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The Barn  

WLondonKink 54M
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8/29/2021 7:30 am
The Barn

You are chained to a rafter in a deserted barn, naked, with a gag in your mouth and clips your nipples and labia lips. I am fully dressed in black leather trousers, shiny black boots, a black T.

My belt on your back, thighs, belly, ass make bright red welts - your grunts of pain make me harder. Yet you look into my eyes with desire, as we both choose this.

You hear unzip behind you, my hands spreading your ass. You feel enter your delicious, taboo hole - not as hard as you're used . You suddenly feel a stream of warm urine fill your colon - so hot, surprisingly good - then feel my cock get hard and fuck you deep and rough. You orgasm convulsively, squirting your delicious juice from your pussy, which sets off and I fill you with my own orgasmic juice, mixing inside you. You hear shout and take you even harder, making the clips bounce over with delicious pain.

I pull out, take the gag off you and kiss you deeply. Gingerly remove each clip - you gasp in pain and relief as each comes off.

I remove the shackles, and you drop your knees, exhausted, but knowing that I'm not yet through with you. I push my cock into your mouth and you suck greedily, feeling it grow in your warm, wet mouth.

I push you onto your back, legs over my shoulders, and take your pussy deeply, with my power and weight. Another powerful orgasm sweeps you, and you squirt as my juice explodes out of your ass into a huge steaming mess over my legs.

We both shudder in our ecstasy, laughing at the mess and knowing that our bodies and deviant minds are made for each other.

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