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Have you ever...  

_Vain_ 45M
1609 posts
9/17/2015 11:50 am

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10/14/2017 4:15 pm

Have you ever...

Now add up your total.
I'm at $120.

And what is Ding Dong Ditch? Ding Dong means something completely different to me.

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nightsoul1962 58F
17829 posts
9/17/2015 11:58 am



livtuplz 51M  
123 posts
9/17/2015 12:21 pm


GhostofH 61M
20164 posts
9/17/2015 12:50 pm

270 for me! Only ones off the list were # 5,16, & 18.

For the record, I think Ding Dong Ditch is like Knock on Ginger. It's when you knock or ring someone's doorbell and run away before they get to the door. Nuisance teens do this.

_Vain_ 45M

9/17/2015 1:11 pm

One of my friends on the book of faces was at $300.

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rm_sweetswcc77 45F
180 posts
9/17/2015 1:24 pm


Christie456 53F
19 posts
9/17/2015 2:53 pm

I'm at $120 as well.

teaser3d 55F
3738 posts
9/17/2015 6:43 pm

$160....Is that good or bad?

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BiggLala 48F  
28950 posts
9/17/2015 6:54 pm

$160...not to bad.

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blondegirlis 52F
4500 posts
9/19/2015 2:31 am

Only $120 for you?...I'm surprised!

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