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set up for va cheat oass  

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5/10/2020 1:09 am

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set up for va cheat oass

kelly and james were giggling and<b> smoking </font></b>some green when i arrived home that friday evening. sure i was supposed to be out of town, but there was that pesky blizzard that shut down all airlines indefinitely, so i had hurried back to surprise my boyfriend. i knew he was going to be missing me and so i hurried home. when i got there i was completely shocked to find kelly over, partying and wooping it up with my guy. almost pissed, i went to go straight in the den and tell her to go now... but i was thinking that maybe something sexy wouldn't be the worse thing that could happen. after all, i have never seen him with another woman while he thinks he's alone, without my adoring stare at him, i was hoping maybe he would be a little more uninhibited. i watched them talk, and flirt and kiss from a distance. i was jealous of all the kissing, even though i like to watch other women fuuck my boyfriend on occastion, kissing puts a weird, sinking feeling in my stomach... anyway, trailing them a bit closer, i pulled out my vibey toy and pressed it up- against my clit, until it started to feel amazing. james wasted no time in burying his face in between her legs... his method is soft and juicy and i could tell it was doing the trick on her because she was wiggling around, grabbing his long hair tightly, she is rubbing her pussy on his face suddenly. she lets out almost what sounded like a howel, which lasted for a good 2 minutes or so. yep she was riding that oral wave and he had tasted the rainbow. after that she lit a ciggerette, they joked and laughed some, and she kinda pushed him over and got up on top of him. she rubed foward and slowly backward, rubing herself over his hard cock. damn was about dancing around (his hardon) and with a fluid motion she slid her pusycat around his throbbing dick, and kelly starts to grind in a circle, and rock front and back... he moaned and made little squeek noises like he does when excited, until she asked him how it felt? he shot back that her pussy was tight, like wraped, and he asked her to slow down, almost hold still, so he wouldn't cum yet. he held her firmly, his hand on her butt cheek, and i though for sure he would explode that moment in time. but he took control, gently laid her down on her belly, and asked her if she could grab her ass cheeks and spread them open, part her legs slightlyand , and she said "unhuuu" told him to be gentle. as to be expected, he was soft and methodical with her... dipping his sword deep into her tight hole deeply and fully penetrated, he rocked that ass until.... until i creamed all over the shirt i was sitting on from my secret perch. only i kept cuming for awhile. OMG this was super hot, but came on unexpectedly. usually i edge myself alone climax, but now there was no getting past it. "mmmm" james exclaimed, asking kelly if he had permission to fill up her ass with nut and she said "fuck yeah" and he gave it one last thrust toward her ass, his hands holding on so tightly to her hips that it left a mark. i mean like a srain. he was happy with his performance i could tell. but then like every guy does, he offered her a toke but still dressed quickly and mumbled something about babysitting his neice. good boy. he used her slut ass then she was over. that's the way we roll. when he got back from dropping her off, i was naked in wait for him. he was ready for me. good dammit. we never talked about it and i will not forget he did omit a truth here, but it worked to my benefit. and who says my glass isnt over flowing the half way mark? no, i'm a fuucking amazing girlfriend. see one little think known only to me,,, is that i sent her right to him that night, as soon as i discovered that they cancelled my flight. felt kinda wrong but it came out so right

{true story ladies, gents and not so gents! as told by robyn marie, may 2020}

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5/10/2020 3:25 am

Great story. I’d love to see that on video . 4317712

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5/11/2020 3:42 pm

Hot story. Thanks!

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5/20/2020 1:26 pm

Very Very Nice!!!!

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