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“I know about her…”  

Vitiligorgeous 32F  
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7/7/2021 12:36 pm
“I know about her…”

Late at night I woke from a dream, the kind that makes your heart race, and I couldn’t go back to sleep. He died- in my dream and my overthinking mind went through all the things I needed to say, all the promises and moments we’ve yet to experience. I tried to push them all out of my head, I’ve been carrying this new information about HER around for a few weeks now. I’ve heard from him here and there, I chose not to respond other than to be supportive during his custody issues But after that dream he’s all I could think about. I pulled up his name on my phone…. Stared at his picture and ran my thumb over his phone number. Just leave him alone- that’s what I’ve been telling myself. And just as I was about to turn the screen off and go back to sleep my fat finger calls him. I seriously pressed end faster than the speed of light but nope, he saw it.

“Did you call me” he texted.
“It was a total accident, I’m sorry” I replied and laid my head back down to sleep.

Morning came and I distracted myself the best I could. Made plans to go to a friends house and I did. Unfortunately she lives down the street from him. We had a few drinks and it was around midnight that I finally decided to head home. Not before texting him though, of course. “Are you awake?” I waited at the park for a few minutes and when he didn’t respond took it as a sign lol. I needed sleep anyway.

I woke up. Made breakfast, turned on my favorite playlist and decided to make the most of this Sunday. And as always when I least expect it- “I’m awake now” “What’s up?”
I explained I was at my friends house and wanted to see him, I wanted to talk to him. He pressed me for more info but I told him it wasn’t important and went on about my day and into the work wee

I looked up from my desk to see him walking towards me. His thick hair under his backwards hat, glasses over his beautiful brown eyes. Those lips that I’ve missed so damn much. He always does this to me. My heart skips. My hands get cold.

He hugs me and I hug him bac I have a love/hate feeling for his surprise visits. I can never get enough of him so since he’s standing in front of me I’m a fool to try to resist him, there’s no point and he knows it. No matter what I’m mad about, how hard I try to distance myself all he has to do is show up.
He takes my hand. Tells me to lock the door. Follows me to the front and wraps his arms around me. His hands are down my pants and in my shirt while I’m trying to stop my hands from shaking so I can lock the office.

“Stop it.” But he doesn’t listen. He never fucking listens.
In the back room he takes me. God does he feel good. The way he moves, he hits all my spots and I orgasm multiple times. He’s mine and I’m his. I don’t care.
We dress and I motion him to sit down. “I need to talk to you” I said.
“About what?” He takes a seat
“You” I said and move my way towards him. I kneel in front of him. “About H——“.
He looks at me “Who told you?” I lean in to kiss his neck and he’s watching me.
“Was it my ex?” I can see his thoughts racing behind those eyes of his.
“Does it matter?” It wasn’t you”.

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