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fantasy manifestation  

Wicked7pixieSLUT 46F  
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7/27/2021 7:32 am

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8/1/2021 10:42 am

fantasy manifestation

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are you one of those people that stay in their comfort zone? not me. i like to push boundaries, respectfully and at a time that is appropriate. i have some scenarios, fantasies if you wish, that i have never played out beyond in my mind, and i have every intention of playing them out to the hilt (hilt?) i am a witch and so my sexual energy is high and my method is to seek out the amazing sex i will be getting soon enough. that way i can mark it off my fuck-it-bucket-list, no add a star i thin either way, i know that the stars will align to give me the mind shattering sex (will be mine). so are you the one who can help me out here???

i have a good imagination and i'm quite creative SO in my mind these sex acts are pretty vivid, so i can only hope that they are even better in reality. a few of them:

* so for my boyfriend's birthday i want to find a couple other sexy gals to join me in some girl on girl action. i imagine my boy jd comes home to find us all messing around in the bed and is pleasantly surprised and thrilled at the site. one girl is a blond, the other a redhead... we all have fishnet body suits on which are bare down there. as i eat their pussies and use my vibey toys on these sexy babes they get all worked up and hungry for some cock at that point. i sit back and get comfortable with the vibey toys as i watch the girls get finger fucked, licked by him, and ultimately one will ride his cock grinding her hips around in a circular motion and rocking back and forth. then he turns to the other chic and before he gets to taste or try her out, both ladies suck his cock for awhile. jd goes down on the redhead, she screams out in orgasm. he then lays her down, grabs her legs up so they rest gently on his shoulders and he starts taking slow, deep strokes into that beautiful, wet pussy. noticing how tight it is, wrapped around his cock it pulsates and throbs, swollen with pleasure. the sexy blonde sucks her clit for a few then jd bends her over because he is going to explode any time and with her beautiful ass in the air, he considers anal but the pussy is so tight and bomb that he penetrates her once again until he fills her up with his cream.
* we meet a chic on AdultFriendFinder, and we invite her over for netflix and chill. well kinda... more like porn and chill... but anyway, i want all three of us to chill for awhile. then i let them know that i'm going to crash out for awhile on the couch. jd has no intention of getting it on with me not in the room but omg she smells sooo good, her hair spirals over her delicate breasts over her white blouse. she's not wearing a bra, or panties. he knows this because she admitted that. about then they start flirting real heavy, and i get up and peek into the bedroom. porn playing, i see him touching her chest, just a brush of his fingers barely caress her curves. she is really turned on and he is hard as a roc but he suggests they go wake me up first and she talks him into allowing them to have some private moments. she got on her kneed, schoolgirl short skirt with her beautiful ass showing, and she starts giving him head, very slowly, softly and was taking all of him in her mouth. (i wonder how does she know just exactly how he likes it?) and after he stops her (he doesn't want to cum yet) she asks him if he's be the guy to fuck her in the ass. he loves loves loves anal so after sucking on her pussy for a good long while... he gently lays her down on her belly, asks her to spread open her ass cheeks a little, he pours some lube on them both and he fucks her tight little virgin asshole. he knows he needs to be gentle since it was her first time but she keeps begging him to fuck her ass hard and harder and he gets to pumping her properly and she moans in orgasm as does he. all the while i secretly watch from a distance and i even got some video footage!
* we go out one night, pick up a sexy mama and we take her home and fuck her, share her, indulge her and worship her. at some she asks if she can fuck jd and i tell her hell to the yeah! they switch around positions until they both finish together as i watch.

all of these fantasies include a few factors: i will have my vibey toys in hand and stimulate my clit and the opening of my vagina until i cum hard all over those toys... then 3 minutes later i will come again even harder because that's what i do when i masterbate. what gets me off? watching jd with another or other women. we will always ask for permission to either broadcast or record, provide soda pop and 420 treats and we hope to make a friend in the process to adore, share and both fuck on the regular, but we will settle for now for even a one time nsa night with a girl.

lastly, i'm soooo fucking horny writing this that i think i have to go and watch some porn with my toys right now. hope you get into or off on my sexy blog entry here. if any females can help us with these fantasies i would grant her one wish. no i'm not a geannie in a bottle but i am a powerful witch, spellcaster and sorcerer SO i can manifest things on another level. but first i must manifest these happenings... so i can live out what i imagine in porn vids all the time!

i appreciate
your viewership

NJGUY08090 55M
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7/27/2021 6:37 pm

Love your post and I'm now a follower of your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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