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not just a vagina in china  

Wicked7pixieSLUT 45F  
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9/12/2020 5:02 am
not just a vagina in china

the beatles wrote and performed many, many love songs... but as tina would say, "what's love got do with it?" that song "yours gonna lose that girl" stands out in my mind at this time because my lover is getting ready lose the best thing that ever happened him - . why should i settle after ? the correct answer is WHY HAVE I SETTLED?i should never have picked this one in the first place. after its raining men like the 70's song talks about. jj says i'll always have a man because i have a vagina. i beg differ... i have much more then a vagina offer. (what a nice thing say somebody right?} he doesn't know me. years gone by and this man has nothing give and refuses try. as if i'm going spend another minute wondering 'why'? it does not matter for mad is the hatter and nobody can rewrite the nursery stories we know as ... and we aren't anymore. so enough with the games, i'm not a player. nor am i to be taken for granted. no i do not hate men because of this one, i just hate him. he's got no love for me. you with me still? good then let's move on to my page . now here is where i draw the lines, because i'm an -or-nothing kind of woman! men have a hard time with this one. why can't people just shit or get off the pot? i know its a crude way say it... so sweeten it i'll quote another song that says, "well if i'm not your everything, how about i be nothing at ? nothing at you?" yeah what she said. this time i've spent with jj has been so lonely, and i'm not going lie... i want somebody special in my life... not that i want be anyone's wife. i just want kiss my love goodnight before i sleep... meet somebody i want keep. i want someone special care about , and be capable of love, light, compromise, sacrifice, unselfish time, who won't control me but who wants somebody too. i've searched my entire life for another person to soulmate with, and love is more then a wet spot and a kiss. mama ever said there would be days like this. but i will follow my bliss. let's go to bed instead of you running away after a climax... i want somebody to fuck every day, someone that deserves a 3some with my girlfriend, someone that isn"t threatened by a complicated woman who knows what she wants... i'm a gemini, a nympho, honest and selfless, i am fiercely loyal to my peeps and this time i will avoid the creeps. and let's face it... if your worth knowing then we have something in common... i've got swagger, i've got juju, and i'm an open book but guys don't know what page to open. of course my love to be could be a woman. that is certainly a possibility. no matter what i believe i believe i believe in magick so spin me a new tale of something real. i can take it. that's not to say that i don't want nsa sex, because that can be amazing. so my AdultFriendFinder fan is coming to town later this month to spend some time with me, so we can get to know one another better. and i am excited. i hope he is that he seems, and if not, just a little fun, because i sleep dream. and i say what i mean. if you are looking for a dynamic woman who loves fuck everyday, nearly in every way, who is actually intelligent and sexy both, you may want stop by and say"high"... how will i know if nobody tries? i know finding love a hookup site is only going work 1 in a million times, but i'm so sick of little boys and their lines. i want give myself over somebody who can appreciate me fully. what are you looking for? ever found it? i'm so bored. btw, you know those chics you want introduce mom? i'm not one of those girls. if you ever wished you had a girlfriend that didn't withhold sex as a punishment, because she loves it so much herself, then say "hi" and tell me your name. handle names are ambiguous. this is no personals ad!!! just let's find out what that which is attained of the end of desire is about? we get sad and right now i am. need a friend for real. i will be light... i am more then a vagina... i'm a goddam goddess! and the beatings will continue until morale improves (just kidding) no but really drop a note, send a boat, or at least a raft, i've got weed, money and ass and boy can i swim. now is a good time let he or she IN. let it begin, friend...

i appreciate
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MoJoMack 60M  
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9/14/2020 6:35 pm

From what I read from your post, it's time to manifest your man. Your mate. Your friend. Your lover. You're right, it could be a woman.


There ARE awake men who are searching for a woman just like you.

Make it happen. Let it be.

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