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One beginning.  

Ushawu 50
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3/31/2019 2:42 pm
One beginning.

You slowly fall back while we're kissing, tongues passionately entwined, pulling my body down with yours, I'll start to kiss your ear, your neck, your collar bone, along the top of one breast while I gently caress the other. You feel my lips pressed around one nipple, sucking it into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue, and at the same time you feel me gently twist your other nipple between my fingers and thumb to stimulate that spot hidden just behind it. I move up to kiss your mouth again, deeply, and you feel my hand slide down your body to your leg, squeezing your inner thigh firmly, causing you to involuntarily spread your legs and making you aware of how wet you already are in anticipation of what comes next.

I'll kiss you deeply again at the same moment that you feel the sweet tingle of my finger sliding easily inside you, lingering there only long enough to feed your desire for real penetration. My hands, fondling your sensuous breasts, running down your spine to your tailbone making you tingle, feel them massaging your supple ass, then around to squeeze both of your inner thighs to spread your legs apart. The soft, firm press of my lips against your pussy is followed by my warm, wet tongue parting your lower lips, probing between them. You feel me kissing and licking every fold, stroking and kissing and flicking your clit with my lips and tongue until you start to shudder. Your cum starts to flow as you continue to feel my lips pressed against you, my tongue maintaining a steady rhythm until you feel yourself going past the point of no return, involuntarily thrusting against my face, grabbing the back of my head and forcing me to keep going until I lap up ever last drop of your sweet cum.

Moving up back up your body we start kissing even more passionately than before, the taste of your cum on my mouth turns you on even more, and at that very moment you feel the tip of my cock part the entrance to your now very eager pussy. With a single long, slow thrust you feel me slide easily inside you. You feel my thickness stretching you, you feel my full length filling you, you feel my weight pressing my cock so very satisfyingly deep inside you.

Then I start telling you a tale of one of your most erotic fantasies, fully arousing your mind as my deep, steady thrusts arouse your pussy. That arousal goes both ways and you feel me grow thicker and larger inside you with each thrust ...or is it your pussy gripping me tighter? It's both, and it feels amazing. ...steadily ...rhythmically ...so deep inside you ...so big ...so everything you needed ...your legs start to quiver and your imagination explodes and your cum flows like a river over both of us, leaving you gasping from the intensity.

That's just a few highlights of one possible start of so many different encounters we could share.

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