sharing it on this post. Personally, I think the landmark stories, such as this one, should stand alone in a blog.

At least you won't have to wait too long for this one...

My dirty little secret about the worst sexual experience of my entire life can be found right here: Some Beach


♡Jess: The Trucker Babe


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TrucknLuvn 57M/39F  
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6/7/2017 11:42 pm



♡Jess: The Trucker Babe


Want more? Be sure to check out my blog: TrucknLuvn!

tmacshane26 37M  
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6/8/2017 8:05 am

Jess those were some crazy, but interesting stories of your life. The one I'm still shocked by is you broke a guy's penis. I honestly never knew that was even possible even by having sex. I bet he could never use his penis again after a few weeks or months.

TrucknLuvn replies on 6/8/2017 2:41 pm:
Trust me, it surprised me as well. And I like in shocked the ever living shit out of the dude.

I do have some stories to share! I guess I really have been around the block a time or 30.

Now I am so happy to be settled down.

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