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Taken As A slave  

WendyBella 42T
10 posts
3/27/2021 2:58 am
Taken As A slave

He bent down and pulled the g string one side and squirted some lube onto his fingers and pushed one my ass. My ass hole opened the pressure as he applied a second finger, squirting more lube as he pushed his fingers in and out of my whole fucking ass. He moved the angle of his fingers and probed my prostate and my cock instantly responded his message and rose attention. He grasped it with his other hand and stroked slowly in rhythm with the two fingers in my ass. Soon I was rock hard. He then pulled out a butt plug and pushed it into my ass stretching wider as it slowly entered until it was in and my ass had closed around the thin base giving a filled sensation. He undid the spreader bar and pulled upright. He pulled my g string off and I stepped out of it and he pulled another out and slid it up my legs.

It had a hole in the front and they threaded my hard cock through the hole and pulled a couple of strings and the hole tightened onto my cock making the veins stand out and making even harder just as a cock ring would.

I could feel the cold air around my ass as there was no back it and my balls hung free, obviously<b> crotchless.

</font></b>He pushed back again and I sat down heavily the sofa, jumping as the butt plug was pushed snugly in my ass.

"This is what will happen next. We are going go somewhere where you will be subjected sorts of things that sluts get. Any sign of defiance will result in instant and harsh punishment from people other than me. Do you understand?"

I nodded my head.

"Just make sure" he muttered and brought out another black contraction which he put around my head.

"Open your mouth" and he pushed what looked suspiciously like and shortened cock shaped dildo. He then fastened it behind my head effectively gagging , leaving with a cock shape suck . I couldn't help it, the saliva in my mouth had go somewhere and it meant I had suck.

He fiddled with the front of the gag and then brought a glass vial the size of a cup that had a white fluid in it and tipped it into the front of the gag and then closed it up.

He stood in front of watching my face quizzically, as I started feel the liquid drip into my mouth. It was cum! I put my tongue on the end of the cock gag trying to stop the slow flow, but soon had to swallow and more came out leaking onto my tongue.

"That's right men's cum, just to get you to use to the flavor." He smiled as if satisfied.

He pulled the leash and I stood awkwardly and tottered after him in my ridiculous fashion.

He led out of the office and into the lifts down into the car garaging under the building and over to his car. Opening the door he told me to sit in and he drove off out of the exit.

I looked around increasingly frightened as although it was night time we were in the middle of the city and the street lamps gave a lot of illumination. Thankfully it was very quiet and no pedestrians in the first set of lights.

A couple of minutes on and we pulled up at the lights and a truck pulled up next to us. I shrunk down in my seat trying to hide from any inquisitive gazes.

"Sit up now." And he yanked my leash causing me to choke and bite down on the cock gag resulting in a large gush of cum into my mouth.

The window next to me started to go down and I could see the truck driver staring out of his window in amazement at this bound and gagged guy, wearing lingerie with his hard cock waving around.

We drove off and thankfully got on the motorway and went north.

After 20 minutes or so, we exited and drove off into the country and eventually pulled into a long driveway up to a very flash large house.

As he got out the door of the house opened and a maid in one of those frilly short black maids dresses came out. He yanked me out and I followed meekly inside not looking at the maid as we passed.

Inside I was met by a large hallway, very grand and very well lit.

"Here take him and get him ready for dinner."

The maid picked up the leash and in a very masculine voice told me to follow.

Looking up at her I quickly got the glimpse that this was no ordinary maid but a guy dressed in the uniform.

We went quickly to a side door and into a large room with racks of clothing, some funny-looking couches and chairs, and a bathroom through a distance door.

She undid the cock gag, but as she did, she told me to open wide and squeezed it hard and cum spurted from the gag in copious quantities filling my mouth and dribbling out the corners as I struggled to cope with the volumes swallowing rapidly.

"Hmmm yummy cum", and moving closer licked the corner of my mouth slurping up the cum rivulet that had trickled out.

"Right there are two ways to do this the easy way or the hard way. A demo of the hard way just for your information."

She tugged me hard on the leash and I fell forward over a couch arm. Working behind me rapidly I felt myself tied down to the couch and my head unmovable via the leash.

I heard her moving behind me.

"hmm such a cute little ass, it will lovely with a cock buried in it."

I momentarily heard the swish before hearing the smack at the same time yelping in pain, tears forming in my eyes as something hard both cheeks of my ass setting them fire.

Smack, again with no warning she hard and continued before I could take in a breath, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack.

Finally, she stopped, tears were running freely down my face at the pain.

"That's mild as to how the master will attend you if you hesitate to any of his orders. You understand?"

I nodded mutely. Released I was helped to my feet and she undressed and freed .

"Follow "

I wandered behind her, seeing her ass cheeks peeping out from below the hemline of her very short maids skirt.

I followed her instructions and got into the bath and sat still as she washed carefully, cautioning not move or get water in my eyes or hair.

I glanced down see in horror as my chest hair was falling off as she rinsed the water over .

Getting I could see hair everywhere except my body. I was completely clean of body hair.

"The water has a depilatory in it and a hair growth retardant. Get into the shower your knees and rinse off."

I did as told and felt the water rinsing down .

"Right anytime anyone does anything for you, you must sit down on your knees and head bowed say…Thankyou for your attention, may I be of help you.

Repeat it"

I spoke ti falteringly "Thankyou for your attention, may I be of help you."

She nodded approvingly.

"Why yes you can, I need you open your mouth and look at ."

I raised my mouth and looked at her and watched half fascinated half disgusted as she reached under her skirt and pulled out a semi-hard 9-inch cock.

She pointed it at my mouth and moved closer and closed her eyes. I could see just the peripheral of my vision the eye of her cock as it opened and shot hot wet piss into my mouth. I was so surprised as the piss the back of my throat I swallowed instinctively and coughed and closed my mouth and got a faceful instead.

"Open your mouth" Obeying I did and felt my mouth fill and the piss starts dribble down from the corners of my mouth.

"Swallow" Again I did as told and she continued to let lose a large stream> the cycle continued mouth of piss, swallow, a mouthful of piss, swallow. The unit she was finally drained.

"You may lick clean, use your tongue."

Leaning forward hesitantly I stuck my tongue out and touched the tip of her cock tasting more piss. Carefully I licked around the large mushroom head until she pulled away and readjusted herself, turned on the shower again, dried , and then led back through the other room.

"Right we need dress you." And she went the wardrobe racks and pulled out a lacy lime green outfit of some sort.

She told me to sit and started to pull out stockings and put them my legs rolling slowly and then attached a suspender belt. I ventured say something.

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