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My Ongoing Profile
Posted:Apr 25, 2020 2:40 pm
Last Updated:Jun 7, 2020 3:18 pm

I know why you chose look at my profile. I am not stupid, nor willing that game, yet some of you can't stop reminding me with immediate sex talk and or pictures of your dick.

I already know you would love to insert any number of your body parts into a number of mine, so it would be awesome if you could start a conversation with something other than the previously mentioned body parts, what you want done with them, or would like me to do to them.

I am not what you would call basic (I am definitely not the basic bitch). Listing a million things that set me apart from most women you might see walking around city streets is best left to conversations we will have. We can start talking about that stuff when you either send me a message or and Instant Message.

I am the creative type, might I even venture as far as saying an artist. I have a refined palette for many different things, including men. I am educated, witty, opinionated, passion cultured, open minded, self disciplined. Keep this in mind, please. because get into my pants you have to go through my brain.

, and if you do not have a profile picture of any kind, I will not remember you ever. Sharing a picture isn't good enough! Have a picture, any picture! It doesn't have be your face, or other body parts, just something so us visual learners can remember who the fuck you are.

My Ideal Person If you get through this whole thing, and you want some more insight, check out my blog Versus.

I might have mentioned that I am open minded, the while having a refined palette. Keeping this in mind here, that "Ideal" is subjective, and malleable. It 's unfair list specifics, because not of the men here fit that cookie cutter of an example. And Gods know that i have a very eclectic taste in everything.

I hate burst some bubbles here, but I am not looking for a husband, my own or someone else's. I would prefer unmarried, divorced, or widowers. Regardless of "Hall Passes" or "Permissions."

I think it's important that man has dignity, forethought, self respect, respect for others, a sense of humor (humor, not just sarcasm), has an open mind, and has his shit somewhat together. That isn't too much to ask for.

No one has permission to use any information on my profile. No data collection, no university studies are allowed to use any of this information.

If you have kept reading this far, then you are really bored, or truly interested. I would like something more substantial than a one night tryst. Again, I do not want to get married and have ! I do want to find something meaningful, and fun. My mind is open to many possibilities.
Perpetuating Hate is Never Good.
Posted:May 14, 2020 12:00 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2020 2:26 pm

Today I got a message from a guy confessing what he does when he sees my profile.

I know what men do when they look at my pictures. I am not stupid. I know that some men only jerk off when they see my pics.


Just because I get it doesn't mean I need a by of what happens that side of this site.

So this guy tells "Everytime I come across your profile I jerk off."

(duh, tell me something I don't know)

Then I reply : Cool... maybe next time you read it."

He comes back at me with "Fuck you stupid ass white woman."

Who else heard the breaks screech just now, and the obligatory wall crash and explosion?

This dude! Honestly! What the actual heck is he trying to do? Shame me for being born a color he isn't? How is that right? I wasn't rude to him, I wasn't a bitch to him, I just suggested he read my profile. And I get attacked for it with racial slurs.

Now, here is a fun fact! My father's mother was mixed. Guess what mother fucker... one drop of ink. Fuck you!

To all the dudes like that, you will never ever ever neverever have a chance with a quality woman. No matter what color you are!

Perpetuating hate is never a good thing. I will not put up with it. I will not deal with it. I will not have it in my life.

If anyone has a problem with this, you do not have to be my friend, you do not have to look at my beautiful ass ever again. And, for the love that is all holey, do not by any means contact me in any way.
Not Erotic, Just a Thing That Happens
Posted:Apr 23, 2020 2:16 am
Last Updated:Apr 25, 2020 2:35 pm

To say I am picky is an understatement. Even if a guy gets my number, that does not mean that him and I will ever happen. WE all know how this works.

I can be bold. I contact men when I like their profiles and keep it simple. I am a decent writer, I can formulate a succinct idea fast. There are profiles that catch my eye. I will read every word and examine every picture, and left wanting more. These are the ones I will contact to tell him my gut reaction to seeing him. There are several ways of doing this without being vulgar and having some fucking class.

Some might require a bit more, depending on their written profile. Some need little encouragement and get a little too excited and respond with their potato showing. Not cool guys. When a girl flirts with you like that, TALK TO HER! don't shove your dick in her face. Topic for a different blog all together.

Since many of us are stuck at home doing the responsible thing avoiding COVID-19 (Thank you to the people who are not protesting the lock down). And we all have wandered outside our normal area for shits and giggles just to see whats out there. I am partial to "Traveling" to other countries, just to see who is out there.

Every now and then I will run across a guy here that brings out the beast in me. This is troublesome most times, you see Dear Readers, I get chosen and I choose men who live too far away. Which is okay, I don't speak a lot of German, nor Russian. This one speaks English though. Fluent in it.

Now when I chat with him, we share pictures and thoughts, like we do here, my body reacts. Thinking about it now makes me flush with excitement, he brings out this savage side of me that is fun to watch. The same savage that is insatiable. The one that puts Me 3 to bed early so the grown ups can have grown up time (read One act to know who Me 3 is).

I have visions of doing things to him that many of you would wish I would write about. I talk to him like a lot of you wish I would talk to you that way. I am already trying to set up a few of the fantasies I have left to check off my list to do with this guy.

This isn't the first time this has happened. The last time it happened, the guy was just in Olympia WA when I was in Portland OR.
One act
Posted:Apr 18, 2020 5:36 pm
Last Updated:May 6, 2020 6:28 pm

The following is a conversation with myself, because of Self Quarantine. It is set as a . So there are players. Perv's, don't get too excited, this is after . the 's inside my head, thanks COVID-19, ultimately being left alone for a month.

The Players:

1-the practical one
2-The stoner
3- The dirty one
- the one that has the above in her head.

3: Fuck COVID-19!

1: Ssh 3! Some of you might know, that I have been in a relationship for nearly 2 years.

Me 3: A sexless pointless waste of 2 years. Hey 2! Remember, he hated blow jobs? Who the fuck hates blow jobs?

Me 2: Yeah, he was an idiot. (scanning the cluttered desk for something) Ahh the Blues Bros. joints. (grabs a cute little 1/4 gram joint and lights it)

Me 1: Seriously 3, shh! Some of you who have met me, or is it for whom I have met, (takes a drag off the joint)

Me 3: Yeah, those fuckers know how sexually fiendish i can get. (smiling devilishly)) They know .

Me 1: 3, please, shut it for just a minute. Let me tell it.

Me 3: You're boring, hurry . (take a off the joint)

1: Being deprived of that for two years, (pause, sigh) then being isolated from society, the irony. (big off tiny joint)

2: It isn't ironic at alll, its some bull shit. Kill that joint.

Me: Yeah, this joint.

Me 1: Some of you may know, how picky and slow moving I am. I know, it can be really frustrating.

Me 3: (rolling eyes dramatically) AAAaannnnd boring!

Me: I'm not trying have a bazillion men blowing my phone day and night., but that's a topic for a different blog.

1: I am looking for the next boyfriend. (melodramatically) Clearly 3 has an agenda.

Me 3: (jumping and does a few pelvic thrusts and returns chair) One that likes FUUUCK!

1: DAMNIT 3! Keep your knickers .

2: Hey 3, did we finish that joint already? I'll load a bowl.

3: Good lookin out 2, whaddya think?

: I think I should be packing.

2: After this bowl. (grinding weed load a bowl)

1: Did you forget we are trying write a blog here? (gesturing at the computer)

2: (slowly with a grin) Okay, yeah, blog. I think you should think about it, and smoke this bowl first.

(looking out the big window, Smoking the bowl)

1: I know you are out there, well here AdultFriendFinder.

3: Whoever you are, start hydrating now. I am going make you work!

1: This is the most practical place for a girl like us meet a man that is the same page sexually.

Me 2: Who either doesn't mind weed, or smokes it!

Me 3: Your gonna have have enough facial hair make it soft my pussy. no stubble!

: It takes a lot longer write this shit than it flies through my cranium.

1: Now this COVID thing has made rebound sex wait until july?

3: NO PUBIC STUBBLE! Trim your pubes so they don't tickle my nose when I am swallowing your cock.

2: (Taking a off the pipe) Yeah, 3 has a point. The porcupine effect is rather sobering.

: This sucks. Back packing!

1: Okay, 2 make us finish the bow first (picking pipe and lighter)

3: You better like sex in public, I love a good handy.

2: Don't forget head!

3: (Licking lips and smiling) Yeah, getting my face fucked.

1: you both are depraved indeed.

: yeah, (taking one more off the pipe, pause, exhale) they are right points. I have go pack while I am this stoned.
To the Fucksticks!
Posted:Apr 16, 2020 5:47 pm
Last Updated:May 26, 2020 9:34 pm


I love it when men get mad at me because I reject them, then they make nasty remarks about me, then make their profile unavailable.

Be a man, don't call names then run away.

Stupid things on profiles
Posted:Apr 14, 2020 11:17 am
Last Updated:May 28, 2020 7:22 pm

I read y'alls profiles. There are a few things that should be reconsidered before adding a profile. Only because they make men seem douchey, and stuck . I mean, really, what are you trying accomplish? Are you here just waste your time, or do you have an agenda?

One of the things that bugs me on profiles is "I'm too busy to date." What this tells me, is that you have no real interest in the hole you stick your dick in. You just need a hole. If that is the case, try it with a man. Chances are you will have better luck in getting your stick dipped into something wet.

"I'm too busy to date." No? You had time to create a profile, dig through your limited pictures of yourself, and post it here. This phrase only tells women you are not willing to put in any effort. Guess what? We don't like that.

I am sure that your pictures get you a lot of looks at your profile, but how successful is it really? I would imagine if you took that one line off your profile, you might have a little better luck in the quality of pussy you are chasing.

If you are too busy to d then I am too busy for you.
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