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Communication decline  

URfantasyfilled 45M
5 posts
1/11/2018 2:41 pm
Communication decline

I have been a part of this site for a while now and I feel that communication is becoming a lost art form.

From the people I have talked to in my area (mostly females and couples) When many approach another on this site the approach they use would not even be considered in the general public. Look I know this is a sex site, but have people on here made it so that any advances towards another can be first met with hostility until it is proven you are not a douche?

With this being the consensus (in my area) how would go to approach another on this site without being ed a fake, a bot, or a poser? Instant messenger is not any better, and the majority of emails sent to other members never elicit a response.

Apparently being real, knowing how to hold a real conversation, and talking to some like you are standing face to face with them are not recognized either.

I guess I am going to stick to the blogs on here, as this is where many of the real people still are!

author51 57F  
86538 posts
1/12/2018 1:16 am

You are correct in thinking that the real ones are here on blogs. If I get a message that starts off nicely,I continue the chat.If they message saying "Hey, baby, come sit on my face. I delete them immediately.

You catch ones attention when coming across sounding sincere and a normal human being then you do coming across disrespectful...We are all sexual beings, yet we are human beings first. No need for immediate crude and rude comments or messages...

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

1seeking1 54F
2877 posts
12/1/2019 2:11 pm

Yes real and genuine seems rare here. Sadly lots lack mannered, courtesy or respect.

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