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I really thought she was a scammer!  

Wombat1967F 54M
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6/18/2021 12:05 pm
I really thought she was a scammer!

So in addition being a real kinky pervert on here I also have some more<b> vanilla </font></b>profiles on a few other dating websites. I am looking for someone long term, I am just hoping she is a seriously kinky sexually adventurous slutty over sexual lady. If you haven't read my page,m or my other blogs, I prefer a woman fucks other guys and either lets me participate with them both, or clean, or watch, or listen, or tells me about it later, I being a semi-cuckold because I don't need the humiliation part). Anyway, back the point... I'd like find a kinky chick fucks around for a long term relationship, but I do have some<b> vanilla </font></b>dating profiles because you never know, and this date the kinkiest babe I have ever been with came of of MySpace (this was before ... I miss the original MySpace.)

So I am on one of these sites and I like a woman. This particular site makes the woman make contact first... her add said, "I am looking for my forever, not a quick lay."

So of course I thought she was a scammer when her second me, after hello, was...

"I'm going be straight with you I am horny and want some good dick will you give me some like now "

So thinking it was a scammer (and I like mess with scammers) I wrote, "Well, I'd love do that for you. But I have a feeling your going try get me do a "background verification" now... and I won't do that."

I am very good a sensing scammers and I love screw with them and then turn them in so they can't scam others.

Imagine my surprise when this came back, "LOL No, I just want some dick come give me some"

It took a few more texts, but I eventually realized she was 0% real and cute as . She is an oil field worker and stays at a work camp then goes home out of state after her hitch. I have no idea what made her choose me, my<b> vanilla </font></b>profile said nothing about sex at the time, although I have recently added the word 'kinky".

I have seen her four times since then. So, I am still 0% on guard against scammers. But they are not all scammers.

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6/18/2021 6:46 pm

no of course not, statistically-speaking

there will always be "real" people
the trick is to sort thru the chaff to find them

Humanity peaked during the 20th century.
We can't even make a decent starter solenoid any longer.

Wombat1967F replies on 6/19/2021 10:02 pm:
Yeah, it seemed a little weird coming from such a vanilla website. I was leary, but glad it worked out so well... so far.

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