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Trash the Dress and Trash My Face  

WhoWantsJuiced 56M  
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5/31/2021 7:43 am
Trash the Dress and Trash My Face

I want an aggressive crossdressing cock in heels to totally dominate me. I want to wear the perfect minidress and new heels, and have my Mistress do my makeup. I want pictures and video of my submssion at the start, when I'm clean and sexy. Mistress will instruct me to keep the dress clean, and then do her worst to ruin it. I want a Mistress who will happily spit on me and slap my face with orders to keep my dress clean. I want to fight back from choking on cock until ther cock forces me to heave streams of spit down my dress. And then she can go total Joan Crawford and humiliate me. I want to give up control of my throat to someone who is not afraid to watch me struggle while they find pleasure in teasing the back of my throat. I want my stockings ripped, my ass spanked, the wig smacked from my head and pissed on before I am told to put it back on.

I want my ass stretched and all of its juices smeared on my face and the front of my dress. I want to be stung and clamped, the fabric cut so my nipples can be pinched until I levitate off of the dirty floor. I want my lipstick smeared on Mistress' asshole, my mascara streaming from tears as I struggle with throat training. Yes to food play, ass to mouth, piss play, spanking, shocking, stretching, and cum swapping kisses. I have so much to learn about BDSM, I think the best way is from the bottom of the deep end.

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5/31/2021 9:16 am

like the Joan Crawford angle

would you whimper "Mommie Dearest' to get more of what you deserve ?

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