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That wasn’t supposed to happen  

Vitiligorgeous 32F  
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2/11/2021 6:30 pm
That wasn’t supposed to happen

The feeling I get when his name flashes across my phone...It’s indescribable. The sound of his voice makes me swoon. I’ve never been able talk anyone the way I do with him and yet I’m still scared. I want him so bad and I know it’s wrong.

Waking up this Monday I dragged my ass out of bed and tried look decent. I put on my not so favorite shirt which now hangs in my closet untouched. My baggy black pants that need a serious hemming and my flats. Yep. Let’s do this.

When I get to the office I receive his text. Send me pictures he says... Umm nah. I’m not feeling myself today. But he is so damn persistent. Fiiiine, I walk to the bathroom and a picture of my boobs. Not good enough? Of course not!!! He wants a picture of my pussy. Well I’ve gotten away with not sending one up until this point. “I’m self conscious about my spots” I replied.

“Babe please... you know I don’t care about that”

Instead I sent him a picture of myself in my panties, they were see through so it counts!!

No. It didn’t count.

“I’m coming see you.”

Oh my god.... he would come see me today. Damnitt. I look like shit.

“I’m here, parked in the back. Climb in the backseat”

....My heart is racing. I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to see him, he’s already here. There’s no getting out of this and I guess we’ve been talking now for a month and a half, I at least owe him a blow job.

“I need to make a phone ” I tell me assistant as I walk out the door.
I’m making my way the back parking lot and I text him...
“Ok. On my way but we need make it quick.”
-My assistant was still fairly new, and she was eating subway at her desk...

I find his car parked up against the gate. It’s running and I open the back passenger door. There he is, in a t-shirt, basketball shorts, and tennis shoes. Mmm. “Hey Baby”

I lean in for a kiss from those soft juicy lips. God I miss these lips. His hands find the heat between my thighs. They move around my body and I respond. With my eyes closed my fingers find his cock through the softness of his shorts. He’s hard and big. Oooh he’s big. I’ve seen pictures but actually having my hands on him has me panting. I want him. He undoes my pants and I pull them down. He pushes my legs apart gaze at my pussy. “God you’re so sexy babe”. Mmmm. “Hurry please, but go slow... I want feel you”.

I turn towards him in the seat and scoot closer. His shorts are down and he looks so damn good. He pulls me closer...”Are you ready for this?” I nod my head.

Even as I write this, I can remember the way he felt when he entered me. He filled me and with each thrust opened me. His lips find mine and my hands are on his chest. The moans that are coming out of me I’ve never heard before. He pushes himself deep and I lose my breath. “Oooh fuck baby”. He’s only a few pumps in and I’m going to cum, I can feel it and I try to hold it back. Not in his car. You can’t let go in his car. The orgasm escapes me, my legs tremble, I can barely control myself. He’s still moving and tearing apart my whole world. I bring my hips to his, matching his thrusts and rhythm. He responds to me with a groan and I feel him release into me all the with his warmth and throbbing against my walls. He kisses my forehead and looks at me. His eyes are mesmerizing.

As he pulls out can feel my body begin to relax. I’m soaked. He’s looking at his handy work. I sit up and accidentally bump my pussy against his knee. Lol way to go! You got cum on his knee, so embarrassing. He wipes it off with a blanket on the floor...where did that blanket come from???

“That wasn’t supposed to happen” I said out loud. He glances at me “Yeah, but it did.”

NJGUY08090 55M
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4/9/2021 6:30 pm

You are so very hot and sexy.. I wish you were with me

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