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"Play" + "Fast Forward". Aka: Better Days  

Wizardoftheblock 46M  
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2/1/2021 7:53 pm
"Play" + "Fast Forward". Aka: Better Days

During the summer between th and th grade, I reached personal milestones. It's hard to believe that this happened decades ago, when I remember it like it was yesterday. Former President Bill Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas at the time. Madonna was caught somewhere in between being the ever sought after Susan and being drafted into playing in.a league of her own. John Madden was a mere football commentator destined to become a sensational video game icon.

And what was 16 year up ?

Learning drive, of course. Getting my license was huge. It meant freedom and exploration. Speaking of exploration, this leads me my second milestone....my first threesome!! Also, HUGE, by the way.

My high school peers would have described me as an awkward but surprisingly athletic high school sophomore. Like most high school , I had a small group of friends to sit with at lunch and join for random tenth grade stuff like the occasional Saturday night bowling extravaganza with a little Space Invaders or Ms. Pac Man thrown in.

Oh, and I think I should mention that I had no game whatsoever, but to my surprise, my virginity became a relic of history, thanks to becoming friends with a young woman whom I was a part of a class project with. Maybe she wanted to stick it to her strict parents? One up her "very sophisticated" barely older sister? Satisfy her curiosity? She wanted to be a bad girl? A good girl? I'd like to think she thought I was a whole lot cooler than I really was, but WTF? Somehow we figured it out, and I spent quite a while walking around with a goofy smirk on my face and no understanding of why.

Flash forward to that summer in which I learned how to drive. I lucked into a good summer job as an errand boy for a family friend who owned a business. I roamed Downtown Pittsburgh carrying out tasks such as delivering memos, small packages, files, and of course retrieving pizza and other forms of take out for the rest of the staff.

And the big bonus was that I met J and T, both secretaries in the office and best friends. They were both in their later twenties or early thirties, maybe a dozen or so older than . They were very friendly and even affectionate towards each other.

They always seemed to have some task or errand for me to take care of, which almost always entailed extensive instructions and detail. Afterwards, they would<b> tease </font></b>me mercilessly for getting it "mostly" right.

It was no surprise when J and T decided to move in together. Naturally, they needed help moving , and I was just the man for the job. So there we were loading up the Subaru Brat for one trip after another.

In my poor little "I just finished th grade mind," all I could think of was at $5.00 an hour, I could make at least twenty bucks today!! Maybe even $30!!

Unfortunately, I did not get to drive the Subaru. That would have been the cherry on top of the sundae, or so I thought. C'mon. What did I know? I wasn't even enough be considered naive.

As we were wrapping up the day's work, and I was calculating what I'd do with my new found wealth, J dropped some bad news on me: She told me that they didn't have the cash to , but come back this time tomorrow, they would have food and cash for me.

"Not enough cash," I thought to myself. I wondered if they were going to more than I anticipated. Maybe they'd $40?! I went home disappointed, but I wasn't worried because I knew where J and T live and worked.

Naturally my folks were worried that I'd be stiffed. Yeah. "Stiffed." I'll bet that's exactly what they were worried about.

The next day, I returned J and T's place for dinner expecting pizza from my favorite place and cash. Instead, I got an invitation participate in what turned out be the world's greatest show and tell at the time. I'm talking about a 2 on 1 demonstration and lesson of "cool things that I can do with my hands and mouth' as well as an anatomy lesson inside and out!!

I have to admit that I was terrified, but I was also curious and excited. All I knew was that there was no way I was going to miss out by allowing my shy and timid self to emerge and wimp out.

As I mentioned, these women were both at least a decade older than me, and they were experienced. They knew what to do with their lips, their mouths, and their tongues. They knew which fingers to insert, and how to find the sweet spots that covered buried treasure in the dar

I had no idea that there was even any treasure look for!!

That's one lesson I'll never forget.

There's nothing like an interactive demonstration and lesson with people who really know what they're doing stimulate good learning,

I grew up be one of those rare eleventh graders who knew that he should at least be looking for buried treasure...and now I knew how conduct the search!!

God bless the 1980s and 1990s when thirty year women weren't incarcerated and branded as predators for hitting the and fast forward button on a sixteen year 's life events cycle.

If J and T loved torture . for getting their complicated instructions at the office "mostly right," they had a field day with that Sunday, but by the time they were done with me, my goofy smirk was out of control.

Upon returning home, my mom asked if they actually paid me AND fed me.

"More than I expected, Mom," trying hide my grin.

"There are leftovers in the fridge, but I'm sure you stuffed your face and didn't save pizza for anyone else."

"I ate plenty."

In case you are wondering, I never got any cash for helping J and T move. There was no $20, $30, or even $40 windfall for . And yet, here we are, decades later, and I want say how I am forever grateful, J and T. I dare say that a few of the women I have met over the are as well. And if either of you happen be reading this, drop a line, I owe you dinner.

Artemis789 52F  
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2/2/2021 10:33 am

Love this story! Takes me back to my high school days. Shy, backwards little farmgirl...my how I have evolved, lol.

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2/3/2021 4:04 am

I think you got paid in full my dear friend.
I think you owe me dinner anyways


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