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A Quiet Spot for US Part 3  

able202 70M
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7/11/2020 7:34 pm

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7/21/2020 11:43 am

A Quiet Spot for US Part 3

I open my eyes and look down. I feel like I was
dreaming but I am really there. I am standing
naked in a small clearing beside a flat rock and you
are naked as well, kneeling in front of me with my
cock in your mouth. You have just the head in your
mouth running your tongue over it as you rub the shaft
in your hand. I moan that I am close to cumming
and you move your head back releasing my throbbing
cock. It bobs in the sunlight the wet head
glistening, covered with your saliva and my precum.
You sit on the rock then lie back opening your legs.
You are very wet as well. I can see the pearly
droplets as you move your hips from side to side.
I cannot take my eyes from you as you cover your
breasts with your hands and rub your nipples until you
start to moan. In slow teasing movements you slide
your hands along your tummy and finally get between
your thighs. You lift your legs and put your feet
on the rock as you rub the inside of your thighs
driving me crazy. I take my cock in my hand and
start to rub it forth and back as I watch you teasing
me. Your hands meet between your legs and cover the
smooth skin of your pussy. Watching me<b> stroke </font></b>my
cock you rub the swollen lips and then a finger
disappears between them. I watch intently as you
slide it in and out then with your other hand open
your pussy lips wide so I can see you rub your clit.
Biting your lip you rub your clit and every now and
then you dip your finger into your wet pussy to get it
lubricated again. Finally I can't stand to watch
anymore and crouch down between your open legs.
Kneeling I press my hips between your thighs and feel
your hands grip my hard cock. Eagerly you guide it
to your pussy hole and I feel your wet lips close over
the head. I nudge foreward and it slides in easily.
I push foreward and it slides in all the way. I
pause there feeling how wonderfully hot and wet you
are around my cock. Then I pull all the way out and
slide it in again. We start a steady rythym you
lifting your hips to meet my thrusts, me plowing into
you as hard as I can. You lift your legs and put them
on my shoulders. Your pussy now easier to push my
cock into. I hold your hips and shove into you
pushing hard we both groan with every thrust. You
lick your fingers and rub the saliva over your hard
nipples pinching and squeezing them as we fuck. I
feel close to cumming but try to hold back waiting for
you to cum with me. Impatiently I start to rub
your clit as I slide my cock in and out hoping to
get you close with me. Our moans fill the still air
and the sun beats down on us. We fuck harder the need
to cum is so great. I start to ejaculate first.
The first jets wetting your pussy even more, then you
moan that you are cumming too. Your body tenses up
and your legs stiffen on my shoulders as our cum mixes
together inside you. I feel like I can cum forever
as my cock spews into you. The more I cum the more
you shudder and squeeze my cock with your vaginal
muscles making it feel so good inside you. At long
last I run out of energy and collapse on top of you.
You slip your legs from my shoulders as I lower
myself down to you. I lie on top of you gasping for
breath and you lift your hips one last time to get
more of my cock into you. We settle down onto the
rock with me lying on top of you our breath coming
in short gasps. I feel my cock soften and shrink as
it slips out of your hot pussy. Our cum runs out
too down from your pussy along the soft skin between
your legs and falls onto the rock. I cover your
mouth with mine and our tongues find each other's.


author51 57F  
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7/11/2020 11:55 pm

Oh my friend, such a hot and erotic read once again.Thanks for taking me there with you.....xoxo

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

able202 replies on 7/12/2020 7:56 am:
Thanks for reading and commenting. And it is nice to be "there" isn't it?

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