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3/11/2020 7:05 pm

She walked out of the bathroom, wearing nothing but a towel.

I moved quickly, putting the bag over her head and forced her onto the bed. With a knee in her back I tied her hands quickly. She lay silent on the bed. Stunned.

I pulled her up while I still had momentum, and lead her down the stairs, her towel falling half way down, to the chair, she stumbled, not knowing what was going on. The sound of white noise was loud in the background.

She still hadnt spoken, but she was breathing heavily. I ran the crop all over her naked body. She sighed softly.

I brought the crop down on her leg, she screamed loudly.

Silence... I started cropping her clit, she moaned loudly with each tap.
'Good girl... CALLSIGN'
'I cannot answer that question' I brought the crop down on her leg again, she screamed in pain again, and I lifted her head with my crop and grabbed her throat, her head still covered by the bag.
'I cannot ans...' I yanked her hair back, by her plait, the chair wobbled and she grunted. 'THIS IS NOT A JOKE, I WILL FUCK YOU UP'
'Herbert' she replied
'P-O-20-97-10-X' <
'Date of birth?'
'24th of the Twelfth, 84'
'Unit?' I said calmly, trying to keep my voice even so she wouldnt notice
'I cannot answer that question'

I forced her legs open with the crop and thrust a finger inside of her, she moaned loudly as I pushed them in and out, she was starting to twitch. She gasped as I pulled my fingers out, and I stood up.

I changed the white noise, to a baby screaming, and I saw her wince. I paced heavily around her, so she could hear my boots thump as I moved, she tried to sit up in the chair nervously.

I cropped her breast, not hard, but repeadtedly, she flinched with every stroke, and eventually started screaming with every<b> stroke.

</font></b>'You are special forces, and youre here to kill the president' I said softly into her ear. She jumped.
'I cannot answer that question' she whispered.
'What are special forces doing in MY country?' I said firmly.
'I cannot ans...' I thrust two fingers inside her this time, she inhaled sharply then let out a sigh, before moaning with every finger thrust. I then started slapping her clit with my hand, she let out a high pitched scream, and i could tell she was nearing orgasm.

I stopped again. She sat motionless, waiting...

I circled her again, boots thumping loudly, she jumped with every boot bounce.

The welts were red, and fresh on her legs, breasts as I lifted her up by her tied hands, turned her around and leant here against the wall in a stress position.

'Herbert' she replied
'Date of birth?'
'24th of the Twelfth, 84'
'I cannot answer that ques...' SNAP The crop hit her arse and she cried out in pain SNAP SNAP she screamed twice more, I pulled her head back and grabed her throat 'I WILL ARSE FUCK IF YOU DONT START ANSWERING MY QUESTIONS... UNIT?'
'I cannot answer that question'
'I need 4 bits of information, then it can all end. You look like youre in pain, you need medical help. I can get you medical help, but you need to give me some answers... Unit?'
'I cannot answer tha...' I pushed her up against the wall, my cock pushing into her naked arse. She wiggled her bum defiantly. I pulled her hair back.
'Why are you here?'
'I Cannot answer that question' I grabbed her by her throat and walked her back to the chair, but faced her backwards this time. SNAP SNAP SNAP she screamed three high pitched screams, SNAP SNAP SNAP she screamed again, and shifted in the seat, I grabbed her by the throat.

'If you give me one piece of information, I'll remove your hood, if you give me two, i'll untie your hands, If you give me three, I'll stop hitting you, and if you give me four...' I said, softly and quietly 'I'll give you an orgasm...' She took a sharp intake of breath at the thought.
'How many were there in your patrol?'
'Eigh...' she stopped 'Eigh-Eight'
*'Good girl...' I removed her hood, grabbed her chin and kissed her on the lips, softly, she licked my lips.
'What was your job?'
'I cannot answer that question...' I snapped my crop across her breasts and she almost fell out of the chair screaming, she growled defiantly.
'WHAT WAS YOUR JOB' I screamed in her face
'EXPLOSIVES' she shouted 'I'm an explosive specialist'
I untied her hands 'Good...' I kissed her again.
'How did you get here in Syria?'
'I canno...'
'Captain Herbert, youre a brave soldier, but youre not a smart one' I said softly 'DO YOU THINK THEY CARE ABOUT YOU? THEY DONT EVEN KNOW YOURE HERE. NOBODY KNOWS YOURE HERE' I screamed in her ear, she flinched 'THEYRE NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU A FUCKING MEDAL. THEY. DONT. CARE. ABOUT. YOU.'

She looked at me, straight in the eye.

'How did you get here?'
SNAP I hit her leg again 'NGGGGGGGGGGGGGH' she grunted, trying to keep the pain in.
**'there is desert in 250 miles in each direction...' I said mildly irritated 'YOU DID NOT FUCKING WALK, HOW DID YOU GET HERE' I hit her leg once more and she screamed again.
'Helicopter...' she said 'A FUCKING HELICOPTER' SHe screamed with a twinkle in her eye, I threw the crop down.
'What was your mission...?'
'I cannot answer that question...' I glared at her and grabbed her chin.
'Captain herbert... we're friends arent we? friends talk to each other don't they?' I said in friendly tone 'WHAT WAS YOUR MISSION?' I grabbed her throat, she started turning red, she tried to cough.
'The government...'
'RECON...' she spluttered, half screaming WERE A RECON PATROL she shouted as she shot me an indignant, defiant look, as if she was somehow pleased at herself for holding out for an hour and a half.
'Good' I said as turned away and picked up the bag again. She shot me another defiant look knowing what was coming. I thrust the bag over her head.
'Stand' She stood dutifully.

I marched her up the stairs, and threw her onto the bed, ripped the bag off her head and rolled her onto her back. I kicked my boots off, and knelt on the bed, lifting her hips to my mouth. I bit down on her cunt, and she squealed, arching her back further. Her head was back as I licked and slurped on her soaked cunt. I slid a finger in and out of her, and she squirmed some more as I continued to lick at her and finger fuck her. Finally, she arched and asked 'Can I?'
'No princess, not yet'
She squealed indignatly, I think she would have stamped her foot had she been standing.
'Please?' she asked, desperate to cum. 'PLEASE?' I felt her cunt muscles grip my finger.
'Now you can cum princess' She arched her back again, gripped the back of my head, and pulled me into her, she screamed 'FUCK' she quivered 'FUCKING HELL' her legs were jerking now 'FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE' I lifted my head and raised an eyebrow as she continued to jerk spasmodically.

'So... did you cum then?' She shot me a look, and I stabbed her clit with my tongue a couple of times to put her back in her place, she collapsed again, limp. She lifted her head, pulled a sarcastic face, and winked as she replied 'I cannot answer that question'

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