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doll parts  

Wicked7pixieSLUT 46F  
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9/9/2021 7:05 pm
doll parts

last night we had friends over... young, energetic friends. ally is barely 25 and marcos is all of 22. we swapped with oral sex. we were going at it for hours. i was exhausted. i mean my guy usually lasts about 10 minutes. lol. after we took them home he messaged me saying he still wanted to fuck me. but i had to take a break at least. they wore me out to be honest. although not so many years ago i used to fuck for hours, days even. guess getting older means i need to stay moving so i can get my energetic side to come back to life. but hey, i aint dead yet and my lively demeanor proves i am alive, entertaining even. i have much fuckery to spread about, and that's what its all about for me and my<b> lovers. </font></b>happy naked people holding hands, or other parts. doll parts.

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