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I'll post more here as I get them typed. And my apologies but this next little tidbit is outta my control... When posting to this site, they omit certain words or disallow others (like m e, fu ck, etc...). The writing will sound like garbage... I assure you, what I wrote was there when I posted it.

Hope you enjoy them...Leave a comment if you'd like.

Oh, yeah! The bling has been gifted to me from Frank and Maria aka Erotic Games, BangalTiger98, and ahrnycumtoy. Love how their stuff decorates the pages and I feel pretty special that they always think of me to share it with. <3

Somethings are kept secret
Locked away deep
A lover's crossover
While we're asleep
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Sweet Surrender
Posted:Mar 25, 2020 8:42 am
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2020 9:09 pm

We hang u p the phone after two hours of talk. Bliss.

Getting ready for bed, smiles unexpectedly cross my face. Content.

Climbing into bed, a quiet knock gets m e u p . Hopeful.

You tell m e not 2 be afraid and please open the door. Happiness.

Explaining you just didn't want 2 sleep alone and would it be ok? Excited.

You climb into bed with m e and snuggle under the covers. Peaceful.

We see the fervor in each other's eyes. Enrapture.

You hold my face and neck, gently moving my hair out of my face. Safe.

Without reservation or question, I give myself to you. Surrender.

Feeling your breath upon my ear, then nipple, and your hands touching my breasts as I caress your body and tenderly touch your cock. Desire.

I kiss my way down your sexy body and begin to get lost in sucking and worshiping your pulsing cock. Comfort.

Eye to eye, body to body. Crave.

Your look tells m e a ll I need 2 know and I climb o n top of you, stroking you deep within my pussy. Passion.

You cum hard in m e as I tremble o n top of you, squeezing every drop of you deep inside of m e. Ardor.

Kissing each other goodnight as we hold each other. Belonging.

Sleeping with our bodies intertwined and connected. Unity.
Posted:Feb 21, 2019 11:48 am
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2020 6:37 pm

The thought of being able to finally kiss those succulent lips and touch his hands and face was one of the sexiest thoughts. For him, the fantasy of being with me was perceived to be sexier than the actual getting together in person. For me, the opposite was true. I knew it would only take one visit… one kiss… one touch… to change his point of view.
While he speaks with many, perhaps his heart would be open enough to being with me. If not, least we tried. This last conversation felt a little different. It left a feeling in my stomach that he was just going to close his eyes and let his heart lead the way. He contacted me.
I’m game, I thought, smiling that little grin he always says I do when I think of him, so I replied, “Always.”
“Ever gonna change?”, he asked.
“Been this way my whole life. What do you think?” I smiled at that response but wasn’t sure that he did too.
“We’re going to fuck", he said.
I smiled and shook my head a little. I’ll believe it when I see him, I thought. But, , how I love it when he takes charge and tells me what's what.
Two days went by. Nothing. I wrote on my profile, changing one of the poems I had written. He never notices them or the songs I post so it matters not. He posted a poem. Nice. It reflects who I think him to be at his core. But meeting a person from the internet just isn’t his thing. Women in person I’m positive he has no difficulty with but seriously, would I ever magically meet him in person? 6 miles away but it might as well be a million.
I got home from work, threw in a load of laundry, and vacuumed the floors. As I was preparing dinner and grading papers at the kitchen table, my doorbell rang. Not expecting anyone, I asked, “Who is it?”
Weird. I’m not expecting anything. Answering the door, he’s standing there. My, God. I instantly smile at him. I always have a problem when I see a photo of him where I can’t control my smile. And now with him standing in front of me, I can’t control it either.
“Would you like to come in?”
He enters my kitchen and I close the door. As I turn around to say something to him, he puts his arm around my waist and the other around my head. He pulls me in for the most romantic, sensual kiss I’ve had in ages. I’m unsure how long it lasts but it just feels right. Connected... passionate...loving. The kitchen seemed to disappear as he kissed me and I felt as though I was finally kissing the right man. He pulled back slightly and watched my eyes open. “Woooow”, I said and he came back in and kissed me again. This time I began to feel lightheaded and very turned on. He repeated the pull back and this time when I tried to say something, he put his fingers up to my mouth and said, “Shhhhhush….”
He stood there just into my eyes. He knows that I have an issue with gazing into his eyes. He sends me sky high. He sees me smile and comments on the map of kisses I had sent to him in a photo almost a year ago.
“So, I should kiss here?” he says quietly, as he kisses my neck with those succulent lips of his. “And here?” *kiss* “And here?” *kiss* “How about here?” *kiss*
I just keep mmmmhum-ing as he continues to kiss my neck and collarbone. Safe still because he hasn’t touched the ears. His hands are touching my sides and breasts, lightly trailing his hands over my body. So sexy. He smiles me.
“Mmmmmm”, he says as he returns to kissing my neck. And then it comes…. He kisses my ear. Shivers run down my spine and I shake gently. “Oh, really?”, he grins.
“Yes…” and he kisses my lips to shut me up.
The thought has now occurred to me that this is really happening and I go with the flow. Wanted him for such a long time. I am his and based on this right now, he is mine. I no longer question if he is attracted to me or desires me.
He removes his shoes and I take his hand, leading him into the living room. He sits down on my loveseat and I finally understand how befitting the name is.
I try to sit next to him and he says, “No.”
Listening to his voice, I stand in front of him as he takes my hands and interlaces his fingers with mine. I can feel our heartbeats beating in time through our fingers.
Pulling me to him, he kisses me. I follow his lead and sit on his lap, facing him. Our kiss continues as he wraps my hands around to my back. Our lips touching and tongues intertwining, I gently suck on his tongue as he releases my hands. I bring my hands around to his arms. Touching his upper arms and shoulders, I can feel his defined muscles through his shirt. He begins to rub my ass as he continues to kiss me. He starts to rock his hips into me as we continue to kiss each other. He feels so good. His kisses trail down my neck and across my chest. His hands are now starting to wander over my body. He puts his hands up the back of my shirt, gently touching my skin, as his hands trail over my skin, reminded me of desire that comes from the soul.
He reaches for the bottom of my shirt and begins to pull it up over my head. I raise my arms over my head and directly into his eyes as the shirt is tossed to the floor. He doesn’t miss a beat as he holds my eyes in his. “Such a beautiful face.”
“Thank you.”
His eyes then begin to scan from my face to my neck and to my breasts. “Sexy. They’re so big.”
I just keep watching his hands as he caresses my breasts through my red lace, underwire bra. “Mmmmmm… red.” He looks like he is fascinated.
Without locking our eyes together, he kisses one and then drags his tongue to the opposite breast. “Delicious.” He continues to caress and massage my breasts. His lips and tongue fell wonderful as he outlines the bra along my skin. I begin to gently rock on his lap. His hands reach into the bra and gently pull the breast out of the cup, one a time, so that neither was in the bra. The kisses and caresses continue as he sucks on my nipple and pulls on the other one. He changes sides. He feels so good. I wanted to touch him and feel his skin touching mine. He begins touching my belly and eventually trailed his hands to my back as he continues to suck on my breasts. He kisses between my breasts and I push them together on to the sides of his face. He licks me. Unhooking my bra, he removes the bra and looks at them for a moment. “Fuck…”
“You like?”
“Damn…I love how they hang.”
Touching them at the same time, he buries his face back into my chest, sucking on each one, as if he were trying to be fed. His mouth felt incredible as I continue to feel tingles all throughout my body.
Placing my hands on his body, I continue to caress him as he continues to spoil me with his essence. Finding the edge of his shirt, I put my hands underneath and feel his stomach and chest. He stops sucking on me and leans back. Kissing his face, ears, and neck, I continue to gently touch his chest and arms. Removing his shirt, I look and see what I’ve always felt. Incredible. Kissing down his neck to his chest, I rub his chest and continue kissing down. I return to the nipple sucking faster as I slide off of his legs and onto the floor, kneeling in front of him.
My hands are rubbing his chest as I gaze into his eyes. He mesmerized me. Flicking his nipples, I decide to trail my fingers down to his buckle. Rubbing his body as I lookinto his eyes, he could tell all my attention was for him.
As I keep my gaze on his eyes, he shifts a little and my hands begin to rub his legs. More pressure to begin with and then a light trailing of my hands on his pants. I keep going to his belt buckle and undoing one notch at a time. He never lets his eyes leave mine. He touches my hands and moans as I fully release the belt buckle from its hold on his jeans. So sexy but I love to tease and play with him. I move the two pieces aside and begin to kiss his legs through his jeans. Up one leg and down the other, only to return back again to the place I began with. The second time I cross his groin, I stop to kiss through the jeans the bulge he is showing. It looks like a mountain and not a mohill. The word sexy crosses my mind...then delicious….and I continue to kiss. I stop for a moment longer to suck on the head through his jeans and I blow hot air through to him. He’s turning me on so much. My pussy is getting wet and beginning to throb. I unbutton his pants and kiss along this belly and look up at him with each kiss. “Oh, babe…” I say nothing and keep on kissing. He sits up and I lean in to kiss him. “Wanna get out of the living room?”, I quietly ask him. He kisses to my neck and then whispers in my ear, “Yeah…”
I stand up and hold his hand. “Follow me”, I say to him sweetly.
Leading him into the bedroom, he places his hand on my ass and playfully gooses me. I laugh playfully and as I’m laughing, he moves my hair away from my shoulders and to my back and kisses my shoulder from behind. He wraps his arms around my waist and gently touches my breasts, lifting them off of my body. He kisses my ear, blows warm air into it, and tells me as breathy and manly as he can, “You’re mine.” All of the touching with his hands, the warmth of his breath, and the sound of his voice, sends shivers through my whole body. He continues to touch my neck and I find I am unable to think of anything except how sensual his body feels so close to mine. He stops and turns me around. Passionately kissing my lips, he tells me without words how much he desires me. I begin to suck on his lower lip as I allow my hands to rub down the sides of his body, to his thighs as far as I can go, and then to the back, grabbing then rubbing his ass, continuing the massage to his amazing back and shoulders. I hear him moan and drag my tongue along his chest as I continue to play with his beautiful cock and balls through his jeans. Having enough of the waiting, I slide my hands down this body and unbutton the jeans. Kneeling down in front of him, I then unzipper and pull the jeans off of him. His underwear are a little wet and this turns me on. I then remove those and find his cock touching my cheek. He touches the back of my head and watches to see what I will do next. Touching his dick, I look it over, admiring how handsome it is. Long. Strong. Hard. Sexily shaped. His balls hang down perfectly. I lightly drag my fingers on it and then sweetly kiss the head. He shivers. I hear him moan. I drag my tongue from the head to the base, and back again, several times, making it at wet as I can with my mouth. “Oooooooh, fuck,” I hear him say as I take the whole thing into my mouth, half-inch, by half-inch, savoring every minute of devouring him. As I continue to suck on him, he grabs my hair and pushes on my head in rhythm to my sucking. His 8” cock gags me slightly but I continue to suck and begin to get lost in what I’m doing. My hands are grabbing his ass and stroking his balls. I don’t look up at him, as I can feel his legs beginning to quiver slightly. I continue to suck and grab. I’m totally lost in him and feel his legs re-adjust but I am not ready to stop.
I know he said something…
“Babe?.... Come on to the bed and continue.”
He pulls back from me and it takes a moment to realize we’re going onto the bed. He lies down and gets comfortable, legs open. I climb up on the bed in between his legs and continue to feast on his incredibly hard cock. He looks delicious to me. He moves my hair out of my face and holds it up so that he can watch my lips move up and down his long shaft. My hands are wandering over his body as I continue to devour him. I’m lost in sucking on him and getting wetter the longer I continue. Listening to him moan sends me over the edge and I hard as I continue to suck on him. “Oh, …” he says as I hit.
up him and continuing to suck and lick, I notice how much desire is in his face. I get up on my knees, bend down, and lick from his balls to the top of the head of his cock. I then kiss it and move up onto him.
He puts his hands on my hips and I climb on top of him. As I’m trying to get him deep inside of me, he reaches down for a taste. “Sweet…”, he says, as I push the head into my soaking wet pussy. I come down on top of him so that he can feel how tight, wet, and warm all of it is...the ridges inside massaging that beautiful dick as it enters and finally hits the back of my walls. I rock on him and he holds my hands as I get an easy rhythm going. “Feels so damn good, Babe”, I say to him as I continue to move on top of him. Feeling the head inside, I move my hips so that it feels tighter for him and then tighten the walls of my pussy around his shaft, and I continue to move up and down. His moaning is driving me wild. He comes up to suck on my breasts that have been teasing him as they move closer and then away from him, with every thrust. He grabs them and gently squeezes, then sucks on the nipple as if he’s being fed. The sensation gives me tingles throughout my body, but especially my pussy. I pulse on him. He thrusts his hips and pushes deeper into me. This one little movement causes me to begin to hit again.
He realizes that I’m right on the edge and doesn’t stop.
“You’re making me !”, I tell him.
“I know”, he says as he gets a of determination in his eyes.
His cock feels even bigger inside of me. He keeps thrusting as I continue to ride him.
“Come on, . on my cock!”
“Oh, shit!”
I hit hard and while he slows down a little and tells me, “Good ”, I want him to feel that pleasure of release. Coming down to kiss him, he wraps his arms around my shoulders and pushes himself into me. Thrusting himself into me over and over, he makes me moan and continues to hold on to me, making sure he will release hard into me.
“Are you going to fill me up?”, I ask him.
He moans hard and his trusting becomes stronger… faster.
I whisper in his ear, “ in me….”
He grunts and grabs onto my shoulders as he thrusts harder and harder into me, balls pushing on my ass. Faster and harder. He kisses my neck as he gets ready to , and then I hear him breathe harder and faster.
Finally, “Ooooooooh, fuuuuucccckkk….” His grip on my body becomes tighter and his thrusting more powerful. I feel him pulsing inside of me and then he exhales powerfully. Shooting his big, hot load into my pussy, he fills me up, making me feel satisfied. He kisses me passionately.
“That was amazing!”, I tell him as he begins his descent into that feeling of relief that follows amazing sex.
“Whooo…. That was incredible!”
Smiling at each other, I tell him going to get cleaned up but will be right back.
I climb off of him. When I return, he’s already asleep, so I climb into bed and sleep beside him. Blissful sleep and the best "delivery" ever. Wish I got packages like him everyday.
Music in the profile...
Posted:Feb 3, 2019 7:39 pm
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2020 9:12 pm

Keep getting a lot of about the references to music in my profile. Yes, I do love a variety of music, all types from the 20s to present day, and sometimes refer to myself as a walking jukebox. Music has been a part of my world since I was small. This aside, instead of always copying the same e-, this post is regarding the music.

While the lyrics used are changed from time to time, these are the ones currently being used...

What Ifs - Kane Brown (in the header)
In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel
One # Away - Luke Combs
Want To - Sugarland
To Make You Feel My Love - Garth Brooks
All I Want To Do - Sugarland
Dream On - Aerosmith
Drops Of Jupiter - Train
Don't Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith
Crash Into Me - Dave Mathews Band
Here Without You - 3 Doors Down
The Call - Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood
Vienna - Billy Joel

Oh... and the movie...
Ghosts Of Girlfriend's Past

So there they are. Should have put in a Big Band or two but... back to the erotic writing I enjoy so much.
Posted:Sep 25, 2018 7:46 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2020 3:20 pm

Those first few moments of meeting someone new for the first time are sometimes the most difficult. After months of conversation, teasing, and sexting, we finally agreed on meeting in person.
I’m sure he was as nervous as I, but he showed up to the bar and was waiting for me at a table with his drink and a diet water for me. So thoughtful.
As our eyes met, I instantly smiled. His photos didn’t do him justice. He was brown haired, blue eyed, and athletic. His shirt looked perfect on him. He motioned for me to join him as he flashed that amazing smile at me. I wasn’t sure if he felt those sparkles I always tell him I get when looking at him, but he was smiling and his eyes seemed to twinkle. Good sign. His 6'+ height to my 5’5” body felt comforting. He gave me a kiss and hug, and we sat down.
“Wow”, he said.
“Good wow?”
“Good wow, yes. You look beautiful.”
“Thank you.” He made me blush. I’m not used to compliments except to tell me how beautiful my smile is.
“Seriously. Your hair up is my favorite and that black dress flatters you.”
“That’s very sweet of you. You look amazing.” The same problem I have when I see a photo or engage in video chats with him was glaring. I couldn't stop smiling. I felt foolish for being nervous all that time but realized how at ease he made me feel. Picking this dress out for our evening was worth it. He was worth the effort of the evening and while we had spoken often, this was so much better.
Our conversation continued and the hostess came to tell us that our table was ready.
We sat down as the conversation continued. Enjoyable conversation regarding travels, family, goals, concerts. He fidgets when he gets nervous and kept staring at my chest. I just watched him. It was almost as though he was watching me breathe and how fluid my breasts were as the air filled my lungs. “Mesmerizing, aren’t they?”, I asked.
“You don’t even know.”
We finished our meals and decided to take a stroll through the beach across the street. We stopped at my car to get the blanket out of the trunk and crossed the street. The light’s reflection on the lake looked so beautiful. “Do you come here often?”, he asked, as he put his arm around me.
“Yes. Should buy one of the houses here. Love it when the rose garden is in bloom or they have an evening event. How about you?”
“No. Been trying like hell to figure out when you go to the beach to watch the sunset, to surprise you.”
“You only needed to ask.”
He chuckled at that, stopped for a moment, and came down to kiss me. Moonlight shone on his beautiful face and I closed my eyes. Our lips met, for the softest, sweetest, most delectable kiss I’ve had in ages. He pulled me closer to him with one hand, and used the other to hold the back of my head, as the kiss got deeper and more passionate. He pulled back, looked into my eyes with those beautiful blue eyes of his, and continued the French kiss. It was perfect. This time when he pulled back, I swayed a little and he caught me. Hazard of being pulled into a kiss and allowing the brain and heart to follow. Definitely a swoon moment. Been too long, I thought.
We continued to walk along the lake. He held my hand and the conversation continued. As we got to the end, I realized a decision needed to be made. I said nothing, as he loves to be in charge of such decisions. He began kissing me again and this time, gently touched my breasts as he pulled me closer into him.
“Come with me”, he said.
I’d follow him anywhere. “Ok.”
He took my hand, leaned into me, and gave me another kiss. I wasn’t expecting it but it mesmerized me. We walked back a little bit closer to the cliff and we placed the blanket down. He began kissing me again. Cupping my breast with one hand and holding the back of my head with the other, he had me. There was no doubt in my mind.
I returned the kiss with passion that he didn’t expect. He felt so good and I was getting lost in him. There was a sincerity and passion to the kiss, I thought. It feels right. His words began to run through my head… Something naughty.
As we’re kissing and embracing each other, I move my hand to his chest and allow it to almost fall to his crotch. His bulge is definitely there but can be made better. I begin to gently touch and then rub, finding the head. Such a beautiful dick. So long and perfectly made. I start to imagine sucking on it while we continue to kiss.
“Give me your tongue”, I whisper.
tongue….”, I repeat slowly, still whispering, but I’ve moved to his ear to tell him. He sticks it out for me.
I kiss it and then gently suck on his tongue, as I rub his cock through his pants. He moans as I continue to rhythmically suck and rub.
He grabs my ass, pulling me closer to him. He hears me moan softly with his grip, and I release his tongue. I love his hands and picture him putting them all over my body. Finding the head of his dick through his pants, I tenderly rub the head and then move my way down the shaft to his balls and continue to massage and rub. My other hand lands on his ass and I return the favor of a nice grab to that beautiful, hard ass. He feels my breasts pushing into his chest. Our breathing is getting heavier. He touches my breasts as we continue to kiss. He moves down to my neck and kisses it. He hits it perfectly and sends a shiver down my body that he can feel.
“Why don’t we sit down on the blanket?” he asks.
We sit down and he looks at me.
“Good kiss?” he asks.
“Oh, my goodness... I still need to catch my breath.”
His smile makes me smile but I notice he’s chuckling a little. “What’s so funny?”, I ask.
“You.” I smile with him.
“I can see it in your eyes. It’s ok.”
I don’t dare reply.
He wraps his arms around me, and kisses my neck as he pushes his body into mine. We lie down on the blanket. I feel his hard dick push onto my pussy through our clothes. He whispers in my ear, “You’re sexy.”
He has a firm yet gentle grip on me so I cannot get up but I also feel safe. I reach around and touch his body and he pulls himself in closer to me, embracing me and leaving no space between our bodies. This time he whispers in my ear, “I want you. I should take you here.”
“I want you too. Do whatever you want with me. I’m yours.”
He continues to hold me close, pushing his cock into my pussy and rubbing me. He still won’t let me up. He looks around for a moment. “No one is here. Just you and me.”
“You’re getting me lost in you.”
“Good. I want you lost in me. I want to know how hot you are for me. How hot are you for me?” He continues to kiss me and grind into me.
“I want to feel you inside of me. To fill me in every hole I have and to cum in every hole. To fill me and feed me with your seed.”
He hit that spot on my neck again and made me gently quiver. Reaching down to my pussy, he reached up the dress. “Stockings and garters? Aren’t you sexy?”, he said. I replied, “You said you liked the lacy topped stockings. I thought you worthy enough for the matching garter, panties, and bra.” He growled a little bit and began kissing my neck again. He pulled at my panties and began to finger me. Touching my clit, he said, “You’re soaking wet.” He took his finger and put it in his mouth. “Delicious…”, he whispered into my ear. “You’re going to be devoured.”
“Mmmm… I’m going to devour you too. You drive me wild”, I reply.
He begins kissing down my body, grabbing the opposite breast as he kisses and licks me. He pulls my breasts out of the bra, through the top of the dress, and sucks on my nipple. His hand caresses the side of my body and then he rubs my thighs before he goes back to rubbing my pussy. “Sweet, Jesus… You’re still wet!”
He kisses his way down my body and moves my panties over. I can’t think of anything except how good he feels as he moves my lips out of the way of the sweet spot. I hear him moan and then dive in. Kissing, licking, slurping as he touches every part of me. Kissing my thighs, he surprises me by going right back to my clit and gently sucking on it with a hummm. “Damn, that feels so good!” I say to him, as he ignores me and continues to eat me with an appetite I haven’t experienced in quite some time. Slowly, he inserts a finger into me. “Damn, Babe! Wet and tight!” He pushes up on my cervix and I begin to feel it. That sensation that I’m going to hit. He sucks on his fingers and re-enters two this time, and continues to push up. I try to resist because it feels so damned good that I want him to continue but I can’t. “It’s ok, Baby. Cum.” He keeps pushing and reaches up his other hand to my belly. “Cum, Baby. Let it go…. “ I give in to him and cum while he is pushing up into me and sucking on my pink, wet, swollen pussy. I can hear him devouring me as I cum on his face. He doesn’t stop while I’m cumming and this drives me insane. When he’s finished, he kisses my pussy once more.
He moves up to my face as I am recovering and I feel his cock slide into me. “Oh, My, God…”
“You like that?”, he whispers in my ear as he thrusts deeper inside of me.
I can feel his cock hitting every ridge inside of me and finally hitting the back, as his balls push deep against my ass. He holds my shoulders as he continues to thrust as hard as he can inside of me. “Oh, fuck!”
Kissing me deeply, he keeps slamming his cock into me. I wrap my legs around his ass, and he thrusts a few more times. He pauses for only seconds as he moves my legs to his sexy, well toned shoulders. Continuing to thrust his massive dick into me, I tighten my pussy around his cock and hear him moan. “Tighter, huh? Oh, fuck! You’re gonna make me fill you up!”, he says.
“Fill me up! Fuck, I want you so bad! Fill my pussy with your huge load!”
He moans again and thrusting hard into me, he continues his rhythmic thrusting. “Fuck, Baby, I’m gonna cum!”
“Cum in me!”
“You want it?”
“Yes! Cum! You know how good it will feel…. I want to feel you cumming in me and pulsing hard inside of me!”
I grab his ass and dig my nails into it as I feel him continuing to thrust. “Babe… I’m cumming! Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!”
I clamp my pussy down hard on him as he lets himself go inside of me. He stays in for few minutes and then kisses me.
“That was so hot.”
As we’re standing up and getting readjusted, I say to him, “I wanted to devour you too, you know?”
“I know. Looking forward to it”, he said with a Cheshire cat smile. “And now you have a raincheck.”
“You’re in trouble, you know…”
“Yup.” he said as he smiled. He came down to give me a kiss and then he whispered in my ear, “Maybe we should continue the walk?” I agree with him as my stomach was filled with butterflies and thoughts of what happens when I get to use my raincheck. Sexy little thoughts creep through my brain. We pick up the blanket and continue to walk down the beach. A few people have arrived but not enough that we give a damn about it.
He puts his arm around me and softly rubs my back as we head back to our cars. Been so long since anyone has trailed their fingers along my back. Feels so good. Light touches. My head on his chest. It’s a pretty tender moment, and nothing at all like I expected, but it is very much welcomed, surprising, and peaceful. We kiss goodnight as he tells me he will call in a little while to make sure I made it home alright. I’m looking forward to it.

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