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Maui BJ  

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10/13/2021 6:59 am
Maui BJ

So long story short, I was in Maui couple weeks ago with the wife. I was I the pool and started talking with this guy. He pointed out his husband and said he was tagging alone with him, that he was there on business. I told him I was there with my wife and some friends. Later that night I was at the beach bar watching football, my wife and her girlfriend went shopping at the whalers Village. After a few he bought me a drink and ask if I’d walk down to the beach, it was half time of the game, warm afternoon beautiful Maui sunset. We walked down to the beach, I could “feel” a tension and was aroused, wasn’t sure if anything would happen. Then he turned to me and kissed me. I’ve never kissed a guy before, it was a awkward for me. He took me by the hand and pulled me into some tree sand bushes. He reached down and undid the tie string on my swim trunks. My cock was rapidly getting hard as I knew he was going to blow me. I was around and he kneeled down and took my cock into his mouth. He definitely knew how to suck dic He was taking me balls deep… I’m 7” long and thic I got my hand on the back of his head I’m getting into it big time. I’m obviously old enough to be his dad, I’m 54 he was upper 20s maybe 30ish baby face slim, good . So after a few the excitement of this guy<b> sucking </font></b>my cock on the beach, getting caught and just how good it felt I held the back of his head and shot my load in his mouth and throat. He stood and kissed me again this time I let him and he shared my cum with me.
We made it back in time for the second half, wash the taste of my cum down with a shot of Jamison with him. And drank a few more beers.
I never saw him again, they left for Cincinnati I think the next morning.

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