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virgin ass turns into fwb arrangement  

Wicked7pixieSLUT 45F  
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10/17/2020 12:39 pm
virgin ass turns into fwb arrangement

jayson's story:

my girlfriend and i are in an open relationship which means we play together with others. but recently my girl admitted that she was sleeping with one of our friends, without me. she confessed this to me and i have to admit i was a little bummed that she went behind my back. but she had an idea as to how we could even it up. she gave me per permission to find a fuck buddy of my own, either a nsa experience or an ongoing fwb arrangement. in fact she even offered to help me find a chic. and with her advice... i managed to meet ella on my own terms. i met her online and we had instant chemistry. when i found out she liked to party i invited her over for some party & play, hoping that she would want to play. but i did assure her that she was under no obligation to do anything she didn't want to do. i was confident tho that she was a little into me, and i was hoping that we would have some kinky fun. when she arrived and i let her in my place, she caught me off guard because she was even sexier in person then she was in her pics! i was stunned and felt like so nervous now that she was over. her blond hair hung loosely over her breasts, and her cleavage was showing (damn) and her nipples were peeping through her white blouse, as if to say touch me now! but i managed to control that urge. i told her how amazing she looked. she blushed and told me that she thought i was hot too... she reached forward and caressed my long hair, and i knew that the strong attraction was mutual. so we sat down on the couch and i let her pick out something to watch on netflix. her choice was cartoons, and i thought that was kool. once we got to smoking some speed, it wasn't long before we were both going fast, getting a little spun, the conversation just got to be more and more fun. we flirted for awhile, and told me that she had a fantasy, and she wanted to tell me about it. i was definitely interested in hearing what it was, thinking that maybe she would let me help her act on it that night. she told me that she had never been penetrated in her ass, and that she really wanted to try it. (wow how awesome is that?! anal is my favorite of all sex acts!) i wasted no time volunteering to introduce her to anal sex for the first time... i assured her that i would be gentle and honored to help her fulfill her fantasy. i was wondering how i could get to her and start something that would lead to such an activity. she was laughing at all my jokes and talking about sex and i knew that he was into me and she wanted to play around. still i assume nothing so i asked her if i could lick her pussy so i could taste her for the first time. she agreed and i took her hand, and lead her into m y bedroom. i asked if she minded if i recorded us on my webcam, and she said yes... so i hit the record button and faced the cam at the bed. once we sat down, i gently laid her down on her back, and i started kissing her neck. she smelled sooo good, and i worked my way down to her breast. she unbuttoned her blouse and wow her tits her so perfect, so i started gently pinching and licking them, caressing them lightly and then sucking on each one, and she squirmed in delight... i knew i had rubbed her right... down her belly i worked my way to her thighs. they trembled as i licked on them and kissed them. my god she had on thigh highs and white lace panties. i pulled off her panties and started licking her pussy from her clit to her ass, up and down and then i sucked on her clit, which as small but swollen. inserting a finger inside of her i discovered she was really tight. i asked her if she minded my fingers and she said that it felt really good. she said that she had only been with one other guy, and that he was her age, 24 and inexperienced. so she never had an older guy like me even touch her. that was my que to eat that pussy but good... she moaned and she wiggled around, her hips grinding into my mouth, she was wet and excited as i gave her my best... she was into it and i loved hearing her tell me how she was going to cum. she pushed me onto my back, and squatted over my face, dipping down into my mouth and rubing herself all over my facial hair... she was getting off all right. i don't think she had ever gotten decent oral from her one boyfriend. she crawled down and started sucking my cock. it was so hard and swollen that it seemed bigger then usual. i had to ask her to stop finally because i was going to blow if she kept it up. so she got up and sat down on my cock, started to grind down and rock, back and forth and side to side, for a 24 year old she certainly knew how to ride. again, i asked her to remain still for a time because i didn't want to cum yet. then i rolled her down on the bed, layed her there on her tummy, and asked her if she still wanted to try anal. she readily begged for it, so i asked her to reach back and spread her beautiful ass cheeks apart some... i pored some almond oil all over her ass, and i slowly pierced that ass with the tip of the cock. i made sure she wanted to me to keep going and she told me it felt so good that she wanted all of me inside her. her ass was so so so fucking tight that tightness i had anticipated all fucking night. i put my cock back into her tight little hole, and sunk it all the way inside of her... she told me she wanted me to cum in her ass and that was not a problem because as she nearly screamed in delight, 3 strokes into it i nut so hard that it seemed to last forever, my orgasm that is... and i came twice, once a dry one and then i blew my jizz all up in her ass. it was so snug, so amazing, and so exciting to be up in her... i took out a clit vibrator and finished her off until she was screaming and saying "yes, oh my god, yes, yes, yes... keep doing that" and i did until she stopped pulsing and after multiple times she came, i tuned off the toy and got up, got us each a cigarette and we laid there and talked for hours. she confessed that she really liked the anal. she thought it would hurt more and she didn't expect to like it, but she did. she told me that cuming in my ass was really hot, that it turned her on and she said that she got off on that. and she loved the toy... i told her it was hers to keep. we got up and went back into the living room and smoked some more. like most any girl the speed got her talking a lot. but our conversation was great and we both got horny again. she got our her vibe toy and turned it on, placed it inbetween her legs and got on her knees. she started rubbing on my cock with her hands, and she surprised me when she pulled out my dick and started sucking on it. she was going all the day down, her mouth dripping wet, and she sucked and sucked but within minutes i asked her to slow down. then one more time she started back on it, and i told her i was going to cum. she said to go for it and she insisted that i cum in her mouth. what a trip since i usually pull out first, and it felt amazing. we talked and laughed after that for hours. before she left she told me that she wanted to see me again, and she asked me if i could see her again the coming weekend(?) i was blown away that she really was digging me becasuse she is young, gorgeous and her pussy and ass were so tight, i of course made plans to see her saturday night. she was so hot i was on fire. it was so hot that i had to go check the webcam to see what was captured on record. my girlfriend had asked me to record it so she could watch it and we certainly recorded a show for her to see. i can't wait to show her!!!

stacy's (short) story, the girlfriend:

stacy had a confession of her own. she secretly stayed home instead of going to her friend's place, and she seen it all pretty much. she told me that she masturbated the entire time damn near. she was very tuned on. so she requested that she get to join in the festivities.

i didn't think ella would go for that, but she was turned on by the idea of having my girlfriend watch. maybe even join in. so thus was the beginning of a beautiful 3way friendship!

comments? questions? ask me anything. this actually did happen, only the names had been changed.

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