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my first bi-experience part 2  

XxxperimentalNE 47M
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9/20/2021 6:37 am
my first bi-experience part 2

...so after a Metro journey and an animated discussion on the merits of Giallo cinema we finally stumbled into Johns flat. Sally still looking a bit miffed as her plans for John seemed to have gone south!!
Being a<b> beer </font></b>light-weight I asked John where the bathroom was..
'Straight through the kitchen and utility room'..Sally shot him a glance as i bounced off the hall way wall and into John..who steadied me as I brushed past..sure I felt his hand lingering on my arse as he ushered me past.
'Just shout if you need a hand' he giggled as I wandered through the kitchen, another withering look from Sally was fired his way and he grinned and shrugged.
After the blessed relief I walked into the living room and found them sitting on the sofa..Sally seemingly a bit more relaxed was draped was cuddling into John while they sipped on Jack Daniels.
I dropped into an armchair opposite them my drink on the coffee table in front of me.
Sally seemed a little less cold and was absent mindedly stroking John's thigh...occasionally straying onto his inner thigh and close to a growing bulge in his tight black jeans.
Had he noticed me checking out his bulge?...being a little drunk being discrete was out of the window.
It was Sally who broke the uncomfortable silence...'I'm pleased you guys get along..I thought you might be jealous..I know you fancy me'
'Yeah I do fancy you..but I'm not jealous' I replied...'good to see you happy..okay maybe a little jealous but you are my mate and I should be happy if you are happy'.
'I can see John is happy'...oh shit..my brian to mouth filter had malfunctioned. I winced but heard guffaws of laughter coming from John and a giggle from the previously frosty Sally.....to be continued......

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