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One act  

Valkoinen_Leski 52F  
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4/18/2020 5:36 pm
One act

The following is a conversation with myself, because of Self Quarantine. It is set as a . So there are players. Perv's, don't get too excited, this is after . the 's inside my head, thanks COVID-19, ultimately being left alone for a month.

The Players:

1-the practical one
2-The stoner
3- The dirty one
- the one that has the above in her head.

3: Fuck COVID-19!

1: Ssh 3! Some of you might know, that I have been in a relationship for nearly 2 years.

Me 3: A sexless pointless waste of 2 years. Hey 2! Remember, he hated blow jobs? Who the fuck hates blow jobs?

Me 2: Yeah, he was an idiot. (scanning the cluttered desk for something) Ahh the Blues Bros. joints. (grabs a cute little 1/4 gram joint and lights it)

Me 1: Seriously 3, shh! Some of you who have met me, or is it for whom I have met, (takes a drag off the joint)

Me 3: Yeah, those fuckers know how sexually fiendish i can get. (smiling devilishly)) They know .

Me 1: 3, please, shut it for just a minute. Let me tell it.

Me 3: You're boring, hurry . (take a off the joint)

1: Being deprived of that for two years, (pause, sigh) then being isolated from society, the irony. (big off tiny joint)

2: It isn't ironic at alll, its some bull shit. Kill that joint.

Me: Yeah, this joint.

Me 1: Some of you may know, how picky and slow moving I am. I know, it can be really frustrating.

Me 3: (rolling eyes dramatically) AAAaannnnd boring!

Me: I'm not trying have a bazillion men blowing my phone day and night., but that's a topic for a different blog.

1: I am looking for the next boyfriend. (melodramatically) Clearly 3 has an agenda.

Me 3: (jumping and does a few pelvic thrusts and returns chair) One that likes FUUUCK!

1: DAMNIT 3! Keep your knickers .

2: Hey 3, did we finish that joint already? I'll load a bowl.

3: Good lookin out 2, whaddya think?

: I think I should be packing.

2: After this bowl. (grinding weed load a bowl)

1: Did you forget we are trying write a blog here? (gesturing at the computer)

2: (slowly with a grin) Okay, yeah, blog. I think you should think about it, and smoke this bowl first.

(looking out the big window, Smoking the bowl)

1: I know you are out there, well here AdultFriendFinder.

3: Whoever you are, start hydrating now. I am going make you work!

1: This is the most practical place for a girl like us meet a man that is the same page sexually.

Me 2: Who either doesn't mind weed, or smokes it!

Me 3: Your gonna have have enough facial hair make it soft my pussy. no stubble!

: It takes a lot longer write this shit than it flies through my cranium.

1: Now this COVID thing has made rebound sex wait until july?

3: NO PUBIC STUBBLE! Trim your pubes so they don't tickle my nose when I am swallowing your cock.

2: (Taking a off the pipe) Yeah, 3 has a point. The porcupine effect is rather sobering.

: This sucks. Back packing!

1: Okay, 2 make us finish the bow first (picking pipe and lighter)

3: You better like sex in public, I love a good handy.

2: Don't forget head!

3: (Licking lips and smiling) Yeah, getting my face fucked.

1: you both are depraved indeed.

: yeah, (taking one more off the pipe, pause, exhale) they are right points. I have go pack while I am this stoned.

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