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Wok2016 38M  
91 posts
8/29/2020 1:33 am

I remember I first joined the site try connect more amateur porn, and cam a little myself. I rarely went into the rooms, other than occasionally my local one from time time. I was generally just here watch or be watched, or both, at any given moment. Eventually I started reading some of the stories too, and that got me thinking about writing again too, and I started "chatting" with one particular member and helping to create her fantasies for her.

That's progressed from their to writing more diverse short stories, some good, some bad, some just for me, but also led me to delve further into the chat rooms too. I've had some really great experiences there, but I've also had some that felt purely transactional and now I find myself in<b> multiple </font></b>rooms at a time and engaging with<b> multiple </font></b>other users. I don't intend for things to progress in<b> multiple </font></b>places, but lately that seems to be happening on occasion and I don't seem to have the decency to focus exclusively on one "partner" at a time.

I suppose it's some type of narcissism or compulsion, that I think that the more I put myself out there, the better member I'll be for the rest of it, but really it's just me chasing a high I'm struggling to find offline. My own inability to cultivate meaning in a relationship and commit 100% to that at any given time. I'm not sure what led me here, but alas here I am. I do genuinely enjoy each and every experience I have on here, but I do apologize if I haven't given any of you my full and un-divided attention when you deserved it.

I will do my best to be more "present" in my future interactions, and not spend so much time looking to get as involved. Quality over quantity will start to guide my decision-making, and more importantly my actions.

Have fun all...

sexysixties2 72F  
39221 posts
9/7/2020 1:44 pm

I must admit that I have never bothered with the chat rooms....all I use here are the blogs. I used to make bling but don't seem to have the time any more.

"Age does not protect you from love, but love, to some extent, protects you from age."

~~Anais Nin~~

author51 57F  
102822 posts
8/29/2020 2:02 am

When I first joined I did not go into chat rooms nor did I write blog posts.I started going into the Ontario room about 6 months ago every morning and love it now.I have met a lot of people that are in there daily with me and have made many friends there..The Ontario room and blogging now is where I have connected the most with others here..Glad you have also experienced a lot and have met others through these two venues...

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

Wok2016 38M  
502 posts
8/29/2020 1:34 am

Three thirty three

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