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After The Waltz... End..  

able202 70M
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9/16/2020 7:27 pm

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9/17/2020 10:34 am

After The Waltz... End..

She closed her eyes tight waiting, her pussy nearly
dribbling from being so wet and ready. Her clit
still sensitive from when he so expertly used his
tongue to make her cum so hard. She rocked her ass
from side to side anxiously wondering what in the
world was keeping him. He stood back holding his
cock in his hand watching her beautiful ass move and
could not resist the temptation to stroke it slowly.
Hearing her breathing and watching her ass move he
stroked his hard cock and each time he pulled the wet
foreskin back a small droplet of precum appeared at
the tiny hole in the head, only to be wiped away with
the next stroke of his hand. As impatience got the
better of her she moved back until her bum came in
contact with his hand as it pulled at his cock. He
could see her need and leaned foreward. His hand
pulled the foreskin back from his cockhead as he
touched it to her hot wet slit. It contacted her
clit and he rubbed his cock against it as she trembled
then he slid ip along her slit from the clit until it
just touched the opening of her pussy. He treated
his cockhead to the wet heat of her slit then his had
held his cock at the opening of her hot hole. He
nudged foreward gently and the head slipped in easily.
He paused savouring the feeling then pushed toward
her as she eased back to meet him swallowing his
hardon until he was tight against her ass and in as
far as he could get. He waited there as she flexed
her vaginal muscles sending shivers through him and
awakening every nerve in his cock.
He held on to her hips and withdrew until just the
head remained and drove in again this time with more
force. They built up a quick rythym with him driving
into her with considerable force. Their panting and
the slapping sound as he slammed against her beautiful
ass filled the shed as they fucked hard, her leaning
over the pile of beer cases and he behind her ramming
his cock into her wet pussy.
As he moved he moaned and told her how good she was.
"Ummmm take my cock. Fuck me hard. Cum all over
my cock and squeeze it with your beautiful wet
pussy". He moaned. She replied by reaching
between her legs and running her hand over his full
balls. He moved harder pushing against her as his
cock filled her. She rubbed and gently squeezed
his balls as her pussy felt the heat as they fucked.
He let go of her hips and slid his hands along her
ribcage to where her<b> breasts </font></b>dangled swinging forth
and back as they moved. He found her nipples so
hard and long and held them between his thumb and
finger. She played with his balls and moved her
hips to take in his cock as he slid into her as he
fucked her hard and squeezed her aching nipples.
She was first to gasp "Oh god, I'm cuming." and
as she moaned aloud he felt her get very wet and
loose. His cock too hardened more and enlarged as
the first shudders of his orgasm started. He pulled
at her nipples as his cock started to shoot his hot
cum into her. She came with him feeling his
juices fill her pussy as he pumped into her. He kept
fucking her as his cock released all he had to give
and she trembled and stiffened as her juices covered
his cock. Then she went limp and fell on the beer
cases as he gave her his last strokes and collapsed on
top of her panting and trying to catch his breath.

They remained there her leaning over the pile of cases
as his cock started to soften and shrink until it
slipped out of her and she could feel it against the
inside of her thigh and their juices mixed together
running down her leg.....


able202 70M
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9/17/2020 10:34 am

Thanks, That's how I like it too...crazy and daring..


able202 70M
3085 posts
9/17/2020 10:33 am

    Quoting author51:
    That was quite the dance from beginning to end my friend..Such a hot read through every single chapter..Bravo....xoxo
Thank you, A great encounter...


japaneseass 53F  
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9/17/2020 7:21 am

that's the way i like it...

author51 57F  
102468 posts
9/16/2020 11:25 pm

That was quite the dance from beginning to end my friend..Such a hot read through every single chapter..Bravo....xoxo

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

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