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coven of the unicorn slut
i am revamping my blog here and now... consider it fully under construction until further notice from the bitch upstairs (my goddess guides me, soothes me, and is careful to amuse me when i write!) for starters, after i write my blog, i notice that AdultFriendFinder leaves out words, sometimes powerful words that drew the blog together abd so what i write not always consistent with what is published (need to get on about that to AdultFriendFinder mind you)... and secondly, i want to dedicate my blog to my dear friend paul e. stewart, a 'one man riot' in his own words, poet, bestie and past lover because he is what propelled me into my sexuality in my mid-30's and today i am light because he is my friend. last, i want to correct all the errors, rewrite where need be. shine down your comments and words of love on me. Blessed Be
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ying for my yang
Posted:Oct 4, 2019 2:30 pm
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2020 5:13 am

i appreciate my guys, and they all fulfill different needs and desires to me. first of all, there's jimmy, my boyfriend. like a dark prince he has delivered me to housing bliss: he just landed us our own house, where i now live. after years of waiting for SSI, i've been seeking independent housing. instead i ended staying my family out of necessity. there was a time when i posted an ad on craigslist iso a room in exchange for favors. now i have sweet freedom here in the new place with a man i don't mind granting favors to... i love jimmy and this is the very first time in my 44 years of life that a man is our bills and covering our expenses. its quite nice, but different then what i'm used to. jimmy may be the one, for many reasons and i love and am in love with him.

paul is my ex boyfriend, but more importantly he is my boo (bestie friend). he and i get along better now that we're just friends. i think he takes me less for granted now. he is a poet, and is very sensitive, sentimental and sweet. he massages my feet, hands, back and shoulders whenever i ask him to. yes jimmy knows this and is just fine with it. after all jimmy kinda stole me away from paul, even though it was pretty much the end of that romance. i think paul is still loving me... blind to my love when we were together, now he knows he's in love with me. i don't lead him on, but i do still flirt and we joke and laugh and have a great time. we have intelligent conversation which stimulates my mind. i believe we will always be friends, in this life and also in the next.

other guys in my world are less essential, but only as good friends. i met wade and his partner gale and we have become friends over time. wade introduced me to several new people that now make up my current circle of friends. wade is intelligent aka hella sexy but he's kinda off limits to me (bummer). there is bruce who watches porn all the damn time... he has a good job and a nice body. not into fuucking him. my good friend big B is tall, blonde and sexy... gave him a bj for his birthday and other then that we once fuucked. even though he is hot and all, i'm not sure we have enough chemistry. a few others include jimmie g., lance, andy e. and a few guys.

i almost forget, and how could i? my good companion pan, who i met directly from AdultFriendFinder. he is our special friend... jimmy and i go and visit him some weekends. he takes the cake on being the host with the most... always gets us way stoned, we eat magick mushrooms, drink herbal tea... pansexual is a sexplosion and that i mean to say that he is a fuucking sex machine. we fuuck to the left, we fuuck to the right, we fuuck and fuuck and fuuck all night. pan says my pussy gives the best hugs!
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all of these men are signifigant in my life, maybe some more so then others. i didn't list them in any particular order except that jimmy and paul were noted first because they are my boo(s). love to all my potential friends here from AdultFriendFinder!
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get a taste of religion, lick a witch
Posted:Oct 3, 2019 9:03 am
Last Updated:Nov 12, 2019 2:09 pm

its been a minute since i blogged and reason is because i've been busy moving to a new house/home. always a lot of work, but countless rewards this time. see my boyfriend was staying in his mom's basement, and i at my parent's house, because we were both down on our luck in the recent past. but soooo much has changed now for the better, and i am elated that we really did it, we got our own place and we are loving the freedom (and not missing the moms at all)! went from white trash affton area to south city, which is eclectic with many kinds of peoples and i like it this way so much more. now we can chase each other around naked, and can also host new AdultFriendFinder friends!
Not Bling Owner
so i am trying to catch up on my happenings on the site. and i have been gifted additional bling here lately... its funny if you check out all my bling you might be tempted to conclude that i have a shoe ( heel) fetish. but i don't actually, just been gifted with a shiit ton of pairs, and i accept my bling graciously. i am getting quite the collection, including one i made that says "yes but not with you"! that appeals to my sarcastic nature and yes i am usually a smart ass (which is of course better then being a dumb ass) and its a sweet girl your looking for, perhaps when you see me look away.

right now i am logged into the site for the first time at my new place, and the wifi is fast here... and i really have missed you all. i am definitely going to broadcast today and tonight for you loverly peeps. i will be able to have more fun then usual doing so since i don't have to be quite or worry about family overhearing or seeing what i am doing when i broadcast. i can also make some fun videos and post them here. so keep your eyes wide open for some new live shows and posted videos to appear on my profile. comments/compliments always appreciated, unless your an asshole.

apologies if you've messaged me and have yet to get a return message. i am very behind on check them... so i am working on this presently and will definitely get back to you if you strike my fancy. flattery won't get you everywhere, but it may be a good start of getting my attention. the truest form is when you read my blog and profile both, and see beyond just my body. now i do have a nice booty or so i'm told, you fellows on here can be real bold, just don't send me a dick pic because that has gotten so damn old. so you have a penis, so what. i can have as many as i want and i think you know what i mean.

so halloween is in full force this month of october, magick about and the goddess is afloat. witches brew potions in their cauldrons (yes we do) and this year only the strongest potions will be made in my kitchen. are you dressing up for spooky times or are you "too old for that shiit"? if you are then your not only old but no fun at all. would you go to an AdultFriendFinder swingers party? why? because we might throw one this year. bobbing for booty is on the menu and so am i so ask me about my witchy bash, and if you show it's ass, grass, or i will just pass. write to me to be considered as a guest, and use the word "wicked" in your message. these will be answered first.
Not Bling Owner
lastly, if you need a reason to be on this site, i'll give you one then... nearly all of my friends i met as a result of being on AdultFriendFinder. we met some swingers on here, but did not end up having sex with them (bummer i know) but we DiD end of as all four friends. and we have met numerous people that they know and introduced us to. and one of my best friends has a winning profile here as well, pan man. and love goes out to wade, gale, bruce, brian, carolyn, karen, christian, hanna liv, and bobio!!!
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mermerizing stranger gets it finally
Posted:Sep 25, 2019 5:34 pm
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2020 5:13 am

mesmerizing mama moves fluidly through our house. her white peak-a-boo robe clung her nipples. nips that are always seemingly hard, and her hair frames her beautiful and the moon shines over her just so that i so wet looking at her curvaceous figure. she says she will wait in our guest room for us become free spend some time. when I open the door, quietly peeking in, rachel was on the bed, on all fours, with her gorgeous ads up in the air facing the door. I imagined that jimmy was behind her, penetrating her swollen vagina, slowly with his hardness, and i can almost see him thrusting into her in a rhythm. then I fantasize that he pulls put slowly, fingering her ass hole to open it up some. slithering lube on his hard clock, he spreads her butt cheeks open wide, and imposes himself into her backside, his dick so hard it enters Rachel with ease, deeply he rocks back and forth, side to side, and she lets a moan in delight, telling him by taking him hands, she leans upward putting his hands on her breasts, and now with something hold onto and keeping her in place firmly, jimmy pumps her tight hole and as she begs for it, he sinks deep down and they rock for some time before he informs her that he is going to fill her ass up with his load. approving of this, jimmy shutters in orgasm as rachel does just after he said what he said... she tells him that her pussy was throbbing the entire time he was fuucking her virgin hole. i of course got off hella hard at least 3 times, just inside the room, while I watched from a distance in private without detection
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tweak monkies
Posted:Sep 25, 2019 5:01 pm
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2020 5:13 am

all my friends have mood disorders, the doctor please. i just might have mental misease. spizer heads acting like spider monkeys, up all hours when its dark, running naked in the park. like vampires they suuck, to smoke their bubbles and fuuck. like fire flies we float in the night, another friday for someone to get in a fight. make me feel something even if its untrue, just do it for me, you know any fuucking thing for you. gypsy bane, the town of 'insane'... lovely karen is over and big b is too, you would laugh if it were you. i've got an idea of where we can take this, closed eyes and into a bliss, careful there not to fall in the abyss. wade and Gail can always be counted on to be around, although sometimes he's of town. helping friends that make us smile, going the distance of the xtra mile. his house music plays aloud, tonight its just the usual crowd... karen is working on somebody's ink, and they girls so primed and kink. brucy at work as always, his latest crawling the hallway. carolyn is so political and intelligent that stupid people go of their way avoid her. she is pretty and she will just say no fir. christian jokes about body parts, its time clear since jerry did fart. what you mean we ain't f uucking, can't you recognize sex-art? the massage table is and its my turn massage my gale, is dressed for role and is looking a bit pale... but she has check on her food, what she makes depends on her mood. but wow can she cook and bake - if she cooked it i must eat for fuuck sake! then in walks hoes apparently no knows, waltz into the place, taking up the bathroom make up their . it didn't help her however, what i doing we are doing together. somebody went and broke the bubble bong, and we all sing the bubble gone song. Curtis asks me if he can rip on my bubble. and I tell him it's empty tell myles I wantss no trouble. still jimmy fill up our bubble. why yes dear as he hands me the favs, and i appreciate him true, you'd love that man too. now i discovered the time and 420 comes around quick, so scoop up the bong and someone just got their dick. speaking of dick, this cows is kinda sick, at least we don't have listen slick (that ) but my circle of peeps I adore. you all want some more, right here on the floor. there are 3 but which is the right door. maybe jimmy and i should just go, those new people I do not know.... these are my friends not a netflix show So if you like freaky kink now and again, maybe you'd like being our friends. always have the spiz around and green is more uncommon over at the house, everyone is stirring, even the tweaking mouse. this is my 🌎 world and i just a . sipping on tea i hold copy of the 🔑 key, its your turn but nothings free. what would you think if you were me? with eyes wide shut its so hard see. unicorn crossing right this way, you know i uniquely crossing over today. as I spiral into a new role, i give up false gods and smudge my soul. when you start buzz you got nothing at all except her dirty love... the fire put by the ☔ rain up above. playing nice with others is best, as stand above. wild beast of a friend, what you mean the 🌙 night is at end. not tho, not showing just show grow. i have go down, blow. so I gather jimmy and tell him "lets go". in redneck uber we ride back our new place, our very private special place. we arrive back there and stumble onto the mattress on the bedroom floor. what next? never know we closed our door, but we do have room for 3 more. so why should i want to invite you? if i did what would you do? screw. (duh) now opp can define you. lovely peeps all on messenger, and where from did you find her? we are spinning into the day, just another tweaker to stay.
hide and go fuuck myself
Posted:Sep 23, 2019 3:41 am
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2020 8:58 pm

on rare occasion I get to feeling a certain kind of way, and that's when I know what I absolutely cannot wait for must happen in the now... time to release the fem beast.
yes look ladies and gents, we are ta talking about masterbation. i get busy, distracted
and well, depressed... and all this can get me down, cause me anxiety. but just about the time I think I can't take the pain, I go fuucking insane and I remember that sweet relief! now my boyfriend has paid good money to see to it that I have the "pink ladies", lovingly
referring to my toys. and by the time I get to it, I am so frantically turned on by the thought of touching myself that I sometimes leave my panties in place, moving them to the side for quick access. and my clit vibrator is aaammmaaazzziiinnnggg. I flip open NY lap top and log into xvideo, find the perfect for the moment video, press play, and grind myself in rhythm with the waves of euphoria! I cannot keep from masking noise when I'm
//that// turned On! to get off hard I ly down, spread my legs and briush that third setti mm g which is intense and do this over and over, each time coming close to climaxing but before I do I back away so I can get there. where you ask? on the edge of a mind~blowing orgasm. X marks the spot. I squirm all about, and I let my freak flag out. final countdown to ectesy. my boyfriend LoVeS to watch me and the expressions on my face. wouldn't you
love to be in his place?
tweakers geepers
Posted:Sep 9, 2019 11:27 am
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2020 5:13 am

my friends are so depressed, proof positive of their loneliness. personal relationships suffer, others are alone, and some of them are in between worlds unknown. one common denominator most of the crowd shares: the all smoke ice, or as i call "spiz". which is why they reasonably have some issues complicate. some issues are a definite result of recreational drug use, while others i can only speculate on.

are my friends vampires or what? you can always count on them to be there for you at 3 o'clock am. 's either because they are not tired, never went to bed and/or they sleep during the day mostly. like bipolar people, which many of them are, sometimes enjoy staying in a manic phase either naturally or spiz-induced and they don't ever want to come down. this can lead to depression. and lets all face it - gravity is such what goes up must eventually come down. so must the vampires sleep eventually.

i avoid this problem just doing 3 rips or so in the morning and avoiding smoking the rest of the day away. also i always have 420 around so who needs spiz? stoners do it better, no matter what IT is..... pot enhances personalities rather then intensify or change them.

another element to spiz is it intensifies people's personalities. so if your a sweetie pie, it makes you gooey sweet. but if your an asshole it 'super sizes' your assholedness, and rude turns into obnoxious. for personally, it increases my sarcasm to a great extent. this is only a problem if i happen upon like cops or other jerkoff authority figures OR assholes who fuuck with or mine.

spizer-heads are basically who they are already, only with a twist (and maybe some turns, intensities, and personality adjustments)....

btw, this is simply put - my own personal opinion. i imagine many of you who read this blog could feel differently about light, recreational drug use - and is fine too... your opinion may find you at odds with my blog, but its okay to disagree. i base my opinion on what i know to be true for and some of those around me.

actually, many folks don't realize this but spiz (see meth) and addarall are almost identical in chemical makeup; and many people use it medicinally for its natural antidepressant qualities, for adhd and helps focus and concentration as well.

doctors are reluctant to prescribe it because its basically pharmaceutical grade speed essentially, and can be psychologically addictive if abused. much like spiz. so instead people are forced to get their medicine off the streets, and sometimes its cut with things can be harmful. although the spiz itself has not caused any deaths i've ever heard about. still, i don't encourage anyone to try this at home yo.

spizer heads have a healthy of drama in their lives! but not so much different from others, maybe just more animated and drawn out perhaps.

one factor contributes to the chaos is there is one more thing spiz causes: they (we) are a bunch of sex addicts. not true for everyone tho, in fact for some men it can cause their umm sex organ to perform poorly... but everyone agrees, spiz directs your mind to sex, and can increase sexual pleasure for many. it does me.

anybody had an experience of their own with spiz? comments or ideas?
friends found and wanted
Posted:Aug 24, 2019 12:34 pm
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2020 5:13 am
does anyone actually read my blog? i love to write, in fact i'm a real blog kitty! i can only guess what your experience on this site could be, but mine is amazing, so come on and follow me. i have met my current friends because of AdultFriendFinder and this is how it all went. years ago i hooked up with a few guys from the site. several of them became friends... andy for one, an emt who stays in Illinois (see 3way video on my profile)... then last halloween my boyfriend and i met another couple from AdultFriendFinder, who we hit it off with and they became playmates and friends. unfortunately the gentleman passed away, and the female ended up being a back-stabbing slut. but hey you can't always stay friends with everyone you meet, so i pick only the ones that i wish to as a friend keep. this year we met wade and gale, and while we never slept with them, we became good friends... and they have a bunch of friends who we have gotten to know and are friends with many of them... brucy rents their upstairs; he's kool as fuuck and just got a sports car. big b lived in their basement and he now has been retained to get paid to help my parents with home projects from time to time. he goes through girlfriends weekly, so through him i met hanna and karen... karen is an artist and did a really good job on a tattoo to cover a mess up on my back (referrals anyone?) bobio is the neighbor who is always over at wade and gale's and i just love talking to him... he's the gay friend i wish were str8 (smiles). we usually have fun over there. and everyone parties but not on the hard shiit! and i cannot leave out a thieving asshole kevin who fuucked us over $140, but he introduced me to maggie, a hella killer person, she calls he3rself a "lezbitron" and she eats pussy better then any man i've had go down! if that doesn't convince you there are great people on AdultFriendFinder, i met one of my best friends now, john aka 'pan' as in pansexual. also at wade's i met carolyn, a hippie cougar/milf who loves to get high with me (green)! i have no reason to endorse AdultFriendFinder, i certainly don't work for the site, but my entire circle of friends are because of AdultFriendFinder. in fact if you are discouraged with online dating, it may make you feel better to know that i met my partner of 2 years on craigslist! so you can meet neat folks on here, but i think you get back exactly what you put into it...i spend a lot of time on AdultFriendFinder, filled out my entire profile, posted around 100 pix and several videos, and i blog my ass off. i take full advantage of all available features on here. and my profile is #5 in central st louis & vicinity and in central st. louis, not because i'm gorgeous, but i believe its because i am actively pursuing new friends on the site. so use it or lose it. you CAN find quality people on AdultFriendFinder so keep cheer up, use all features that you can, buy the gold membership gentlemen and girls you have your pick here!
sex addiction anonymous
Posted:Aug 16, 2019 7:09 am
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2020 5:13 am

sex addiction? are some of us actually addicted to sex? and if so, what of it? there is a -step program support group for it. {really} yes really there is. so what is wrong with being over-sexed? i think it varies in severity and can lead to people making poor choices in partners, compulsive decisions, and perhaps risk to their health as well.

am i a sex "addict"? why yes i am, and not ashamed of it. still though, i do follow some healthy guidelines that have served me well thus far. first of all, steps does not belong with sex so can that idea. i mean am i right? and a support group would be the ideal place to get to know other people who like sex as much as you do, no thank you!

my 'guidelines' are as follows: be very very selective about who i fuck. just having a cock does not qualify as worthy of my time so mix it up a bit gentlemen. and i try to run shit past my old man before i meet up with someone new. and always practice safer sex practices for best results. sex never tasted so good, addictive even..
Posted:Aug 1, 2019 11:49 pm
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2020 5:13 am

and if i told you the truth would you hold it against ?
(hey honesty should be rewarded with a hard cock up against !)

i ask my boyfriend how he likes my clothing
he says he likes it just fine (on fire, on the floor, the door)

the guy with a tiny penis and giant hairy balls has a dick pic for his profile
(i mean, come on, is that really a point?)
SoRrY for PaRtY RoCkiN
Posted:Aug 1, 2019 7:09 am
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2020 5:13 am

if you pass
with your sak
this is what you say:
"SoRrY for PaRtY RoCkiN"
Not Bling Owner
so what does the term "p & p" stand for to you? to ? with poo? oh hell no i didn't. well people vary on what this abbreviation means to them. for me it means "party and " and having said that, what did you preverse mind have you thinking i was going to say? okay so to LMAFO/red foo this means designer hard liquor... for the smurfs its a potion. and then there are the tweak freaks, and the friendly folk, and those horny peeps that just do coke...

remember o.p.p? from way back when (hey i'm only 44!) other people's penis-pussy..?... how about NWA? what does that mean to you? dr dre yeah duh! anywho, here is my mantra for the day: tell everyone you annoy that you are sorry for party rocking. just leave it at that. see if you get any kind of response would be laughable then me your stories! so what is my p&p? well if you read my blogs then you know i sk8 and smoke medical .

if your thursday is slow then go low (how low can you go?) until you come up again and do not let anyone bother you at 4:20 (its always 4:20 somewhere) at least nobody bother me, as in only do i want quality! you having a bad hair day? nothing is going your way?
just tell them my mantra, and that a wise yoda once said, there is no TRY, there is either DO or DO NOT and a wise yoda is he. and you need to have a day to enjoy? find some peace and quiet and get a new toy. hell go and your other boy. i might mine...

so bad day? have a summer to remember and heat up august with a sizzling affair from your AdultFriendFinder prospects! go to a swinger's party, or try something exotic and let your party rockin... you never know where it will take you. get a taste of religion - lick a wiitch!
Not Bling Owner
sex rx
Posted:Aug 1, 2019 1:16 am
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2020 5:13 am

yesterday was a good day, a full day, and all the time from the moment i awoke i was thinking about my boyfriend, who just landed a full time gig, jimmy. so he isn't around all the time like he was when unemployed and broke, i had him around all the time and was getting me some sugar whenever the fuuck i wanted some! but now i happily go through the motions of the day until he is off work and back in my arms/at my ass, literally.

now throughout my day i was smoking medical marijuana and so maybe i was in a fog (of smoke)... but i seemed to have lost sight of what really matters as the hours melted by. when jimmy arrived at our friend's house to pick me up, as i normally do, i tired to be sweet to him, complimentary even. asked all about his computer job (even though i have no idea of geek-speak lingo) and even had some party favors for him... speed, his favorite (absolutely needs speed to be normal as bipolar people with adhd often nave the need for.... but stupid fuukcing doctors don't prescribe adderall!)

so anyway, i thought things were going fine, but i noticed that he was a little crabby, and snipy, and he seemed impatient and quick to anger in a way (his own weird, quiet way of being passive aggressive) and throughout the night i grew weary of his heavy mood. and he said "i feel like i can't do anything right to night, and that you are bitching (aka "chewing on me", see funny list of jimmy's sayings), and you keep getting angry about everything"! and i was like, "that's exactly what i was going to say to you".

it was clear that the night seemed impossible to have much in the way of fun... so as always, he tried to walk out and leave things funky like they were, and i was determined to give him a choice which i did and that was to either way the fuuck off and keep walking, or try and work it out (see beatle's song 'we can work it out'!

he is right next to me at this time and i'll tell you why... because he does love me AND because i'm a sexy biitch and he damn well knows it. see, awhile back i was biitching because we weren't having sex enough... and after many fits and talks, he wants to fuuck 3 times a day (ladies, help me out here!). so we generally do try and fuuck a lot.

and last night was just a silly example of forgetting why we hooked up in the first place. he posted a craigslist ad about 4 years ago, and it said "sk8 & cuddle" and so began a friendship. it took a friendship with a rough terrain to (finally) figure out that we were compatible and it took us over 2 years to discover that we have off the chain sexual chemistry.

SO after our disagreement, we went back to his place, he showered, and then like the smooth operator that he is, he layed down next to me in his boxers, no shirt (i can never resist... touching his nipples is a direct line to his cock, which is another area i just can't seem to stay away from ((love to suck his cock)) and he knows it. fresh out of the rain locker, i remembered WHY why WHY i am putting up with my jimmy (he's a beautiful disaster)... because i am....

addicted to his scent, like an animal, he smells and tsste yummy to me, like sweet tarts actually (no really) and i love to go (all the way) downtown, then back up to pinch his sensitive nipples... and he makes little noises, and then i know he appreciates the affection and attention so i crave him with an appetite that will make a pirate blush (can i have some johnny depp plze)

and so S-E-X is key to a happy relationship, and the best way to settle a silly, stupid fight too. and when jimmy busted a nut, it was very fuucking intense for him (a girl can tell these things) and that just told me that all that new job tension needed an outlet for a release and that was it. that is what my guy needed.

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Posted:Jul 29, 2019 6:38 am
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2020 5:13 am
Not Bling Owner

i went over to my never-land
to frolic with my friend pan

my guy jimmy all in tow
invited to a harvest grow

wander-lust and starry sky
full moon in an uneven try

as i lay back on the body swing
awaiting for my lovers to bring

feeling soft fingertips
soft flesh upon my lips

their salty sweat drips on me
for a breezy night covers thee

i cannot abide to be without
all this for me with no doubt

watching me get slam fuucked
my jimmy got hard and i sucked

he got up behind me to mount
dicked me down a good amount

pumping away he blew his nut
way up in my tiny hole for a butt

staying on my knees and hands
i will miss out on the hand stands

that worked exactly as i wanted it to
i knew what pan was going to do

he pierced my pussy but right
blew his mind- this pussy tight

so with full throttle force he pounded
my kitty can never be the way he found it

without warning he took out his hard cock
plugged my ass hole and started to rock

my orgasms came hard and my pussy
was throbbing, my moans sobbing

the hole when my boyfriend came
is where pan went to with no shame

like a beltain mainden of summer
not webcaming it was my only bummer

so my friend blew he load in my tight flesh hole
with his hands around my neck he was in control

like beasts they took their turn having their way
it was only 3: am and what hella sex we made

my ass double full with jizz
i took another rip of spiz

and rolled over feeling all smut
feeling like a proper fuck slut

rolled and dusted with pixie dust
delicious, wickedly clever my lust

i will go back to the mundane
all this sex is why i am insane

here slut, calling my
i tremble fiercely in the summer rain

you would be number 3 for cum shots
good thing i'm real and to hell with bots

still the one
Posted:Jul 25, 2019 7:27 pm
Last Updated:Jul 29, 2019 6:43 am
things are looking up for the fuuckery show's team players, myself and jd, my boyfriend of 20 months and we are still together. i love you jimmy

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