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Sour Pusses  

_blushin 48F  
13 posts
8/30/2008 6:11 am
Sour Pusses

Recently I took a temporary posting at a local hospital. I am enjoying it so much

In order to get to work each morning I am taking the local transit service.

Ok first off I do not particularly enjoy the bus but hey it is alot cheaper than paying $13 a day for parking at the hospital and putting up with the rush hour traffic as well.


Comeon people when a pregnant woman or an elderly person gets on the bus the sign says get off your arse and give them a seat. Dont just sit there and scowl at each other and watch as they stand there and work at balancing themselves as the bus moves down the road to the next stop. And good grief would it hurt you all to smile now and then, the experience is not all that bad lol

I have a friend that drives for the bus service and I have heard her state on more than one occasion that no one is polite anymore. That the drivers are treated so rudely. At first I thought it cant be all that bad...WELL holy crap people these drivers are up at 4 and 5 in the morning to bring US a service we need. Would it really hurt to say good morning and to smile?

Each day since I have started taking the bus and riding it for 48 minutes each way to and from work. I make a point of saying "good morning" "good afternoon" "have a good day" "have a good evening" and guess what!! The drivers on the route I take are getting to know me and now are saying the same thing back to me and SMILING.

The other day I was a bit behind leaving work and was rushing to get to the bus stop. The bus was just getting to the stop when I got to the corner to cross the road. I saw that I was not going to make it so did not rush to get there, as not to hold the bus and the other people up. The bus was driving slowly (which is odd for this driver lol) and then stopped down the road where I was and let me get on. He said to me "I saw you coming" and smiled. I thanked him like crazy and was digging for my bus tickets and he said dont worry about it today and gave me my transfer

If that is the treatment I got from something so simple as smiling and saying a few kind words IMAGINE what kind of society we would have if we were all doing that?

So come on people take the scowls off your faces and show how beautiful you really are and smile


showmore2me 55M
607 posts
8/30/2008 3:12 pm

They may say you're a dreamer, but you're not the only one...

_blushin 48F  
25 posts
12/2/2008 3:20 pm

ok since I created this post ..

I got hurt on da bus ... so now I take it as little as possible


1seeking1 54F
2963 posts
11/12/2015 2:53 pm

I agree, smile you never know who needs it.

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