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You’re not mine  

Vitiligorgeous 32F  
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2/5/2021 7:55 pm
You’re not mine

After our rendezvous in the back parking lot I headed back work a . It’s I could think about the rest of the . He felt so good against and yet I pushed him away. A million thoughts going through my head- You’re not a cheater was the loudest. In years I’ve never given another man the time of . Many have tried but never succeeded, him.

He sends a message “You’re so sexy”....
“So are you” I respond.

It was ’s weekend so I finished the and headed home. Walking into my house felt wrong, different, I felt like an imposter. I tried to brush it off, took a shower and go about my normal life. My phone was glued to my hand waiting to hear from him....but I didn’t. I reached out and sent a few messages, still nothing. Ok.

The whole weekend went by and while I put on a brave I was panicking inside. Was it something I said? Didn’t say? Was it that I pushed him away? Did I just let another man touch me and now this is what I’m left with???

What the Hell.

Monday morning at 5am ish the familiar sound of my messages alerts me. I lift my phone expecting it to be my sister or co worker but IT WAS HIM. Instead of being happy I was mad as hell. Where the fuck has he been? And why am I so upset? “He’s not yours”, I reminded myself. I read the message but didn’t respond. He sends another and again I ignore him. Finally he asks...Why are you leaving me on read?

I don’t remember what I said but it was something to the effect of...
How dare you.
I don’t have time for this.
Do you.
I don’t want to hear your excuses...”Camping”
You’re not mine anyway.

“But I am yours..I’m in love with you”

No. You can’t be. No. “Don’t say things you don’t mean.”

Apollo602021 61M  
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2/5/2021 9:11 pm


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lyavu 48F
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2/6/2021 3:07 am

You are a good writer. U should write books

Vitiligorgeous replies on 2/6/2021 6:31 am:
Thank you so much

SingleInGR 53M
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2/7/2021 10:55 am


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