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Thoughts on communication online  

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10/10/2020 10:50 am
Thoughts on communication online

I've only been on this site for a week or so and a few things have jumped out to me: first, I believe most people that are here are just looking for a quick hook up. Nothing wrong with that as long as that is what everybody wants, HOWEVER, for those of us that have taken the time to write a succinct profile....would be good for you to read it.

Here is a sampling of messages I've gotten:

hey, how you doin'?
Lovely wife
What's happening?

My question is: what kind of response do you expect from these? I typically delete.

For contrast: look at this message. Clearly he read our profile, and knew what we described he did not offer. So this was his response:

"You embody class elegance and intelligence. You are the goal that so many seek on this site. I although consider myself a confident man also realize that I do not meet the requirements listed. With that being said I would just like to pass this along. You are an absolutely stunning woman that has a sensual elegance. Your beauty is without compare your body magnificent and your legs are phenomenal. Good luck in what you seek"

Such a nice message.... (and yes over the top compliments) but still, he took the time to share a thought. I wrote him back!

My third pet peeve: Guys: NOBODY cares what your dick looks like. Really! If you engage someone and get to know them...then you can discuss your personal details and wants. I seriously don't understand dick pics.

The reason I wanted to comment on profiles and responses is hopefully to remind people here that everyone is looking for something. If you are genuine, and authentic, and can communicate that way, your chances of meeting someone of quality will likely go up exponentially, or at the very least, you may get more replies and responses.

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