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My Ongoing Profile  

Valkoinen_Leski 52F  
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4/25/2020 2:40 pm
My Ongoing Profile

I know why you chose look at my profile. I am not stupid, nor willing that game, yet some of you can't stop reminding me with immediate sex talk and or pictures of your dick.

I already know you would love to insert any number of your body parts into a number of mine, so it would be awesome if you could start a conversation with something other than the previously mentioned body parts, what you want done with them, or would like me to do to them.

I am not what you would call basic (I am definitely not the basic bitch). Listing a million things that set me apart from most women you might see walking around city streets is best left to conversations we will have. We can start talking about that stuff when you either send me a message or and Instant Message.

I am the creative type, might I even venture as far as saying an artist. I have a refined palette for many different things, including men. I am educated, witty, opinionated, passion cultured, open minded, self disciplined. Keep this in mind, please. because get into my pants you have to go through my brain.

, and if you do not have a profile picture of any kind, I will not remember you ever. Sharing a picture isn't good enough! Have a picture, any picture! It doesn't have be your face, or other body parts, just something so us visual learners can remember who the fuck you are.

My Ideal Person If you get through this whole thing, and you want some more insight, check out my blog Versus.

I might have mentioned that I am open minded, the while having a refined palette. Keeping this in mind here, that "Ideal" is subjective, and malleable. It 's unfair list specifics, because not of the men here fit that cookie cutter of an example. And Gods know that i have a very eclectic taste in everything.

I hate burst some bubbles here, but I am not looking for a husband, my own or someone else's. I would prefer unmarried, divorced, or widowers. Regardless of "Hall Passes" or "Permissions."

I think it's important that man has dignity, forethought, self respect, respect for others, a sense of humor (humor, not just sarcasm), has an open mind, and has his shit somewhat together. That isn't too much to ask for.

No one has permission to use any information on my profile. No data collection, no university studies are allowed to use any of this information.

If you have kept reading this far, then you are really bored, or truly interested. I would like something more substantial than a one night tryst. Again, I do not want to get married and have ! I do want to find something meaningful, and fun. My mind is open to many possibilities.

C10H15Ndud3 51M  
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5/4/2020 12:36 pm

So I did read your entire blog post here. I agree completely; I think most responsible, educated members want what you want. I left a note in your mailbox. Hope to chat more


CoochieMaster3x 60M  
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6/2/2020 2:45 pm

Well did make it through your entire ongoing profile. Hallelujah? Anyway i have to say thanks for making your "original"and "ongoing profile" available as I'm currently "not gold". I'm "Po" right now but about to be financially very comfortable soon. 😎
Really don't have much to share at this second but know you will hear from me in the future.
Definitely want to say YOU are incredible! I'm intrigued from top to bottom... Your head " mind"... to your bottom "butt" no, guess even further your feet. even though I'm not a total freak about "feet". I'm open to whatever...
Can't wait to digest your blog. 😯
Hope you get this so often my messages don't get throughπŸ™
Hope communicate with you soon...
Will 😜

_IKanCu2_ 101M
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8/30/2020 2:40 pm

tY*** **
Most enjoyable tp read.
All possibilitie*z exist.

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