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After Our Shower  

able202 70M
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6/25/2020 6:55 pm

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6/29/2020 8:36 pm

After Our Shower

We find a towel each and start to dry ourselves off.
I drag the towel across my chest as I watch you dab
the droplets from your breasts. Your nipples are
hard and pointy, I don't know if it is a chill or
the fact we are naked in the tent together and I
cannot take my eyes from you. I reach up with my
towel and ask you to turn around so I could do your
back. You inhale deeply at my first touch. With
slow strokes I rub the towel across your skin, over
your shoulders, down your back and finally over your
firm buttocks. You wriggle them as I dry the rain
away then turn and say it is my turn. With you
behind me i feel the towel move softly across my skin.
I also feel the warmth of your hand as you rub me
after the towel has passed. The blood starts to fill
my cock and it starts to rise. You sense that I am
getting worked up and press yourself against my back.
I feel your breasts against me with your wonderful
nipples then I feel your hand on my hip sliding
around to find my cock. I push my ass against you as
you rub your hand over my cock and take my balls in
your hand and gently squeeze them. You run your
hand back up my cock and squeeze the head and<b> stroke
</font></b>it gently. When it is fully rigid I turn and face
you. You look down and take it in your hand again
and keep rubbing it as I move against you putting my
arms around you. Our lips come togther and our
tongues meet. The first taste of you makes my cock
throb in your hand. The kiss is long and wet, our
tongues searching and rubbing as we grind our bodies
together. Finally I move my head back breaking the
kiss and put my head on your shoulder. I open my
lips and press my tongue against the soft skin. You
hold my head in one hand and rub my cock with the
other as I kiss and lick my way down your shoulder and
over the mound of your breast. Leaning now I take
the nipple into my mouth and press my tongue against
it. With my mouth open and pressed against your
breast I lick over your nipple then make circles
around it. My hand slides along your thigh to find
your pussy hairs so moist and ready. I lick
downward from your breast and with my hand on your
bum pull you to my as my mouth gets to your pussy.
You put your hand on my head and hold my hair as I try
to get to your moist lips with my tongue.
Kneeling I kiss your thighs and the area just above
your pussy as I slide a hand between your thighs and
rub you gently. You put one foot on the toilet
opening your thighs for me to find you. With your
one leg raised now it is easy to get my head between
your thighs and press my mouth against you. I stick
my tongue out and lick over your swollen lips up to
the soft hairs. You moan and pull my head to you.
Hungry to taste you now I open your lips with my
fingers and press my mouth to your pussy hole. I
push my tongue in as far as I can and flick it over
your soft flesh. Then I lick along your slit to your
clit. It is so hard as I lick over it from bottom to
top. I run my tongue over it until you squirm and
moan, than take it between my lips and tug at it as I
run the tip of my tongue ovr it. I look up and see
you with your eyes closed and one hand is holding your
breast the fingers pinching and twisting the nipple
as you pull my head to your pussy with your other
hand. I go back to licking that marvelous clit and
finger fucking your pussy as you rub your nipple.
Soon I feel your hips start to shake and your moans
get louder. Encouraged I lpress my tongue agaisnt
your clit and lick slow and hard pressing against you
as you move your thighs along my face. Then With
a loud groan you stiffen and I lick more slowly and
gently as your orgasm wracks your body. You shudder
and with loud moans cum beautifully. Fearing that
we will alert other campers you cover your mouth with
your hand until it is over and you start to go limp.
I move away and wiping my mouth with the back of my
hand look up into your eyes. There is nothing more
beautiful than a woman who has just cum....


able202 70M
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6/26/2020 8:53 pm

    Quoting author51:
    Such an erotic read Hun..I love how you write and take me there....xoxo
Thank You Author51. I am so glad you liked it enough to comment. I love writing my fantasies. It is rewarding to know they are appreciated. Hava great weekend XOX


author51 57F  
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6/26/2020 12:37 am

Such an erotic read Hun..I love how you write and take me there....xoxo

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

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