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So many possibilities  

YoungnfunMA 25M/24F  
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10/15/2019 2:50 pm
So many possibilities

We want to experience life to the fullest and that includes sex life. We (and especially she) want to have as many unique sexual experiences as possible. We are trying to follow the philosophy of being open to trying anything once. So who knows what we'll get into here, how many we'll meet (maybe one person, maybe hundred), and where those experiences lead us. We'd love to hear your ideas!

lc223 49M  
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10/15/2019 5:41 pm

That's the perfect attitude.

SingleItalianGy2 48M  
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10/15/2019 6:22 pm

Perfect attitude indeed and this site was designed specifically for the purpose of sexual exploration. Whether it be Fantasy or in Reality. So have fun and be safe and hope you find all you seek and then some. One bit of advice coming from a now single gentleman who explored in the past with my girlfriend at the time. Communication is key, don't hold back and be honest with yourself and your partner. And I'm certain you will both have an enjoyable time.

lc223 49M  
21 posts
10/15/2019 7:18 pm

How's this for an idea. I wrote this a while back.

Hi, My name is Steve and I recently had an experience on SLS that I had to share. I'd been on for a while and met some cool people but they were few and far between. One day I noticed a profile that was fairly new and seemed like people I would be interested in meeting. It was a new to the site couple looking for single men to join them. I completely understand the desire to see your wife or girlfriend with another man or even multiple men. I had a girlfriend years ago who told me she had had threesome with both men and women before we met. Just the thought of her being fucked by two men was something I could never get out of my head. Sadly she never wanted to try it again so I never had the opportunity to experience it myself. I figured being the extra man in a threesome must be the next best thing so I joined SLS and found out it was a lot of fun.
I noticed the IM was on so I said hello and got a reply back. We exchanged a few hellos and then I asked who I was talking to. He introduced himself as Sean and mentioned how when guys find out it's the man chatting they usually click off and that's it. Being here a while I already knew that most of the time it was the guy so I was fine with it. The guys who are afraid to chat with the husbands usually don't get anywhere. I told him about my experiences and how I understood why he wanted to see his wife Kelly with other men. He gave me a brief rundown of what they were interested in and it sounded like we would fit. basically he wanted to see someone have his way with his wife and she wanted to be done really well by two men at once. We talked and eventually texted each other but she was a little nervous to chat with me. Finally during one of our text talks he showed her a picture of me on the phone and said "Here,Steve wants to say hi." and handed her the phone. She said hello and we made small talk for a few minutes and then discussed the three of us getting together sometime and made plans to talk again. The talk must have made her more comfortable since we exchanged messages for the next week or so. We talked about how each of us saw things playing out but didn't want to go too into detail and figured it was best to just let it happen naturally when the time came.One thing that stood out was how she wanted to tease him and make him watch or even just listen to us from the other room. I liked the idea too,there was something hot about the thought of having someones wife right in front of him.
When we were all in agreement that we wanted to meet up we made plans for me to go over to their place one night. I came over and Sean answered the door. We shook hands and he sat at one end of the couch while I sat at the other. Kelly came into the room looking very sexy. She was 5'4'' about 130 pounds long brown hair with nice full breasts and a great ass and legs. She had on a nice tight fitting pair of sweat pants and a loose fitting tank top with bare feet. Simple but very sexy which was good since I knew clothes would be coming off quickly. There was a little awkwardness and we talked for about a half hour about everything besides sex. Once the drinks kicked in we we all a little more at ease and I mentioned her cute feet. I let he know that nice feet were a turn on of mine and I think she left them bare to tease me. I offered her a foot massage and she quickly smiled and said yes. She moved closer and laid sideways with her feet on my lap while I rubbed them.it didn't take long for things to heat up and she started to rub her heels into my crotch which was already starting to grow.
Soon after I pulled her arms toward me and positioned her on my lap straddling me. I smelled her neck and tugged lightly on her long hair before giving her a kiss. Sean had told me she liked to kiss and he was right. We started slow and gentle and then it turned more and more aggresive and deep. I had my hands all over her. Sliding them down the back of her pants and up the back and then the front of her shirt. I purposely didn't get too close to her nipples or pussy. I wanted her to really want it and beg for it. She was rubbing her pussy back and forth over my cock getting us both turned on.Sean just sat there and didn't make a sound,mesmerized by the sight of his wife making out with another man. The first time in 11 years she touched or was touched by someone other than him. After a while I asked her where her phone was. We had discussed it before so she knew what that meant. She picked up her phone and dialed Sean's number then told him to pick up and leave it on and not make a sound or she would hang up.
She led me toward the bedroom and once inside we locked the door and she put her phone down on the nightstand. Sean was able to hear every word but not see or do anything about it. I sat on the bed and she stood in front of me and I told her to take off her cloths so I could see her body. She first took off her shirt and revealed her nice plump tits and hard nipples. The she dropped her pants and stepped out of them doing a little turn around for me. Whens she took off her panties they fell to the floor heavy, soaked with her pussy juice. I had her bend over with her ass toward me so I could see her beautiful shaved pussy from behind. I rubbed her juices from her thigh with my finger and tasted how nice it was. I asked her what she wanted and she told me she had been thinking of my fat cock all day. I told her to say it loud. "I want your fat cock in me " was her reply. I knew Sean must be glued to the phone. I reached around and slapped her ass hard and she yelped. I said "did you like that?" and did it again. She didn't answer so I spanked her even harder and asked again. She said "god yes, I love that. Please fuck me." I got undressed and sat back on the bed and told her to suck my cock. I'm no giant, maybe 6 and 1/2'' on a good day but it's very thick,almost 2'' wide. I held her hair while she swallowed my cock like a champ. She was so good at it and took me right down to the balls. I knew if this kept up I was going to cum so I pulled her head off and told her to lay on the bed. I laid next to her and kissed her while I rubbed her pussy with the palm of my hand and slipped my fingers inside,pulling upward while pushing down with my palm. This drove her nuts and she started to moan loudly. I finally got down and positioned my head head between her thighs with her legs over my shoulders so I could lick her pussy while I reached up and squeezed and played with her tits at the same time. She seemed to like me pinching and twisting her nipples so I did it harder while I slipped my tongue up and down spreading her pussy lips. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter and I started to suck her whole clit area into my mouth hard. Like it was a gr*pe I was trying to pull off the vine. The combination of playing with her nipples and clit at the same time was too much and I could feel her pussy tighten as she had her first orgasm. We stopped to catch her breath and I asked her if we should call him in. We got up and she said come in if you want to watch and unlocked the door. By the time the door opened she was kneeling on all fours on the bed while I stood on the floor sliding my cock in and out of her mouth while holding her hair. The first sight he has was his pretty little wife getting faced fucked by a stranger.She was taking the whole cock down her throat and enjoying the rough face fucking. Every now and then I would pull her head off and hold my cock up so she could lick under the balls.
I told her to lay back and for him to hold her arms over her head. I pulled her legs straight so she was spread between us. I lifted up her legs so her ass came off the bed a little and rubbed my cock on her bald wet pussy a little to tease her before I positioned the tip at the opening and slowly but firmly pushed it in with one deep stroke. We could both see the look on her face as it went in. I started of slow and build up speed slowly.harder and faster with each stroke. I leaned over and put more of my weight on her as I fucked her nice and deep. She was screaming "yes, that's it fuck me like that,fuck me like that". I could feel I was about to cum so I leaned back and rubbed my cock on the outside of her pussy like I had just been fucking her except it was on the out side. When I came I just let it fly all over her stomach. You could see a little pool of cum in her belly button. I told him it was his turn and and I wanted to see him fuck her now. She said "no I don't want to fuck him,I want you to fuck me again." I said she had no choice.If she wants me to fuck her again then she has to let him fuck her. The faster he cums the quicker she gets me again. He got in front just like I did and started to fuck her.I could see she was squeezing her pussy muscles to make him cum faster and it was working. I got up by her head and slipped my dick in her mouth and she sucked all of our juices off. The look on her face was incredible and I was starting to get hard again. When he was about to cum I told him to cum all over her like I did. He must have been really excited since he sent a huge load all over her adding it to mine.
I was ready to go again and I wanted to see little Kelly turned into a cum covered little slut. I pulled her by the legs to the edge of the bed and held her legs up high by the ankles so I could stand up and deliver a nice hard fucking. She was obviously enjoying herself and the smile on her face combined with the cum shinning on her and her tits flying back and forth was a sight I'll never forget. Like something out of a really good porn movie. I he watched while I drilled her with all I had. The sounds she made got me even hotter. I finally pulled out and aimed up so I could get some on her tits and chest. She was exhausted,we both were. I asked her if she got her wish and she said yes. I asked if she knew her pussy belonged to me now and she said. "My pussy is yours,I want you to fuck me every day". I said she was going to be my dirty little whore and she wasn't finished yet. I motioned to Sean and said "You're up". She didn't resist at all and just took his dick like she was a piece of meat until he added another load to her already covered body. I knew I could never cum again but I made her suck my cock for a few minutes to get it nice and clean before getting dressed. I snapped a quick picture of her laying there freshly fucked four times and covered in cum. I figured we would all want a keepsake of that night. The best part was while I was getting dressed she looked up at her husband and said. "Are you happy now?" Like the old saying goes,"Be Careful What You Wish For,You Just Might Get It". Well we certainly all got it and hopefully more to come.

HallPassInLowell 54M
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10/19/2019 6:33 am

Would she enjoy a much older man? If so, maybe we can take turns with her, or maybe she and I can tie you up and make you watch me fuck your girlfriend. Let me know on my blog if any of this particularly interests both of you.

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