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8/12/2021 11:45 am

's a warm summer evening, the sun just setting, creating a warm pink light that fills the windows throughout the house. I'm standing in the kitchen, making myself a snack.
I feel you walk up behind me, but pretend not hear your quiet steps. You stand behind me, and I feel your breath on my neck.

"Where have you been?" you whisper in my ear.

"Out." I say with mock ignorance. I know the response will get your attention.

You wrap your hand around mine and pull the knife from my hand and set it gently in the sink my left. I feel you pressing against my back.

"Do you think that is an appropriate response?" You say, a harshness in your voice that makes my pussy pulse.

"No." I say quietly.

"No, what?" You say with a hiss.

"No, sir. That was not an appropriate response."

"Much better. Now, where were you?"

I take a breath and try answer confidently, whispering will make you angry.

"I was with some girls from work. We went out dinner and had a drink."

"That's better. Did you let me know?"

"No, sir."

"And why not?"

"I just forgot, sir." My breathing is becoming heavy as you question me.

"You've been forgetting a lot lately. Forgetting tell me when you're coming home late, forgetting tell me when you're expecting company, forgetting ask permission cum. Yes, don't think I forgot. I told you you would be punished, and I think tonight is as good as any other."

You spin me around roughly. "Go into the room. Strip. Completely. Then kneel in front of the bed until I come in."

I know better than to argue. "Yes, sir." When you release your grip on my shoulders, I hurry to the bedroom.

I do just as you tell me. I kneel on the floor for what feels like hours, but 's really a few minutes. My pussy is dripping down my thighs. I'm becoming increasingly aware of how wet I am, even just waiting here for you.
You walk in just as my juices roll down my leg and the floor. "My, you are a little slut, aren't you? I think you're far more excited than you should be for your<b> punishment </font></b>tonight."

You walk over to the drawer where we keep all of our toys. I watch you pull two butt plugs and a wooden paddle from the drawer. You lay them on the bed behind me.
You stand in front of me. I watch hungrily as you undo you belt and let your jeans fall to the floor.

"Open." You say bluntly. My mouth betrays me and falls open before I have a chance to think. Your cock fills my mouth.

"Suck." You say, as if I didn't know what to do with your cock in my throat. I lick, suck, and kiss your cock for a long while. You grab my hair and pull it as I suck you. I can tell you're getting close to cumming from the deep moans escaping your throat, but you aren't finished with me; you pull out of my mouth.

"Enough. Stand up." I obey promptly. "Bend over the side of the bed." I lay my torso across the edge of the bed, my ass in the air. I focus on spreading my legs and raising my ass to your liking. Getting it wrong results in swift swats to my thighs.

"Very good." Your praise fills my mind, but is quickly replaced by a sharp smack on my ass. "Stay still." You say. "I'm going to warm you up first."

"Thank you, sir." Escapes my lips before the first smack lands on my ass. I try to focus solely on the feeling of your hand coming down on my bottom, but it becomes too much. I start to gasp, and my gasps turn into moans which turn into groans of pain and pleasure.

"Stay still and we'll be done soon." I do my best to stay still as you continue your assault on my bottom. I count ten more swats in my head before you begin rubbing my ass.

"Good girl." You purr. "You took that so well." You rub my ass for just a moment more before reaching for the lube in our bedside table. I know what's coming next. You press your lubed finger against my ass. It is then replaced by the smaller silicone butt plug. "Relax" you command. I feel it stretch my ass, and I moan, but it slides in easily after a moment.

"I'm going to paddle you now. How many can you take?"

"Umm, 16, sir?" I say, unsure. My head is clouded with the full feeling coming from my ass.

"Is that a question? How many can you take?" You demand more harshly.

"I can take 16, sir." I say, more confidently. I'm still not sure I can handle 16 hard smacks on my already aching ass. I almost change my mind, but you speak again.

"Good" you say. "I want you to count them, and after each one, thank me."

"Yes, sir."

The first smack hits my sore bottom. "One, thank you, sir!" I shout.

"Two, thank you, sir."

Another eleven swats land on my ass. With each swat, I feel the butt plug move slightly. My pussy is still dripping. I can sense a small puddle forming beneath me.

"Fourteen, thank you, sir." At this point I am whimpering and my counting is turning into quiet sobs.

"Fifteen, thank you, sir," I grit through my teeth.

"SIXTEEN! Thank you. Sir." I scream this last , relieved that this<b> punishment </font></b>is over.

You sit in the edge of the bed and pull me over your lap. I breathe heavily. You speak calmly, "you did so well. I'm proud of you. You did so well." I love your praise, but my ass is and stings.

After a few minutes, you wiggle the plug in my ass, reminding me this<b> punishment </font></b>may not be over.

"'s time continue, slut." You say, almost lovingly.

"Yes, sir."

"Get on the edge of the bed on all fours." You grab the larger plug.

You stand behind me, rubbing my ass. You grab the plug in my ass. "Give here" you say, as you pull lightly. I feel pop out, satisfyingly be honest. I feel a lubed tip press against my asshole again, the next plug. You continue press into my ass as I groan and stretch.

"Very good" you say as settles into place. "Would you like to be fucked now, slut?"

"Yes, please, sir" I answer, too quickly.

"You'll have to beg" you say simply.

"Please, sir. Please fuck me. I want your cock in my pussy, sir. Please." I continue my begging for just a moment before you cut my off.

"Fine, if you think you need . But you ask my permission before you cum, do you understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Tell me what you're going do."

"I'm going ask for your permission cum, sir."

"Good" you say. I feel your cock at the tip of my pussy. As you shove your cock in, I moan "yes, please". You start slowly, teasing me. I feel the plug wiggle in my ass, and I am filled. Then you me in earnest. I'm screaming and squealing. The sounds coming from my throat are far from human. They are primal sounds of intense pleasure.

"May I.... Touch my.... Clit, sir?" I manage to gasp.

"Yes, slut."

I rub my clit lightly at first, but the motion from being fucked makes that difficult, so I take three fingers and rub harshly at my clit.

"Can you cum with me, slut? Can you do that?" You moan.

"Yes, sir. Please, sir, may I come with you?"

"Yes. Ready?"

A few more thrusts and a moment more of rubbing my clit.

"Cum." You command.

And I do. I cum hard on your cock, milking every drop of your sweet cum.

After a moment, you gently pull the plug from my ass and rub my still sore, red ass. Once you clean me up, you collapse on the bed next to me.

"Thank you" I breathe as I cuddle into your side.

"Thank YOU" you gasp. "Please go out tomorrow and don't tell me."


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