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Taken As A slave
Posted:Mar 27, 2021 2:58 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2022 9:5 am
He bent down and pulled the g string one side and squirted some lube onto his fingers and pushed one my ass. My ass hole opened the pressure as he applied a second finger, squirting more lube as he pushed his fingers in and out of my whole fucking ass. He moved the angle of his fingers and probed my prostate and my cock instantly responded his message and rose attention. He grasped it with his other hand and stroked slowly in rhythm with the two fingers in my ass. Soon I was rock hard. He then pulled out a butt plug and pushed it into my ass stretching wider as it slowly entered until it was in and my ass had closed around the thin base giving a filled sensation. He undid the spreader bar and pulled upright. He pulled my g string off and I stepped out of it and he pulled another out and slid it up my legs.

It had a hole in the front and they threaded my hard cock through the hole and pulled a couple of strings and the hole tightened onto my cock making the veins stand out and making even harder just as a cock ring would.

I could feel the cold air around my ass as there was no back it and my balls hung free, obviously crotchless.

He pushed back again and I sat down heavily the sofa, jumping as the butt plug was pushed snugly in my ass.

"This is what will happen next. We are going go somewhere where you will be subjected sorts of things that sluts get. Any sign of defiance will result in instant and harsh punishment from people other than me. Do you understand?"

I nodded my head.

"Just make sure" he muttered and brought out another black contraction which he put around my head.

"Open your mouth" and he pushed what looked suspiciously like and shortened cock shaped dildo. He then fastened it behind my head effectively gagging , leaving with a cock shape suck . I couldn't help it, the saliva in my mouth had go somewhere and it meant I had suck.

He fiddled with the front of the gag and then brought a glass vial the size of a cup that had a white fluid in it and tipped it into the front of the gag and then closed it up.

He stood in front of watching my face quizzically, as I started feel the liquid drip into my mouth. It was cum! I put my tongue on the end of the cock gag trying to stop the slow flow, but soon had to swallow and more came out leaking onto my tongue.

"That's right men's cum, just to get you to use to the flavor." He smiled as if satisfied.

He pulled the leash and I stood awkwardly and tottered after him in my ridiculous fashion.

He led out of the office and into the lifts down into the car garaging under the building and over to his car. Opening the door he told me to sit in and he drove off out of the exit.

I looked around increasingly frightened as although it was night time we were in the middle of the city and the street lamps gave a lot of illumination. Thankfully it was very quiet and no pedestrians in the first set of lights.

A couple of minutes on and we pulled up at the lights and a truck pulled up next to us. I shrunk down in my seat trying to hide from any inquisitive gazes.

"Sit up now." And he yanked my leash causing me to choke and bite down on the cock gag resulting in a large gush of cum into my mouth.

The window next to me started to go down and I could see the truck driver staring out of his window in amazement at this bound and gagged guy, wearing lingerie with his hard cock waving around.

We drove off and thankfully got on the motorway and went north.

After 20 minutes or so, we exited and drove off into the country and eventually pulled into a long driveway up to a very flash large house.

As he got out the door of the house opened and a maid in one of those frilly short black maids dresses came out. He yanked me out and I followed meekly inside not looking at the maid as we passed.

Inside I was met by a large hallway, very grand and very well lit.

"Here take him and get him ready for dinner."

The maid picked up the leash and in a very masculine voice told me to follow.

Looking up at her I quickly got the glimpse that this was no ordinary maid but a guy dressed in the uniform.

We went quickly to a side door and into a large room with racks of clothing, some funny-looking couches and chairs, and a bathroom through a distance door.

She undid the cock gag, but as she did, she told me to open wide and squeezed it hard and cum spurted from the gag in copious quantities filling my mouth and dribbling out the corners as I struggled to cope with the volumes swallowing rapidly.

"Hmmm yummy cum", and moving closer licked the corner of my mouth slurping up the cum rivulet that had trickled out.

"Right there are two ways to do this the easy way or the hard way. A demo of the hard way just for your information."

She tugged me hard on the leash and I fell forward over a couch arm. Working behind me rapidly I felt myself tied down to the couch and my head unmovable via the leash.

I heard her moving behind me.

"hmm such a cute little ass, it will lovely with a cock buried in it."

I momentarily heard the swish before hearing the smack at the same time yelping in pain, tears forming in my eyes as something hard both cheeks of my ass setting them fire.

Smack, again with no warning she hard and continued before I could take in a breath, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack.

Finally, she stopped, tears were running freely down my face at the pain.

"That's mild as to how the master will attend you if you hesitate to any of his orders. You understand?"

I nodded mutely. Released I was helped to my feet and she undressed and freed .

"Follow "

I wandered behind her, seeing her ass cheeks peeping out from below the hemline of her very short maids skirt.

I followed her instructions and got into the bath and sat still as she washed carefully, cautioning not move or get water in my eyes or hair.

I glanced down see in horror as my chest hair was falling off as she rinsed the water over .

Getting I could see hair everywhere except my body. I was completely clean of body hair.

"The water has a depilatory in it and a hair growth retardant. Get into the shower your knees and rinse off."

I did as told and felt the water rinsing down .

"Right anytime anyone does anything for you, you must sit down on your knees and head bowed say…Thankyou for your attention, may I be of help you.

Repeat it"

I spoke ti falteringly "Thankyou for your attention, may I be of help you."

She nodded approvingly.

"Why yes you can, I need you open your mouth and look at ."

I raised my mouth and looked at her and watched half fascinated half disgusted as she reached under her skirt and pulled out a semi-hard 9-inch cock.

She pointed it at my mouth and moved closer and closed her eyes. I could see just the peripheral of my vision the eye of her cock as it opened and shot hot wet piss into my mouth. I was so surprised as the piss the back of my throat I swallowed instinctively and coughed and closed my mouth and got a faceful instead.

"Open your mouth" Obeying I did and felt my mouth fill and the piss starts dribble down from the corners of my mouth.

"Swallow" Again I did as told and she continued to let lose a large stream> the cycle continued mouth of piss, swallow, a mouthful of piss, swallow. The unit she was finally drained.

"You may lick clean, use your tongue."

Leaning forward hesitantly I stuck my tongue out and touched the tip of her cock tasting more piss. Carefully I licked around the large mushroom head until she pulled away and readjusted herself, turned on the shower again, dried , and then led back through the other room.

"Right we need dress you." And she went the wardrobe racks and pulled out a lacy lime green outfit of some sort.

She told me to sit and started to pull out stockings and put them my legs rolling slowly and then attached a suspender belt. I ventured say something.
One Horny Rainy Day
Posted:Mar 26, 2021 11:17 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2022 9:5 am
Anyway - I was so horny and wanting taste and swallow as many loads of cum as I could. walking around the house all dressed up and nowhere go I logged on a hook-up site. I replied 3 posts and continued scroll through the rest. WOW within a few minutes I got a response. A married bi guy was going the store and wanted a hookup. He liked my reply and the photos I sent him so we made arrangements to meet.
An hour later in a shopping center parking lot, I got in his car. He looked OMG you're gorgeous and rested his hand on my black stocking-covered leg. I smiled reached over and rubbed his cock as his hand slide under my skirt and snapped one of my garter straps.
He started to drive and I leaned over and took his hard cock out and went down on him. We never made out of the parking lot he parked between 2 trucks. I continued suck as he pulled up my skirt and slide his hand inside my frilly red panties. He started with my little clitlet as I pressed my lips his groin and bobbed my head up and down. Within 3 minutes he unloaded a gush of sticky cum deep in my mouth and I swallowed and swallowed as he flowed. MMMM YUMMMY.
I pulled off him licking my lips and smiled at him. He was jerking my clitlet his hand covered the entire little limp thing. I said no problem hon no need continue if you are satisfied. once back my car, I bent down kissed his limp cock smiled at him. Hope see you again I said as I exited.
Before I left the parking lot I checked my messages. One was from a guy I replied his post. A trucker was broke down at a near-by truck stop looking for a Girl like me. So I messaged him and we made arrangements to hook up later last evening (those rarely turn out).
I took a long way home driving down the highway with my skirt hiked up showing my stocking tops and garter straps flashing anyone wanted a peek. Once home I reviewed my messages and was another from the 3rd guy I replied his post. was interesting but I already committed the tucker.
I did some housework all the time so fucking horny just wanting flow my Girly cum and could not wait till 6:00 came so I could meet the trucker.
I freshened up changed into a black pleated dress, long blond wig, black lace panties, white stockings, and 6 strap garter-belt, White petticoat, and black heels, and drove to the meet.
I smiled as I saw him and pulled up chat. He was just as he described in his post. A tall black man in his 40's well built and gay. He said his truck had broken down and could not be fixed until today. I drove next to his rig and we got in . Ok, the old story He grabbed my head pulled down, and rammed his black cock in my mouth, and mouth fucked me. min later I was swallowing his cum and licking his cock. That's another fucking disappointment in my park. At least he could have done was taken me in the sleeper cab and fucked me.
I got out limp and frustrated and drove the parking area. This was a truck stop I was out a few times so I thought I would make the best of and hopefully meet some new truckers.
Watching the trucks pull in and the guys going into the store I waited for a half-hour till the rain let up a little. as the tucks filled the parking lot I opened the car door swung my leg out rising my dress showing a little leg shot (hanging out the bait LOL )
Got a few catcalls and whistles and "hey Babes" until one guy approved me. "what you looking for: he said "just to suck as many cocks and get fucked as I can" I replied. "You are a slut aren't you," he said "YUP" and took my hand walking me across the parking lot to the back of the restroom area. It was still raining lightly as he leaned against the wall under the overhang and took out his cock. I reached for it as I went to my knees in the wet muddy area (the white stockings were not a good idea but looked cute) and took it in my mouth sucking licking swallowing it. Of course, he held my head and fucked my mouth until he came. pumping his cum in my mouth as I slurped it with the rain dripping from my hair.
He pulled out as he did another guy (did not know he was ) held my head and pushed his hard cock in my mouth before I was finished swallowing the previous load.
the rain got harder running down off the roof of the building pouring down on me as sucked his cock. As I licked his cock clean after he came I looked around and saw 2 other guys stroking their cocks.
My makeup smeared, my hair straight, dress soaked, white stocking a muddy mess heels laying in the mud off my feet as the soaking wet rain pored down and ran off the roof.
One of the guys (a Latino) said in broken English "I'm going to you" he pulled me up from the muddy ground spun me around sideways under the overhang. he lifted my dress and petticoat pulled down my panties as he bent me over held my hips and started me (his cock felt so good inside me that's all I wanted all day was get fucked). I pushed back humping him as he humped me.
The other guy stood in front of me lifted my head and pressed his black cock to my lips. I opened my mouth to take and have always held my head and rammed in. He fucked my mouth for I was too involved his humping that hard cock that was fucking me felt so good.
they both came about the time and felt so nice flowing deep inside my sissy hole.
They pulled out and walked away.
I even flowed as he fucked me which was my goal. I was a soaking wet mess. picked up my heels out of the mud and rain the car. Lucky I always carry a few towels with me. I dried off the best I could take off my wet dress, petticoat, and stockings that I left on the ground next to the car. was a sweater in the back seat I was going take the dry cleaners so I slipped on and drove home
So all in all that I got what I went out do satisfied for another week or so.
My Room Fantasies.
Posted:Mar 23, 2021 1:58 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2022 9:5 am
It was warm in the room, I guessed the AC had been turned off since Alex left. He led me to the bathroom where he had some plumbing under the sink disassembled. When he had everything reassembled he stood up to test it. Everything was good. He washed his hands and turned to me. I was standing back, closer to the bathtub.

He thanked me again for the help. I thought this was my cue to leave. He stood blocking the door. When I went to one side he was there looking down into my eyes. His dark brown eyes looked deep into me. I moved to the other side and he was there again meeting my eyes with his. He was much stronger than I am so I was concerned about what would happen if I was misinterpreting his intentions. I stepped closer to see what he would do. I was close to touching my chest to his as we continued looking into each other's eyes. I watched his dark eyes close as his mouth moved to mine. His soft lips touched my lips lightly before building pressure. I felt his warm tongue on my lips soon parting them. I willingly allowed it in my mouth to play with my tongue. I reached around to use his ass to pull us together. I felt his muscular ass flex as he shifted closer. His cock felt large pushing on me through his clothes. Suddenly without breaking our kiss he picked me up. I put my legs around him while he carried me the short distance to the bed.

I unbuttoned his shirt feeling the hair underneath with each button. Our lips stayed connected when I slid it over his shoulders letting it fall to the floor. I quickly pulled my shorts off and moved my hands to his waist. I unfastened his belt and the button on his pants. They fell to the floor when I unzipped them. I felt his ass through his boxers then moved to the front. I reached through the fly to feel his cock. It felt large and hot in my hand. It was thick and must be over eight inches. He moaned when I touched it and again when I gave it a slight squeeze.

I was already naked and wanted him to match. I took the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down. As I stood I licked his cock from the base to the head. I teased just below the head and licked the precum before kneeling to give his cock a proper blow job. The precum on my tongue motivated me to deep throat him. His thick cock was over eight inches now fully erect. I put the head in my mouth closing my lips over it. I used my tongue to play with it before taking more in. It filled my mouth before half of it was in. I worked it a few more times. I pushed more of it in. His cock started filling my throat. I pulled back and pulled him in again. This time I pushed until my nose pressed his skin and his cock was fully in. He moaned as I held him in. I started blowing him as he leaned his head back. When he looked down again I held eye contact with him. I watched the ecstasy in his eyes when I had his cock deep-throated. He soon started to orgasm. I continued my pace on his cock feeling it swell in my throat. I pulled back to use my hand on half of his cock when he started shooting in me. He covered my tongue with his cum. I swallowed several times as his pulses of cum squirted over my tongue.

When I let his cock slip out he moved to the bed. I moved to lay next to him while he recovered. I massaged his chest lightly and occasionally teased his nipples. I ran my fingers through his chest hair while we relaxed there. I ran my hand down to check on his cock. I was ready for him to use me. I took it in my hand. It was semi-hard. I started rubbing it slowly. He lifted himself over me to kiss again. His wonderful cock rubbed on my stomach as we resumed making out. I felt it hardening, poking against me harder. He grabbed a bottle of lubricant from his pants and kneeled on the bed between my legs. I pulled the pillows down, putting them under my lower back. He began lubing his cock and moved to my ass. He squirted some in me then started stretching me with his fingers.

"I need your cock." I said. Knowing it would hurt I needed it more. "Just get it in me." I was becoming short of breath anticipating him in me. He put the head on my hole.
Welcome To Mystical Wendy's Fantasies.
Posted:Jan 18, 2021 12:28 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2022 9:5 am
I have seen many fabulous women drugged into the depths of deprivation and despair by the wrong brother. Please don't add yourself to that you are better than that...you are more than that and if any time you get a notion I miss him...I love him...I don't know...get a degree...get a dog...do something but don't you feed that need you to have for this trifling individual over there. He is not worth your time not worth your attention and if you ever get confused lost, sorry or sad...we get tapered to this and remind ourselves every morning, every night, every evening until you decide this is not where you need to be.
Welcome To Mystical Wendy's Fantasies.
Posted:Jan 11, 2021 10:49 am
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2021 12:26 am
I Am Amazing. I Am Worthy Of Love. I Am Deserving Of Love. I Am Great. I Am A Great Friend. I Am Great Just The Way I Am. I Have A Magnetic Ability Connect.
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Welcome To Mystical Wendy's Fantasies.
Posted:Jan 3, 2021 9:23 am
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2021 12:45 am
I am what my perfect partner is looking for. I’m warm. I’m kind. I’m funny. I’m interesting. I’m sexy. I’m compelling…
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Welcome To Mystical Wendy's Fantasies.
Posted:Jan 3, 2021 1:11 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2022 9:5 am
Bring together my prince and ,
let him fall bended knee.
I summon him my side,
that he may take be his destined bride.
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The Fates Past, Present, Future
Posted:Jan 2, 2021 7:20 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2022 9:5 am
January 1st is sacred the goddesses known as the Three Fates. Also known as the Moirai, was believed that they would appear within three days of someone's birth decide their fate.

The three Moirai ruled Destiny and represented the cycle of life, essentially standing for Birth, Life, and Death.

The Sign of the Fates depicts three triangles intersecting at a vertex, in a "unicursal" figure (in one continuous line).
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Welcome To Mystical Wendy's Fantasies.
Posted:Dec 19, 2020 1:00 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2022 9:5 am
Journaling about one positive experience you've had over the past 24 hours allows your brain relive it. Exercise teaches your brain that your behavior matters. We find that meditation allows your brain get over the cultural ADHD that we've been creating by trying do multiple tasks at once and allows our brains focus the task at hand.
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Welcome To Mystical Wendy's Fantasies.
Posted:Dec 16, 2020 2:00 am
Last Updated:Dec 16, 2020 2:01 am
Give Yourself The Best Holiday Season With These Five Tips:

1. Presence is more important than presents.

You may want to agree in advance to take the pressure off this year and only buy gifts for . If you do want to exchange gifts, you can agree a spending limit to avoid any unwanted “one-upmanship” or choose a comical, edible, or recycled theme.

2. Make meaningful moments.

Christmas is for connecting. Whether that is face to face, through cards, or virtually online. Create your own traditions. Play games. Use conversation starters for the dinner table, such as: “What’s your favorite movie/song?” Or, “Describe your best/worst Christmas,” etc. Make it fun and inclusive for everyone.

3. Stay calm and know how to handle stressful situations.

This time of year can get stressful with so many things to do and people to see.

4. Happiness comes from wanting what you have, not having what you want.

Your “annoying situation” could be someone else’s dream. Be grateful for what you have to appreciate it even more. The more you value something, the more valuable it becomes.

5. Focus on the outcome you want.

If you are going to spend time with people physically or virtually, focus on why you are doing it and what you want to get out of it. You always get more out of what you focus your attention on, so focus on the outcomes you want to achieve.

With love

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Welcome To Mystical Wendy's Fantasies.
Posted:Dec 15, 2020 12:55 am
Last Updated:Dec 16, 2020 1:54 am
Knowing is a veneer our minds create and lay over the landscape like a painter’s drop cloth set upon a forest floor. Its uniformity protects us from the pine needles and beetles, but it also obscures them, as well as the soft moss, fragrant soil, and teeming complexity of nature’s bed.​
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Welcome To Mystical Wendy's Fantasies.
Posted:Dec 14, 2020 2:47 am
Last Updated:Dec 16, 2020 1:55 am
It is far too easy to discourage, too easy to criticize, to complain, to rebuke. Let us try instead to see even a small amount of good in a person and concentrate on that. Let us be quicker to praise than to find fault. Let us be quicker to thank others than to complain.

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