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so delicious  

Unique_Sexy_Lady 50F  
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8/14/2016 7:38 pm
so delicious

Once waiting in a line at the movies theater, he slipped his hands under my skirt and started rubbing my clit, and started to break my cunt in for the fuck that he was going to do to it after the movie started. Being the cum lover she is, she started panting a bit, and her pussy lubed itself, with her wet juices. A man standing next to them could not help but notice that he was violating her cunt in public. So I stood up straight and turned so that he could see my fuck hole, pussy lips spread by my fingers. At first he was not quite sure how to react, but it must have been the male instinct….he reached up and stuck both his two fingers up my cunt….. She whispered to him…” find me in the movie theater and you pick the hole, you need to fuck…both will be spread for you to take…..fuck me hard….fuck me good”.

ryka2016 70M/71F

9/12/2016 4:46 pm

Sitting in the bar she is looking around and seeing if anyone is looking back. A tall busty mature lady smiles at her and does not look away, just smiles and winks. This hottie MILF stands up and brazening walks up and whispers in her ear"Lady's room, now!"
Exxxcited she begins to follow but sits again, afraid and yet wanting. She stands and feels her slit wet with anticipation. She walks as fast as she can, stopping in front of the lady's room, listening if anyone else is coming out. Catching her breath she walks in and turns to see the tall MILF with her tight top pulled down playing with her gumdrop sized nipples. The MILF pulls her into the stall closing and locking the door. The MILF forces her head on to the thick wet nipple,"Suck'em Hard." The MILF takes her hand and makes her rub her tight hard ass.
She feels the MILF massage her cunt and pinch and pull her clit making her dance with pleasure. With orgasmic lust she grabs the MILF between her legs and feels a huge cock wrap in silk panties. She gasps and hears her soon to be lover say,"Well, like what you found?" She is turned on with such intensity and shock she smiles and to her surprise says," Oh shit, big tits, hot tight ass, and a big cock?" "Baby I am in fuck heaven"

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