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US Part 2  

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6/11/2020 6:16 pm

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6/18/2020 1:30 pm

US Part 2

I feel so good holding you and hearing and feeling
your heavy breathing as you start to relax from my
fingering. We kiss gently and you lead me to the bed
where I lie on my back and you kneel over me. I close
my eyes and wait, heart pounding and cock throbbing.
I feel your hands first on my knees as they make their
way up my thighs. You move slowly and deliberately
as I shudder with anticipation. You rub slowly up
and down from my knees almost to where you touch my
balls then move downward again. It is exquisite.
I wait eyes closed and feel your hair on my tummy as
you lower your head. You move your head slowly
dragging your hair downward until it contacts the head
of my cock and balls. I shake as you move driving me
crazy until you finally lower your tongue and slurp
across the head of my penis. It seems to harden even
more as you<b> stroke </font></b>the very tip with your tongue.
Then your hands creep up my thighs and one of them
grips my cock sliding up and down the length as you
lick the head. I want to jump up and fuck you but
seem paralised by your touch. As you work my cock
with your mouth and hand you lower your chest over me
so your breasts rub over my tummy. You rub your
breasts and hard nipples across my stomach as you take
the head of my cock into your mouth then slowly take
it all in. I put my hands on your head and rub
your soft hair as you take me all the way in. your
tongue slides along the shaft as you move your mouth
up and down the length of my cock. I reach over
and pull at your hips until you swing your leg over my
head and lower your sweet pussy to my waiting
We straighten up, my finger so wet and glistening from
rubbing your hard clit and fingering your pussy.
Your breathing is still in gasps as you recover from the
tremendous orgasm. I wrap my arms around you and
pull you to me. My naked skin feels so good
against yours as I nuzzle my face in your hair and
whisper into your ear how much I love making you cum.
You thrust your breasts against me and your pointy
nipples press into my chest. We hug and rock gently
together as we listen to the music from the tv in the
living room. When I feel that you are starting to
relax I release you and you lie on the bed. Your
knees are slightly bent and open. I lie beside you
and look into your eyes. I look away lowering my
head to your chest. You hold my head in your hands
as I close my lips around your nipple and suckle it
gently. I put my hand on your other breast and
rub the hard nipple between my thumb and finger. You
run your fingers through my hair as I suck harder on
your nipple before slowy lowering my head down your
tummy. I kiss and lick my way downward pushing my
body down as I go. Your breath comes faster now
as you open your thighs anticipating my mouth and what
it will do. I press my hands against your pussy
lips grinding them against your clit as I move my
mouth downward sliding my tongue through your fine
soft pussy hairs. My fingers open your wet swollen
lips to give my tongue access to you. I press my
mouth against your hot hole and push my tongue into
you, tongue fucking you briefly before slurping
slowly upward along your slit toward the hard clit.
At first contact with your clit you moan and take my
head in your hands again. As if to guide me to
what you like you hold my head as I slurp up and down
your clit. When I take it between my lips and run
my tongue over the tip you move your legs opening
wider so I can get in and really suck and lick.
With two fingers sliding in and out of your hole I
lick hard along your clit and alternate between
licking it and sucking it between my lips. Soon you
are thrusting your hips against my face and bucking
wildly. Though you are pressing my head into you
with one hand I manage to look up and see the
expression of joy and pleasure on your face as you rub
your breast with your free hand while I eat your
pussy. Happy that you are enjoying my efforts I
work harder to please you, licking with long strokes
and sucking on your clit as my fingers move in and out
of you. Soon with a cry you raise your hips from
the bed and shudder as the orgasm overwhelms you.
I ease up and lick lightly as you shudder and moan not
stopping until you fall back on the bed and cover your
face with your hands....
I roll over and crawl up next to you and say "That
was so good. I really love doing that with you...."


author51 57F  
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6/18/2020 2:48 am

Oh that was a nice read..Thanks for sharing it...

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

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