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Best Sleep Ever!!!  

Younglumber69 45M  
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8/9/2020 9:50 am
Best Sleep Ever!!!

I know this is gonna make sound like an amateur but if most men are honest we probably take very few baths and sleep in the raw even less frequently. Perhaps after a good romp we might fall deep into a cum coma and sleep like we've been in the yard all day. Outside of knock out sex...nearly never!

Anyhow, a good friend suggested sleeping in my birthday suit because I complained about not getting enough rest and not finding a comfortable position. I also didn't want a sleeping aid so I said fuck it<b>...balls </font></b>out. I'll admit that I thought about rubbing one out but I must have fallen asleep too quickly. I felt free and must have gotten 0 winks. Man...imagine how powerful I might feel dangling in the sun all day...lol. Naked sleep is a gift from the heavens! I don't even think I have really given much thought about is but now I'm think its time get the thread count over 00 and perhaps go full summer freak and get silk or satin. Ok, maybe that's pushing it.

Time research the side effects of sleeping in the nude and whether folk report improved lifestyle, blood flow, and so on. Does this work for any of you? Are you nicer when you wake up T/A out?? I'm interested people. We might be on something.

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