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US part 1  

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5/23/2020 6:44 pm

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US part 1

US pt1

It is early evening and the lighting is dim as we face
each other. Our lips meet and the kiss is gentle at
first then as our lust increases our breathing is
heavy and we clutch together each holding the
other. You are the first break the spell and
reach for the hem of my t-shirt pulling it upwards.
We break the kiss as you pull it over my head and I
raise my arms so you can pull it off. I unbutton your
blouse slowly as we touch lips lightly and rock
together finally pushing it from your shoulders to let
it fall to the floor. We come together and the
feel of your skin on mine is exquisite. We hug as I
fight with your bra clasp until you finally help me
and undo the small hooks. Hunching your shoulders
you back away and it falls where your blouse lies.
I pull you to me once more enjoying the feel of your<b>
nipples </font></b>against my chest. We rock together then you
move your head downward and cover one of my<b> nipples
</font></b>with your mouth. You suck on it and run your tongue
over the tip as I love doing yours. I stiffen from
the pleasurable feeling and unbuckle my belt and undo
the of my jeans. Your mouth works at my nipple
as your hands push my jeans down past my hips.
They fall at my ankles and I kick them off as you push
my shorts after them. The elastic catches my hard
cock and pulls it downward then it flips and
bounces as it clears the waistband. You kneel and
move your head downward licking your way down my tummy
until you cup my balls in one hand and close your fist
around my cock. I gasp and close my eyes as you
slide your hand down the length of it pulling the
foreskin from the sensitive head. Soon I feel your
warm breath and wait in anticipation as your lips
close around the head and your tongue crosses the head
and licks it slowly. I moan softly as your tongue
moves across my cockhead and reach between us to find
your hard<b> nipples. </font></b>Squeezing them between my thumb
and fingers i feel from your mouth and moans that you
like it. I tweak them gently and run my palms over
the hard tips then slide my hands down your stomach to
find the for your jeans. Opening it and
unzipping your jeans I slide them over your firm hips
and down your legs. You move your head away from
my throbbing cock and stand face . I lean and
kiss your neck then slide my tongue across your soft
skin to your breast where I pull your nipple between
my lips and run my tongue over it. I rub your
tummy and naval with my hand and slip it down to your
moist crotch. As I suck on your nipple I move my
finger through your silky hairs and press it between
your soft wet pussy lips and find your hard clit
inside. I move downward and slip it into your very
wet pussy hole and slide it in and out slowly until it
is covered with your sweet juices. pulling it out I
move upward searching your hard clit. As I press
my fingertip against it and rotate my finger over it
you move your hips and grind against . We rock
together as I rub the hard flesh and every now and
then slip my finger inside you. Then back to
massaging your wonderful clit as you moan and rock
against . Our excitement soon overtakes us and
you moan that you are cuming. I stroke your clit
harder pressing against it as I rub around it waiting
for you get there. Soon you gasp and get that
wonderful look in your eyes as your knees weaken and
the sparks let loose in your head. I hold you close
as you shudder and when you start relax I remove my
hand and pull you ....


author51 57F  
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6/11/2020 12:26 am

That was a nice read..Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could return the favour....

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

able202 replies on 6/11/2020 6:11 pm:
Thanks Author, Glad you enjoyed. I enjoy your blog. Yes, never enough JOY in life.

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