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Age. Just a number?  

Will_lick_her41 80M  
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10/2/2021 10:10 pm
Age. Just a number?

Some may disagree but age is just a number to me. Older folks still have urges and sex more often than you might thin I can't tell you how many times I've been rejected because I was 79 and recently turned 80. I'll concede some women have probably had bad experiences with older men and truthfully I no longer get hard enough for intercourse (mainly due to meds I take for a heart condition). I can't stop taking the meds . If I did I'd probably be dead rather quickly. Many women probably don't consider alternatives such as cunnilingus, strap-ons designed to fit over the mans flaccid penis allowing full penetration and incredible stamina. There are plenty of toys one could use to get a woman to<b> orgasm </font></b>just as there are many ways to bring a man to ejaculation ( hand jobs, blow jobs, foot jobs, and cunnilingus believe it or not). It's true the hollow strap-ons don't do much for me but to me the point is getting the woman to<b> orgasm </font></b>and to be able to have<b> orgasm </font></b>myself. I once had several threesomes with a man and his wife, I ate her out and fucked doggy style with a very thick 8" hollow strap-on. She loved it. BTW while I was fucking her, her husband slid his dick in her mouth and she sucked him off. Never have I been disappointed that I didn't cum from any of these activities. Usually I just masturbated later to<b> orgasm </font></b>as I did in this event. I also have had some success using a cock ring with a penis pump and some times get very hard but need to get busy with a woman very quickly after I get hard or it starts softening. Unfortunately haven't had a partner for this method and it doesn't always work well. My urologist has suggested an implant but I have many unanswered questions about that like loss of sensitivity, healing time and insurance (Social Security) considerations. Any thoughts on why women are reluctant to try one of these methods or concerns? about an implant?

BiggLala 49F  
30157 posts
10/3/2021 11:05 am

Any thoughts on why women are reluctant to try one of these methods or concerns?
-You need to ask the individual women in whom you're interested. Women aren't monoliths, and have different desires. Sure, people can engage in different things when together, but some women still find pleasure in vaginal penetration with an actual penis, and not a phallic representation. Therefore, sexual activity that does not at least involve penetration with a flesh and blood penis generally does not appeal to them.

Some women will be interested in what you are and some won't. You just have to continue searching to find the women who are open to the various forms of sexual activity that you are.

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Will_lick_her41 80M  
7 posts
10/26/2021 10:34 am

Thanks for your input. A few women I've chatted with expressed interest in the strapon. Most aren't interested. I just want to have intimate contact with a woman.

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