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be unique  

Wicked7pixieSLUT 45F  
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7/29/2020 3:43 am
be unique

sharing your body with another person is a sacred ritual, at least to me it is. the gift of ' me' is something i want to share, but not with just anybody, with someone who will appreciate all that i have to offer. are you selectively slutty? i say there is nothing wrong with it, and i a a self proposed selective slut though and through...

who is, and can be, "selective" and still get laid on the regular? well i get away with this, and so most women... true its easier for us ladies to find sex then it is for men. for men it seems to be a number game, but for women the first man we ask is putty in out hands so the number is {one} and that's all it takes for seductress.

we've all had flings we regret, and ones we'd like to forget. that has certainly happened to me before, but it doesn't have to happen again if i can help it. that's why "hi, how are you" isn't quite enough to grab my attention, plus i get bored easily. please something interesting to me, set yourself apart, or brace yoourself for "yes, but not with you"!

i appreciate
your viewership

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