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I wish you were here  

Vitiligorgeous 32F  
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2/19/2021 2:29 pm
I wish you were here

2 days! 2 days is how long I waited to hear from him after our first time. He had told me before he left that day that he’d be busy with family, helping someone with a tree.... Ok fine, it’s fine even though those 2 days felt like a lifetime. In that time I was left with all my thoughts. You’re a cheater now? What are you doing? Now what? What if you don’t hear from him again? What if you just lost part of who you are for him? Was it worth it?

I cried in the shower.
Distracted myself with Netflix comedies and tried to relax. Just relax bitch damn.

I played it cool until Wednesday. Just as I’m overthinking again and about to lose my shit... New message. You can breath now. It’s ok.

Next Monday is Memorial Day. I’m going Glamping with the family and my little sis is coming along... I don’t get to see her often. When I say little I mean younger. She’s grown but she’s the baby of the family and she keeps me laughing. The resort is near the lake, I love the water. All the amenities you could want and need are on site and a cozy luxury tent/suite to rest my head.

We arrive mid day and unpack, unwind. Before dinner I lay down to nap... wishful thinking because I have a 2 year old that wants to explore everything.

J: “Hey Babe” Wyd?”
M: “Glamping”
J: “What’s that?”
M: “Fancy Camping”
J: “Oh lol. I miss you”
M: I miss you too, wish you were here.
J: “I wish I was there too”

I told him I’d be back on Monday, got to be back to work on Tuesday. I promised I would let him know when I was back in town.

The campfire 🔥 was right outside our door, I spent most of that night looking at the stars and wondering if he was still thinking about me too. This is a problem. I’m caught up and he’s not mine.

The rest of the stay was amazing and I was glad for the getaway. The loved it and I’m sure we’ll go back soon. Maybe when it’s not so cold.
I was supposed to call him when we got in. Instead I went to Walmart. My phone rings...it’s him. I’m looking around wondering what kind of radar he has on me. I don’t answer. I should’ve answered. I do that sometimes. Too scared to be bold, too scared to hear his voice and be convinced to see him. I want to see him but what does that mean??? My mind is fucked.

Back to work and my assistant goes home early, an adjustment in hours due to Covid. It’s a pretty smooth day. J and I are texting back and forth. He sends me a picture of himself, in his car, cute face, those lips, mmmm full view of his arm and tattoos. Til this day I have it saved on my phone. Damn this guy is sexy.

“I’m coming to see you”
M: but babe I’m not really feeling myself, I’m not feeling sexy
*I’m in leggings and a spaghetti strap and I have literally no makeup on.
J: All I know is that I’m on my way and clothes will be off and you’re going to feel sexy soon.
M: Ok. Fiiine.

I see him pull up. Where was he? Around the corner? He’s wearing the clothes from the picture so I know he took it just for me. I let him in and lock the door behind us. I greet him with a kiss as has become the usual.

I lead him to the back room. It’s dark but enough natural light seeps in from the office through the glass window and door. Not the cleanest or nicest room you’ll ever see but it works.
He pulls me closer. His mouth is one mine. Passionate kisses, his hands on my face. My hands on his beard. Yea I have a thing for pulling on his beard. He’s undressing me, he takes my boobs into his hands. The way he touches me makes me hot, I react to him. I can feel the wetness in my panties.
I remove my pants and thong, my face in close proximity to his cock. I need to taste him. I work him from tip to base. My tongue tracing circles on his head as I moved him in and out. His groans are music to my ears. He stands me up and leads me to the open floor space. “Lay down.” I do as I’m told. He enters me and he fits me just right. The way he moves and the way his lips feel on my neck... he owns me. Feeling his head up against me, my hands on his back, in his hair. I’m cuming, my legs are wrapped around him shaking. He’s the only one that has ever made me cum through intercourse.

He wants me to turn around. Oooh from the back?? Yes please. He ducks be good from behind, so deep, so filling. He opens me up and spits on my ass. Oh shit, is he about to do what I think?! I haven’t done anal since high school.

He pulls out and massages my opening with the tip of his rock hard dick. I’m tight. It’s not going to work. But he’s not one to take no for an answer. “Baby please.” I beg him. “Go slow”
I lay on my stomach and try to relax. Apparently that does the trick, it’s a hard entrance and I gasp from the intrusion and pain. I’m sure my screams can be heard next door. Fuck it feels good but this is going to hurt later I know it. I lay there and take it, taking breaths between each thrust. I can feel him cum in my ass, I love the way that feels.

I turn over and meet his stare. I sit up and kiss his chest. I don’t even want to move but I have to. I have to get dressed. He helps me with my bra. “My ass is a mess” I said, as we start to walk towards the door. He chuckles and slaps it.

“Thank you baby”
We kiss and he leaves.... but not before he glances back at me and smiles.
He’s going to be the end of me.

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2/19/2021 2:36 pm

wishes sometimes come true

Humanity peaked during the 20th century.
We can't even make a decent starter solenoid any longer.

Clwpussyeater 59M
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2/19/2021 6:14 pm

I wantb there

Davey_T1219 43M

2/19/2021 6:37 pm

That was very hot!

Vitiligorgeous 32F  
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2/23/2021 7:14 pm

Thank you.

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